" H " surnames from John Case and His Descendants
by Ruth Cost Duncan

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Hack, Mary A.156
Hale, Edward Henry137
Hale, Eunice M.122
Hale, Frances M.154
Hale, Frederick Warren137
Hale, Henry Wescott137
Hale, Ina May137
Hale, John55
Hale, John Gideon137
Hale, John Ralph137
Hale, Lydia66
Hale, Nellie Marilla137
Hale, Thomas R.36
Hall, Emma188
Hall, Everett79
Hall, Lucy58
Hall, Milo50
Hall, Orphana141
Hall, William Henry107
Hallock, Alice53
Hallock, William53
Hallowell, Mary Warner Fox163
Halsey, Harry59
Halsted, Angeline180
Hamblin, Sophronia166
Hamilton, Jonathan Scoville42
Hamilton, Martha165
Hamilton, Mary85
Hamilton, Scoville J.128
Hamilton, Thomas54
Hamlin, Angeline M.134
Hamlin, Herman35, 86
Hamlin, Howard35
Hamlin, Jabez35 86
Hamlin, Lucy Ann35
Hamlin, Reuben35
Hamlin, Tirzah35
Hamm, Benjamin156, 161
Hamm, Edward George161
Hamm, Estella137
Hamm, George Alvin161
Hamm, Harriet Amelia161
Hamm, Harrison Alvin161
Hamm, Sarah Lurinda161
Hamm, William Richeson156
Hammas, Minnie178
Hammas, Theodore178
Hanford, Nathan132
Hanford, Susan Ann132
Hanley, Catharine165
Hanmer, Charles Henry147
Hanmer, Charlotte Case147
Harbo, William131
Hare, Julia Ann134
Harger, Anna69
Harger, Eliza174
Harmon, Gilbert65
Harrington, Emerson F.169
Harrington, Freelove39, 82
Harrington, Hezekiah82
Harris, Agnes1
Harris, Betsy96
Harris, Candace D.135
Harris, Elizabeth52, 71 73, 74
Harris, George W.50
Harris, Henry William73
Harris, Julius135
Harrison, Antoinette164
Harrison, Josiah38
Harrison, Lois A.147
Hart, Abigail76
Hart, Abner83
Hart, Amos G.174
Hart, Belle A.153
Hart, Burton Henry160
Hart, Charles Amos174
Hart, Chester67, 108 110
Hart, Clate Howard Hugh160
Hart, Cora M.110
Hart, Delos108
Hart, Elizabeth76
Hart, Ernest Monroe108
Hart, Frank Cleveland160
Hart, Frederick177
Hart, George Hegeman174
Hart, George Stephen174
Hart, Georgia Annie108
Hart, Gerald Waldo174
Hart, Hawkins67
Hart, Henry T.48
Hart, Hugh160
Hart, Jane170
Hart, John160
Hart, Julia67, 110
Hart, Laura43
Hart, Lena May153
Hart, Mary Goodrich57, 83
Hart, Mercy10, 18, 20, 39, 40
Hart, Monroe67, 108
Hart, Orville W.153
Hart, Pearl James160
Hart, Rhoda35
Hart, Rose160
Hart, Samuel39
Hart, Spencer43
Hart, Walter67, 141, 153
Harte, Edith Louise147
Hartman, Harriet173
Harvey, Amasa72
Harvey, Cyrus Willey72
Hastings, Daniel19
Hatch, Elsie S.167
Hatch, Maria174
Hathaway, Irene T.118
Hathaway, Jason141
Hawes, Chester M.70
Hawkes, Isabel152
Hawley, Willard135
Hayes, Albert63
Hayes, Andrew63
Hayes, Anna62
Hayes, Aphia64
Hayes, Asahel62
Hayes, Bathsheba114
Hayes, Cleopatra63
Hayes, Elihu62, 75, 113
Hayes, Eliza Levina63
Hayes, Elizur Ezekiel63
Hayes, Emma Birdena134
Hayes, Ezekiel63
Hayes, Frank Pierce134
Hayes, George111
Hayes, Harriet66
Hayes, Ida May135
Hayes, Jerome43, 63
Hayes, Julia163
Hayes, Julia Sylvia63
Hayes, Justin62, 75, 130
