" K " surnames from John Case and His Descendants
by Ruth Cost Duncan

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NamePage #
Kane, Annie124
Kasson, Adam132
Kasson, Benjamin Adams132
Kasson, Benjamin Bevins132
Kaupert, Christian171
Kaupert, Louise Fredericka171
Keeler, Priscilla86
Keenan, Rosa Anna4
Kellogg, Dida47
Kellogg, Jennie C.80
Kellogg, Margaret61
Kellogg, Sarah36, 54
Kellogg, Warren54
Kelly, Edward156
Kelly, Elizabeth65
Kelly, Jane36
Kelly, Mary E.156
Kendall, Ruth91, 136
Kenian, Hattie178
Kennedy, Sarah22
Kenney, Eunice133
Kenyon, Charlotte H.164
Kenyon, Elva M.164
Kenyon, Everett Seth164
Kenyon, Jessie L.164
Kenyon, Josephine M.164
Kenyon, Mabel Osborne164
Kenyon, Nettie164
Kenyon, Seth164
Kernan, Catherine156
Keys, Charlotte Elizabeth158
Kibbe, Moses42
Kibbee, Caroline E.131
Kibbee, John32
Kier, Rebecca131
Kilborn, Sarah19
Kilbourn, Marice22
Kilbourn, Rebecca120, 136
Kilbourne, Harriet54
Kilbourne, Polly70
Kimball, Jennie Frances185
Kimball, Mary Elvira166
Kimball, Wilbur Francis185
Kimmel, Mary Ann47
Kincade, Martha92
King, Angie Betsey111
King, Cyrus H.112
King, Harriet Wood97
King, Huldah87, 109
King, John Bowker97
King, Kate65
King, Leslie108
King, Lorenzo Washington141
King, Naomi65
Kingsbury, Caroline90
Kinney, Mary M.87
Kinnie, Mary110
Kirkwood, Fred188
Knapp, Sally Ann132
Knowlton, Rachel78
Knowlton, Stephen78

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