John Case
and His Descendants

Compiled by Mrs. Ruth C. Duncan


The following index consists of 7,000+ descendants of John and Sarah (Spencer) CASE. Mrs. Duncan has stated that there are errors in the data that is found in the book she compiled, but the errors are from the sources she used to extract and compile data for her book.
This index to Mrs. Duncan's book is placed here with hopes of users correcting errors as they are found.
I am asking anyone that has corrections, and/or additions to make to the book, to please so that I can update my copy of the book. I will pass corrections on by way of a homepage for Corrections to John Case book.
I need to know the page number(s) of the people you are sending corrections or additions for.
Additions to the index will be posted on More Descendants of John Case
The page numbers are links to a PDF file which opens in a new window, either in your browser or in a PDF Reader that is installed on your computer. You can get the free Adobe Reader by clicking

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