" I & J" surnames from John Case and His Descendants
by Ruth Cost Duncan

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NamePage #
Ileff, Sarah Elizabeth161
Ingalls, Ella182
Ingham, Catharine145
Ingham, Catherine89
Isham, Mr.62
Jacobs, Louise74
Jacobson, Laura C.129
James, Lucie Imogene174
James, Margaret Ann77
James, Samuel Winthrop97
James, William Andrew97
Jarvis, Annie M.166
Jarvis, William166
Jay, Calista52
Jewell, Benjamin F.169
Jewell, Linnie Bell169
Johnson, Adeline M.120
Johnson, Amena69
Johnson, Aretmes69
Johnson, Arnold69
Johnson, Catherine60
Johnson, Charles P.106
Johnson, Christiana69
Johnson, Edward Willis114
Johnson, Emily Jane141
Johnson, Emma Jane105
Johnson, George E.120, 182
Johnson, Jay69
Johnson, Jonathan69
Johnson, Laura Ann162
Johnson, Lilly May185
Johnson, Margaret64
Johnson, Martha Elizabeth185
Johnson, Martin120, 162
Johnson, Mary49
Johnson, Mary Elizabeth185
Johnson, Melissa69
Johnson, Ralph69
Johnson, Ralph Smythe185
Johnson, Sheldon69
Johnson, Sophronia77
Johnson, William Edward163
Johnson, William Henry105
Johnston, Mr.159
Jones, Caroline82
Jones, Edwin Pitkin49
Jones, Elijah92
Jones, Flora136
Jones, Harriet92
Jones, Israel96
Jones, Julia Arabella62
Jones, Lois56
Jones, Lucius Wadsworth96
Jones, Lucy79
Jones, Robert Jerome124
Jones, Sally117
Jones, Susan71
Jones, Timothy44
Jordan, Julian105
Joyce, Annie T.190
Joyce, Bertha188
Judd, Delano169
Judd, Eunice23
Judd, Henry Darling169
Judd, Henry Wilson115
Judson, Elisha26
Judson, Philo93

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