Hayes, Lamina Lucretia62, 130
Hayes, Linus W.134
Hayes, Lucius Justin63
Hayes, Lucretia8
Hayes, Lucy62, 75
Hayes, Martha63
Hayes, Mary56, 63
Hayes, Melissa92
Hayes, Orrin Austin63
Hayes, Rachel Clarissa113
Hayes, Rosetta M.50
Hayes, Roxy107
Hayes, Thomas33
Hayes, Watson Japhet63
Haymon, Ann Maria36
Haynes, Delia6
Haynes, Lemuel126
Heath, Amelia I.168
Heath, Emma J.73
Heath, Luther S.168
Hedge, Edmund87
Heim, Louise M.177
Hellar, Mary Downs127
Hendricks, Mary Jane179
Henry, Grace Viola123
Henry, Harriet Winifred123
Henry, Lucy89
Henry, Nellie Maud123
Henry, Waldo Sherman123
Henry, Whitfield William123
Henry, William123
Herrick, Alzina67
Herrick, Sarah Jane79
Hetherington, Mr.191
Hewett, Bathsheba128
Hewins, Mary Fiske120
Hewins, Mathew Harvey120
Hewins, Philip120
Hickok, Chandler32
Higgins, Betsy155
Higgins, Ruth23, 32
Higgins, William77
Higley, Amelia80
Higley, Apphia15, 32
Higley, Asa6, 91, 136
Higley, Brewster6, 26, 35
Higley, Candace56
Higley, Carmi34
Higley, Dency133
Higley, Diana21
Higley, Dudley5
Higley, Elizabeth6, 140
Higley, Ellen Maria142
Higley, Esther10, 21, 26, 34
Higley, Eunice91
Higley, Eunice A.152
Higley, Hannah4
Higley, Howard Henry142, 144
Higley, Huldah17, 35, 75, 125
Higley, John133
Higley, Joseph6, 47
Higley, Julia Ann127
Higley, Loyal Howard142
Higley, Mary Anna142, 144
Higley, Mary Theresa92
Higley, Micah6
Higley, Miranda113, 136
Higley, Naomi6, 15, 24
Higley, Ozias6
Higley, Pomeroy80, 142
Higley, Ruth6, 21, 47, 171
Higley, Sally52
Higley, Sarah56
Higley, Silas92
Higley, Simeon6
Higley, Susannah6
Hildebrand, Alvin O.162
Hill, Abigail39
Hill, Apphia11
Hill, Chloe11
Hill, Elijah10
Hill, Herbert W.135
Hill, John38
Hill, Louis Camp135
Hill, Mary19, 20 , 37, 53
Hill, Wealthy132
Hilliard, Elizabeth1
Hilliard, James1
Hills, Elnora Grace190
Hills, Harland190
Hills, John E.52
Hills, Mary173
Hills, Philla131
Hills, Reuben52
Hillyer, Abigail5
Hillyer, Alma26
Hillyer, Chloe25
Hillyer, Harriet2
Hillyer, Joanna22
Hillyer, Lora25
Hillyer, Mary5, 6 , 55
Hillyer, Mercy21, 58 , 85
Hillyer, Seth25
Hillyer, Sybil25
Hillyer, Tacy25
Hilton, Rena Evelyn166
Hine, Albert Case121
Hine, Clark121
Hine, Gertrude Mary121
Hine, Harry Clark121
Hine, Henry Clark121
Hinman, Anna146
Hinman, Eliza Ann80
Hinman, Ellen Eliza73
Hinman, Emeline119
Hinman, George D.159
Hinman, Jane Nancy161
Hinman, Julia Eliza162
Hinman, Julius159
Hinman, Laura Jane159
Hinman, Lewis119, 161 , 162
Hinman, Nancy Caroline97
Hinman, Ransom97
Hitchcock, Ann153
Hitchcock, Lambert39
Hitchcock, Munson69
Hoadley, Goerge T.162
Hoadley, Henrietta162
Hoadley, Urana95
Hoehn, Laura180
Hoenger, Bertha H.188
Hoffman, Bertha B.156
Hoffman, Cornelia76
Holbrook, Anson167
Holbrook, Frank Edgar167
Holbrook, Franklin92
Holcomb, Abel9
Holcomb, Abraham84
Holcomb, Alicia Malvina63
Holcomb, Almira141
Holcomb, Almira A.148
Holcomb, Almira Dency141
Holcomb, Amasa148
Holcomb, Amy Imogene142, 175
