"A" surnames from John Case and His Descendants
by Ruth Cost Duncan

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NamePage #
Abbe, Levi106
Abbe, Laura 0. 53
Abby, Amelia Maria183
Abby, Mills133
Abell, Ann Elizabeth167
Abell, Thomas M.131
Abernathy, Elizabeth10
Ackart, Clarissa136
Ackart, David136
Acker, Calvin31
Acker, Clarissa31
Acker, David31
Acker, Delia31
Acker, Dolly31
Acker, Edward31
Acker, Elizabeth31
Acker, Herman31
Acker, Isaac31
Acker, James31
Acker, Laura31
Acker, Orange31
Acker, Sally31
Acker, Solomon31
Ackley, Clara31
Ackley, Joseph106
Ackley, Lydia48
Adams, Abel9, 50
Adams, Abigail8
Adams, Albert Eugene170
Adams, Almira21
Adams, Asenath9
Adams, Benjamin4
Adams , Caleb64
Adams, Chloe64, 113
Adams, Daniel4, 25
Adams, David9, 47
Adams, Elizabeth5, 8, 50
Adams, Eugene Horace170
Adams, Eva Leola170
Adams, Ezra 101
Adams, Francis64
Adams, Gaylord22, 49
Adams, George 9
Adams, Hannah9
Adams, Henry Humphrey76, 170
Adams, Jane77
Adams, Jean141
Adams, John Quincy170
Adams, Joseph4
Adams, Josiah4
Adams, Lola128
Adams, Lucia101, 130
Adams, Lucinda4
Adams, Lucy14 25, 46
Adams, Luke47
Adams, Lydia4, 9, 46, 55
Adams, Mary8, 9, 13, 18, 26, 30, 47, 66, 67
Adams, Mary A.80
Adams, Matthew4, 22, 49
Adams, Mercy9
Adams, Olive6
Adams, Oliver128
Adams, Oliver Cromwell80
Adams, Pelatia4
Adams, Richard47
Adams, Roderick19, 36
Adams, Rosabella9, 126
Adams, Rosanna47, 84
Adams, Ruth138
Adams, Samuel8
Adams, Sarah9
Adams, Shubael14
Adams, Susanna83
Adams, Thankful8, 26
Adams, Thomas9
Adams, Timothy4, 55, 77
Adams, Virginia Case170
Adams, William83
Adkins, Hezekiah127
Adkins, Susanna127
Ahinoam, Deborah3
Aitchison, George104
Akin, Huldah124
Albro, Emma Villa185
Albro, George185
Alburtson, Daniel24
Alcott, Henry69
Alcott, Leonard87
Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson130
Alcott, Sally40
Alden, Samuel28
Alderman, Daniel3
Alderman, Dorcas4
Alderman, Elijah3
Alderman, Elnathan4
Alderman, Ezekial3
Alderman, John1, 3, 118
Alderman, Joseph1, 4
Alderman, Julia143
Alderman, Lucretia4
Alderman, Lydia16
Alderman, Mary1, 4
Alderman, Mindwell4
Alderman, Nancy119
Alderman, Rachel4
Alderman, Sarah1, 3
Alderman, Susannah4
Alderman, Thomas1
Alderman, Timothy4
Alderman, Wells18, 73
Alderman, William1, 3, 4
Alderman, Zubah4
Aldrich, Tillotson56
Alexander, Mary B. L.148
Alford, Abigail39, 79
Alford, Abigail Lucinda83
Alford, Alfred39
Alford, Arba80, 83
Alford, Case Marbel83
Alford, Charlotte11, 13
Alford, Chloe39
Alford, Daniel Miller163
Alford, Elijah4
Alford, Esther Ann39, 83
Alford, Eunice4, 39, 79
Alford, Eunice Marilla83
Alford, Eunice Matilda80
Alford, Everett Briggs83
Alford, Florence May163
Alford, Franklin Howard80
Alford, Franklin Mills163
Alford, George Herbert80
Alford, Gilda Humphrey83
Alford, Grace Mabel163
Alford, Hannah4, 42
Alford, Harriett Charlotte83
Alford, Henry Baxter83
Alford, Henry Case80
Alford, Henry Dwight83
Alford, James Arba80
Alford, Jesse4
Alford, Josiah4
Alford, Lilia Frank163
Alford, Lory39
Alford, Mary Jane80
