" D " surnames from John Case and His Descendants
by Ruth Cost Duncan

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D'Wolf, Esther53
Dailey, Joseph16
Dains, John M.105
Daniels, Alice Elizabeth145
Daniels, Berthena May115
Daniels, Jessie Alford130
Daniels, Kate Lelia145
Daniels, Lorenzo145
Daniels, Luella Mira159
Daniels, Norman145
Daniels, Rachel42
Daniels, Salmon92
Daniels, William159
Darrin, Lydia106
Dart, Harriet Newell119
Dart, Joseph119
Dart, Lydia M.106
Davidson, Christina159
Davis, Abigail L.97
Davis, Ed65
Davis, Fae H.182
Davis, Jennie49
Davis, Lizzie Estella158
Davis, Samuel Armen158
Day, Caroline A.105
Day, Tabitha150
Dayton, Marcus87
Dean, Ann112
Dean, Lucy Jane87
Dean, Mary Elizabeth168
Dean, Noah112
Dean, Orlando87
Dean, Philanda H.133
Dean, Samuel E.87
DeGraff, Margaret M.145
Delop, Hannah56
DeMars, George Henry157
DeMars, Joseph157
DeMars, Willis Case157
Deming, Candace38
Deming, Gideon Y.87
Deming, Leonard79
Deming, Lucy156
Deming, Orpha127
Deming, Watson H.127
Denison, Deborah31
Denslow, Elizabeth14
Denslow, Ellen E.128
Denslow, Samuel B.65
Denslow, Sophia8
Derby, Dexter Edwin162
Derrin, Walter Woodford130
Deuel, Catherine84
DeWees, Merrill177
Dewey, Burton146
Dewey, Charles H.105
Dewey, Viola146
DeWolf, Anna34
Dexter, Harriet168
Dexter, Irene38
Dexter, Lavinia73
Dexter, Nathan168
Dibble, Adijah114
Dibble, Asa88
Dibble, Martha Ann114
Dibble, Polly30
Dickinson, Fannie S.80
Dickinson, Joshua6
Dickinson, Lewis73
Dickinson, Oliver Munson32
Dill, Eunice32, 36, 45, 54, 76, 126
Dill, Lois32,35,67, 81, 131
Dill, Solomon32,81
Dimick, Thomas D.83
Dimmock, Edward44
Dimock, Harvey E.117
Doane, Joseph117
Dodd, Anna80
Dodge, George G.64
Dodge, Lucretia S.169
Dodge, Mehitabel113
Doherty, Sarah Palmer143
Dolliver, Emma176
Donelson, James28
Doolittle, Carrie70
Doolittle, Daniel95
Doolittle, Richard A.95
Dorman, Esther118
Dorset, Melvina149
Doty, Lorana M.103
Douglas, Florilla22
Dow, Lester Jeremiah122
Dowd, Hannah82, 111
Dowd, Mary108
Dowd, Samuel22
Dowd, Wallace141
Dowd, Willis42
Downs, Edwin Lewis181
Downs, Fannie Georgianna181
Downs, Imogene Amanda127
Drake, Eliza Jane154
Drake, Fanny62
Drake, Hannah4, 10, 12
Drake, Jacob12
Drake, John4
Drake, Martha11
Drake, Mary4
Drake, Mehitabel17, 129
Drake, Rebecca81
Dreuthlein, Marguerite127
Dudley, Ellen Virginia174
Duire, Grace162
Dunbar, Adelaide Case149
Dunbar, Edward B.110
Dunbar, Edward Louis149
Dunbar, Joseph Edward149
Dunbar, William A.149
Dunham, Elizabeth10
Dunning, Mary Grace162
Dunning, Roderick162
Dwinnelle, Aaron121
Dwinnelle, Lucia H.121
Dyer, Arabella16
Dyer, Benjamin15
Dyer, Daniel Thomas96
Dyer, Dora96
Dyer, Hattie Case96
Dyer, Jasper Norman96
Dyer, Josephine96
Dyer, Lucia Ann53
Dyer, Margaret96
Dyer, Mary Henrietta96
Dyer, Sarah96
Dyer, Susie Lyon96
Dyer, Uziah11
Dziennis, Mr.181

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