Holcomb, Ann5
Holcomb, Anson Levi46
Holcomb, Anson Noadiah142
Holcomb, Azariah6
Holcomb, Benajah25
Holcomb, Benajah Philon25
Holcomb, Benjamin4
Holcomb, Betsy25
Holcomb, Burt25
Holcomb, Caroline Edith112
Holcomb, Chauncey25
Holcomb, Clement103
Holcomb, Cora Bell88
Holcomb, Damaris6
Holcomb, Dryden47
Holcomb, Edmund B.25
Holcomb, Edward142, 175
Holcomb, Edwin S.106
Holcomb, Elihu48
Holcomb, Eliza Jane142, 175
Holcomb, Elizabeth3
Holcomb, Ellen44
Holcomb, Emma45
Holcomb, Ernest171
Holcomb, Esther6, 26 , 35
Holcomb, Gardner P.171
Holcomb, Gavett Burt51
Holcomb, Hannah5
Holcomb, Harriet25
Holcomb, Hezekiah4
Holcomb, Hull25, 38
Holcomb, Humphrey45
Holcomb, Irene32
Holcomb, Jacob6
Holcomb, Jane Orleann84
Holcomb, Jefferson R.102
Holcomb, Jemima8
Holcomb, Jesse9
Holcomb, Joel28
Holcomb, Jonathan5, 6
Holcomb, Joshua3, 13 , 20
Holcomb, Keziah4
Holcomb, Laura25
Holcomb, Lena171
Holcomb, Linas25
Holcomb, Lorinda25
Holcomb, Lory39
Holcomb, Lucinda25, 32
Holcomb, Lydia18
Holcomb, Margaret6
Holcomb, Marina Sarah45
Holcomb, Martha21, 47
Holcomb, Martin6
Holcomb, Mary5, 6 , 13, 14, 15, 22, 49, 80
Holcomb, Mary G.104
Holcomb, Mary Louisa142, 175
Holcomb, Mary Melissa129
Holcomb, Mercy13, 14 , 15, 18, 20, 36, 38
Holcomb, Michael5
Holcomb, Milo A.84
Holcomb, Miriam9, 20, 24, 47, 56
Holcomb, Nancy R.25, 184
Holcomb, Nathaniel4, 6, 13
Holcomb, Oliver9, 94
Holcomb, Oliver L.150
Holcomb, Orrie Bell150
Holcomb, Pauline Achsah45, 67
Holcomb, Peter6, 45 , 92
Holcomb, Phoebe21
Holcomb, Polly25
Holcomb, Rachel45, 46
Holcomb, Rushmore6
Holcomb, Ruth6, 142
Holcomb, Salmon21, 25
Holcomb, Samuel25
Holcomb, Sarah3, 13 , 30
Holcomb, Schuyler141
Holcomb, Shalor20
Holcomb, Silas49
Holcomb, Vincent32
Holcomb, William63
Holcomb, Wilson45
Holcomb, Zillah92
Holcombe, Betsy171
Holcombe, Donna171
Holiday, Abigail59
Holley, Anita Case149
Holley, Lynde Boyden149
Holley, Perry Earl149
Holley, Perry Norman149
Hollister, Julius139
Hollister, Lizzie May139
Holly, Sarah23
Holman, Henry59
Holmes, Emeline69
Holmes, Emma M.131
Holmes, Ethel May173
Holmes, James173
Holmes, Martha M.107
Holmes, Rachel64
Holt, Alexus Brooks135
Holt, Frank Irving135
Holt, Norman Frederick135
Holt, Paul Whitaker135
Holt, Ralph Edward135
Homan, Anna B.184
Hooker, Abigail59
Hooker, Jennette79
Hopkins, Alexander148
Hopkins, Laura Sesson148
Hopkins, Melissa86
Horton, Caroline Matilda168
Horton, Goldie Mae153
Horton, Jesse Brush168
Horton, Mary P.107
Hosford, Achsah70
Hosford, Amos70
Hosford, Ellen70
Hosford, Hannah70
Hosford, Jerry70
Hosford, John70
Hosford, Laura70
Hosford, Mary70
Hosford, Moses70, 119
Hosford, Nathan70
Hosford, Orrin70
Hosford, Tirzah182
Hosford, Tirzah Amanda119
Hosking, John179
Hosking, Lillian Estelle179
Hoskins, Abigail20
Hoskins, Abigail Jane184
Hoskins, Ada43
Hoskins, Asa18, 20 , 25, 132, 184
Hoskins, Asahel18
Hoskins, Ashbel90
Hoskins, Burton Leverett132
Hoskins, Candace20