Alford, Mary Lucelia83
Alford, Mary Matilda39
Alford, Maryette83
Alford, Nathaniel39
Alford, Pelatiah4
Alford, Rhoda Matilda80
Alford, Roman39, 79, 83
Alford, Samuel D.84
Allen, Alexander31
Allen, Alfred66
Allen, Amelia Griswold84
Allen, Andrew J.31
Allen, Anson J.66
Allen, Carrie149
Allen, Daniel31
Allen, Davenport116
Allen, Diana D.31
Allen, Elizabeth29, 31
Allen, Esther42
Allen, Gilford42
Allen, Harriet31, 66
Allen, Horace66
Allen, Jeremiah31
Allen, Joel66, 111
Allen, Jonathan40
Allen, Josiah Case66
Allen, Louisa31
Allen, Lucy26
Allen, Lucy Ann31
Allen, Lydia134
Allen, Maria42
Allen, Mary24
Allen, Mr.50
Allen, Nancy42
Allen, Philemon R.66
Allen, Samuel66, 111
Allen, Thankful65
Allen, Thomas29
Allen, Truman31
Allen, Truman James31
Allen, Urania42
Alling, Fannie Estella153
Alling, Justus M.55
Alling, William153
Allyn, Esther 41
Allyn, Theophilus28
Alters, Catharine47
Alvord, Hannah68
Alvord, Joseph104
Alvord, Mary104
Amers, Zephania40
Ames, Alvin E.76
Ames, Mary123
Ames, Polly96
Amidon, Mary103
Anderson, Frank Edwards147
Anderson, Gertrude147
Anderson, James Reed147
Anderson, James Welles147
Anderson, John11
Anderson, Lillian A.181
Anderson, Malcolm Neal147
Anderson, Sophia158
Anderson, Timothy11
Anderson, William Case147
Anderson, William J.147
Andrews, Anna Edith137
Andrews, Anna May25
Andrews, Archibald25
Andrews, Benjamin25
Andrews, Betsey72
Andrews, Butler37, 72
Andrews, Chauncey137
Andrews, Clara31
Andrews, Cora Helen137
Andrews, Edward37
Andrews, Edward Lewis118
Andrews, Emily Clarissa79
Andrews, Emma28
Andrews, Eveline29
Andrews, Ezra79
Andrews, Fannie May137
Andrews, Fanny28
Andrews, George Lloyd71
Andrews, George Washington28
Andrews, Harold Willis118
Andrews, Harry137
Andrews, Hezekiah72
Andrews, Ida Bell137
Andrews, Irene Cordelia137
Andrews, James F. G.85
Andrews, Jane29
Andrews, John Humphrey28
Andrews, Laura37
Andrews, Lenora28
Andrews, Lloyd71
Andrews, Lucinda37
Andrews, Marion Flower137
Andrews, Mary28
Andrews, Mason Pliny118
Andrews, Mason Porter118
Andrews, Raymond Wells137
Andrews, Reuben25
Andrews, Robert Milton118
Andrews, Rosette28
Andrews, Samuel Lloyd71
Andrews, Sarah Jane50
Andrews, Ursula24
Andrews, William28, 37
Andrews, William Griswold28
Andrews, Willis Mason118
Andrus, Alanson39
Andrus, Asahel55
Andrus, Betsey56
Andrus, Henry177
Andrus, Jacob39
Andrus, Jennie E.177
Andrus, Melissa39
Andrus, Philemon39, 52
Andruss, Frederick53
Andruss, Royal53
Andruss, Sarah1
Armstrong, Sarah158
Arnold, Angeline Atwater127
Arnold, Lewis106
Arnold, Mary Lucinda138
Arthur, Alice Caroline154
Arthur, George T.154
Atkins, Ellen Anna148
Atkins, Jennie Estelle175
Atkins, Keabee Jones175
Atwater, George Medad125
Atwater, Josiah Wolcott66
Atwater, Lyman66
Atwater, Medad125
Atwater, Washington V.66
Atwell, Abner12
Atwell, Anne12
Atwell, Benjamin12
Atwell, Joseph12
Atwell, Olive12
Atwell, Ozias12
Atwood, Lulu Fredette159
Augur, Edwin Prosper124
?, Anna Maria126
Austin, Tryphena127

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