" O " surnames from John Case and His Descendants
by Ruth Cost Duncan

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NamePage #
O'Brien, Mr.156
O'Brisso, Gregory189
O'Sullivan, Edmund41
Ogden, Bessie Ada124
Okenquist, Arvid137
Olcott, Ashton173
Olcott, Mary3
Olcott, Sylvia191
Olcott, Thomas3
Olmsted, Amelia Abigail146
Olmsted, Daniel18
Olmsted, Francis45
Olmsted, Lynde146
Olsen, Mabel H.128
Osborn, Caroline Bingham109
Osborn, Harley109
Osborn, Rebecca1
Osborne, B. S.88
Osterman, Mary F.90
Oviatt, Beatrice Case108
Oviatt, David Bronson108
Oviatt, Eugene Edward108
Oviatt, George Watson108
Oviatt, Lucia Crawford108
Owen, Chloe45
Owen, Elizabeth4
Owen, George9
Owen, Hannah33
Owen, John34, 45
Owen, Julia152
Owen, Ruth18, 34, 59
Owens, Mary Elizabeth175
Owens, Owen W.175

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