Hoskins, Daniel18, 20 , 40
Hoskins, Daniel Marvin121
Hoskins, David75, 143 , 149
Hoskins, Edith May149
Hoskins, Edwin Corydon143
Hoskins, Eliza164
Hoskins, Elizabeth27, 40
Hoskins, Emily142, 159 , 175
Hoskins, Frank Fayette50
Hoskins, Grace11
Hoskins, Hannah27, 75 , 86
Hoskins, Jacob18
Hoskins, Jennette C.121
Hoskins, Lois61
Hoskins, Lyman142
Hoskins, Mary19, 30 , 133
Hoskins, Mercia Ann121
Hoskins, Noah20, 133 , 164
Hoskins, Norton121
Hoskins, Reuben18
Hoskins, Robert18, 19 , 27
Hoskins, Rosabella22
Hoskins, Roxy75
Hoskins, Sarah70, 90
Hoskins, Shubael21, 86
Hoskins, Shubael Seymour22
Hoskins, Thankful19, 27 , 36
Hoskins, Zillah45, 92
Hosmer, Lavinia26
Hotchkiss, Anna125
Hough, Howell Cobb146
Hough, Inez Cornelia146
Hough, Levi146
Hough, Lulu Josephine146
Hough, Mabel Emily146
House, Lucretia Woodbridge105
Howard, Lena L.103
Howard, Mr.168
Howd, Electa R.135
Howd, Hannah110
Howe, Emily A.157
Howe, John C.85
Howe, Elizabeth113
Hoyt, Elizabeth89
Hubbard, Anginette157
Hubbard, David H.62
Hubbard, Emily146
Hubbard, James157
Hubbard, Maria R.148
Hubbard, Mary73
Hubbard, Nathaniel18
Hubbard, Rachel145
Hubbell, Samuel124
Hubbell, William Shelton124
Hudson, Polly94
Huggins, Harold O.144
Huggins, John L.50
Hughes, Emeline181
Hughes, Emeline Amelia122
Hughes, Robert122
Humes, Maude Fidelia171
Humes, Sylvester171
Humphrey, Aaron Case36
Humphrey, Abigail5, 8 , 9, 47, 103
Humphrey, Abraham78
Humphrey, Achsah40
Humphrey, Alexander Campbell6
Humphrey, Alfred Franklin147
Humphrey, Almira56
Humphrey, Alvin56
Humphrey, Amarilla57, 87
Humphrey, Amasa22
Humphrey, Amaziah71, 73 , 74
Humphrey, Amelia52, 189
Humphrey, Aminda36
Humphrey, Amorette57
Humphrey, Anna17
Humphrey, Ansel56
Humphrey, Arad40
Humphrey, Arthur Edmund166
Humphrey, Asa19, 22
Humphrey, Asaph3
Humphrey, Asenath Melona19
Humphrey, Ashbel20, 47
Humphrey, Aurelia57
Humphrey, Austin Nelson80
Humphrey, Bathsheba11, 15 , 19, 22, 28, 40
Humphrey, Benajah24, 27 , 30, 46, 125, 126
Humphrey, Benoni78
Humphrey, Bessie Ruth157
Humphrey, Betsy53
Humphrey, Burton108, 109
Humphrey, Candace121
Humphrey, Caroline30, 46 , 73, 120, 130, 163
Humphrey, Caroline Amelia57
Humphrey, Celia49
Humphrey, Cesta56
Humphrey, Charles17, 23 , 27, 30, 33, 75
Humphrey, Charles Alfred154
Humphrey, Charles Rufus51
Humphrey, Chloe22, 78
Humphrey, Correl56
Humphrey, Damaris27
Humphrey, Daniel46, 57
Humphrey, Daniel Chauncey57
Humphrey, David57
Humphrey, Delia A.55
Humphrey, Diantha71, 81, 161
Humphrey, Dorcas23, 36, 46, 53, 74
Humphrey, Dositheus21
Humphrey, Drayton41, 87
Humphrey, Dudley57
Humphrey, Eber36
Humphrey, Eden40
Humphrey, Edgar L.80
Humphrey, Eliza36
Humphrey, Eliza Emeline168
Humphrey, Elizabeth17, 33 , 37, 51
Humphrey, Ellen Maria51
Humphrey, Emeline169
Humphrey, Esther34, 45
Humphrey, Eunice Delight80, 142
Humphrey, Ezekial17, 37, 51
Humphrey, Fanny40
Humphrey, Flora58, 166
Humphrey, Frank Merrill87
Humphrey, Frederick10, 24 , 56 108
Humphrey, Frederick G.157
Humphrey, George53, 166
Humphrey, George Raymond154
Humphrey, Giles17
Humphrey, Hannah14, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 33, 52, 64, 72
Humphrey, Harold William147
Humphrey, Hector F.45
Humphrey, Helen Griswold108
Humphrey, Henry70
Humphrey, Hepzibah20, 56
Humphrey, Herbert Case51
Humphrey, Hezekiah22, 34
Humphrey, Horace24
Humphrey, Hosea Dudley57
Humphrey, Hosea Sherman80
Humphrey, Isaac Pitt58, 121
Humphrey, James22, 23, 57
Humphrey, Jared Dwight56
Humphrey, Jarvis57
Humphrey, Jeremiah56
Humphrey, Joel3
Humphrey, John17
Humphrey, John C. E.166
Humphrey, John Dudley154
Humphrey, John Harold166
Humphrey, Joseph3, 9, 49
Humphrey, Judith9, 27, 37
Humphrey, Kenneth Wheeler166
Humphrey, Laura33, 36
Humphrey, Lavinia53
Humphrey, Lawrence Brockett166
Humphrey, Lemuel36
Humphrey, Levi47
Humphrey, Lloyd47
Humphrey, Loin80
Humphrey, Lorinda3
Humphrey, Lot19, 105
Humphrey, Lucy22, 41
Humphrey, Lydia9, 17, 43
Humphrey, Lyman17, 168
Humphrey, Margaret3, 9
Humphrey, Maria41, 130, 134
Humphrey, Marie Teresa126
Humphrey, Martin3
Humphrey, Mary6, 15, 16, 17, 34, 62, 71, 75, 97, 122
Humphrey, Mary Barlow108
Humphrey, Milton40, 56
Humphrey, Moses Drayton87
Humphrey, Nancy47
Humphrey, Nelson Austin85
Humphrey, Noah3, 41
Humphrey, Norman17, 22, 40
Humphrey, Orrin40, 56
Humphrey, Phebe56, 57
Humphrey, Philemon40, 57
Humphrey, Pleiades53
Humphrey, Polly22, 40, 46, 101
Humphrey, Rachel17, 71, 75, 76, 131
Humphrey, Rachel Lura22
Humphrey, Rhoda Florinda80
Humphrey, Roena131
Humphrey, Rollin Oretes72
Humphrey, Rosanna53
Humphrey, Rufus41, 51, 87
Humphrey, Ruggles14, 15
Humphrey, Ruth28, 37, 130
Humphrey, Ruth Mildred147
Humphrey, Samuel1, 3, 6, 8, 15, 20, 36
Humphrey, Sarah3, 16, 17, 20, 27, 36, 41, 69, 105, 125
Humphrey, Scott Bissell51
Humphrey, Seth27
Humphrey, Solomon15, 24
Humphrey, Sophronia166
Humphrey, Stella Matilda121
Humphrey, Susan Maria80
Humphrey, Susannah3, 60
Humphrey, Sylvanus27, 41, 57
Humphrey, Thede125
Humphrey, Thede Maria64, 71, 73, 125
Humphrey, Theophilus23, 56, 80
Humphrey, Timothy3, 47
Humphrey, Tracy53
Humphrey, Trumbull41, 51
Humphrey, Ursula17, 40, 78
Humphrey, William30
Humphrey, William Guy147
Humphrey, Willis40
Humphrey, Wolcott F.109
Hungerford, Rhoda24
Hungerford, Sarah117
Hunt, Anson27
Hunt, Fanny26
Hunter, Almira167
Hunter, Elnora Janette176
Hunter, Libbie162
Hunter, Robert176
Hura, Susannah131
Hurd, Abial11
Hurd, Jennie Elizabeth179
Hurd, Sarah119
Hurlburt, Abigail101
Hurlburt, Abigail W.162
Hurlburt, Flora Leontine139
Hurlburt, Hilamon60
Hurlburt, Leonard60
Hurlburt, Samuel60, 163
Hurlburt, Statira77, 84, 129
Hurlbut, Gurdon26
Hurlbut, Lemira B.132
Hurlbut, Mr.53
Hurley, Lydia66
Hutchins, Clara Jane144
Hutchins, Emma Kennan121
Hutchins, Josephine104
Hutchinson, Almira40
Hyde, Ursula48

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