" T " surnames from John Case and His Descendants
by Ruth Cost Duncan

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NamePage #
Tabor, Emmons126
Taft, Adna99, 145
Taft, Fanny Ashby145
Taft, Frederick Augustus99
Taft, John Brooks99
Taft, Louisa134
Taft, Marion Electa161
Taft, Samuel31
Talbot, Anna Belle134
Talbot, Carl Case134
Talbot, George William134
Talbot, Job13
Talbot, Madeline134
Talbot, Willard Eli134
Talbot, William134
Talcott, Rachel Howard86
Talmadge, Elliott163
Talmadge, Harriet May151
Talmadge, Hiram M.83
Talmadge, Rhoda Adeline142, 163
Talmadge, Sarah E.149
Talmadge, Thomas Benton151
Talman, Laura28
Taylor, Abigail23
Taylor, Bessie Elizabeth150
Taylor, Camilla23
Taylor, Charles150
Taylor, Edgar33
Taylor, Emma23
Taylor, George23
Taylor, Hector23
Taylor, Isaiah32
Taylor, Jane27
Taylor, Julia5
Taylor, Leonard87
Taylor, Mr.159
Taylor, Otis83
Taylor, Perriander50
Taylor, Prince9
Taylor, Stella Almira150
Taylor, Stuben23
Taylor, Susannah54
Taylor, Virgil23
Taylor, William23, 32, 125
Teator, Aaron141
Teeter, Sarah Jane155
Terhune, Mary Catherine159
Terrill, Laura138
Terry, Aaron Case16
Terry, Caresta54
Terry, Caroline54
Terry, Charles Mills50
Terry, Chloe21
Terry, Electa22
Terry, Emeline169
Terry, Erastus21
Terry, Griswold21
Terry, Hannah Luna16
Terry, Jerome54
Terry, John21
Terry, Knight C.54
Terry, Lovisa21
Terry, Lydia85
Terry, Mariva54
Terry, Mary20
Terry, Mary Jane54
Terry, Norman21
Terry, Phebe21
Terry, Ralph21
Terry, Solomon16
Terry, Starr54
Terry, Stephen16, 54, 117
Terry, Susan54, 117
Terry, Timothy73
Terry, Wealthy21
Thacker, Mary A.157
Thayer, Albert Lewis130
Thomas, Amelia W.61
Thomas, David14, 25
Thomas, Grace M.168
Thomas, Mary72
Thomas, Phebe88
Thomas, Polly25
Thompson, Abigail Elvira163
Thompson, Albert188
Thompson, Alexander29, 143
Thompson, Alice F.172
Thompson, Aquilla131
Thompson, Barbara188
Thompson, Catharine Mary104
Thompson, Charles R.151
Thompson, Clifford Stanley101
Thompson, Delia Sophia104
Thompson, Edmund104
Thompson, Edward Pinney104
Thompson, Elizabeth39
Thompson, Emily122
Thompson, George Everett151
Thompson, Harold G.151
Thompson, Helen C.151
Thompson, Henrietta Josephine104
Thompson, Henry Zelah104
Thompson, James29, 172
Thompson, Jane43
Thompson, Judith M.151
Thompson, Marian L.151
Thompson, Mary51, 52, 96
Thompson, Mary Elizabeth143
Thompson, Nancy G.104
Thompson, Peter M.176
Thompson, Phillis20, 133, 164
Thompson, Shubael51
Thompson, Stanley Timothy101
Thompson, William Norwood104
Thomson, Ella Blackwell160
Thorpe, Leonie Jane180
Thorpe, Loriston Allen180
Thrall, Chloe63, 68
Thrall, Ezekiel63
Thrall, Lucy Maria182
Thrall, Ursula88
Thurgler, Ruby Bell108
Thurston, Nellie Henrietta122
Tibbets, Samuel47
Tiffany, Ann67, 107, 110
Tiffany, Burton108
Tiffany, Charles N.145
Tiffany, Chauncey108
Tiffany, Correll Harger69
Tiffany, Dwight111
Tiffany, Edith Jane108
Tiffany, Edward Burton108
Tiffany, Ella Jane127
Tiffany, Ephraim69
Tiffany, Ethel Julia108
Tiffany, Frank Bentley108
Tiffany, James127, 145
Tiffany, James Byron127
Tiffany, Joel107, 127
Tiffany, Martha Alice108
Tiffany, Philemon69
Tiffany, Rhoda Emeline108
Tiffany, Russell H.46
Tiffany, Ruth Adeline108, 141
Tiffany, Salmon83
Tiffany, Timothy Case69
Tiffany, Wallace Case108
Tiffany, William82
Tiffany, William Henry127, 145
Tillottson, Charlotte101
Tillottson, Julia Ann101
Tillottson, Zenas14
Tilton, Frances34
Tinker, Alta L.94
Tinkham, Nancy135
Titus, Betsy78
Titus, Lura A.69
Todd, Lydia69
Todd, Thelus164
Todd, Venelia Harrison164
Tome, Jane77
Tomlinson, Eunice162
Toole, Jane57
Torbert, Louisa Ann82
Tousignant, Joseph V.144
Towaley, Calvert167
Toy, Sarah82
Tracy, Mary Elizabeth179
Tracy, William Edgar89
Tragansa, Clarence W.89
Traver, Catherine139
Travers, Fannie A.160
Treat, Caroline137
Treat, Rosetta Eliza181
Trench, Bruce Case139
Trench, Charles Henry139
Trench, Lena Barbara139
Trench, Leslie Hurlburt139
Tripp, Margaret125
Trott, Elsie160
Trowbridge, Cornelia E.100, 146
Trowbridge, Hines50
Trowbridge, Ruth89
Tryon, Abigail74
Tryon, Olive35
Tseka, Christopher L.178
Tucker, Alice Marian164
Tucker, Laura Ann178
Tucker, Tirzah136
Tuckey, Edward172
Tudor, Charles Arthur100
Tudor, William Franklin100
Tuller, Abia85, 101
Tuller, Abigail18, 34
Tuller, Achsah39
Tuller, Agnes176
Tuller, Amasa10, 32
Tuller, Amelia14, 35, 76
Tuller, Amos10, 48
Tuller, Ann91
Tuller, Anna43, 68, 91
Tuller, Anson13
Tuller, Arnold Arthur139
Tuller, Arthur Frederick139
Tuller, Asaph18, 35
Tuller, Asenath10, 57
Tuller, Bela18
Tuller, Charles10
Tuller, Chloe10
Tuller, Chloe Mary51
Tuller, Delinda35
Tuller, Deliverance10
Tuller, Ede18
Tuller, Elam47
Tuller, Electa35
Tuller, Elijah10, 18, 33, 35, 47, 51, 81, 101
Tuller, Elisha10, 13, 39, 48
Tuller, Eliza Ann82
Tuller, Elizabeth39, 105
Tuller, Emma58
Tuller, Erskine139
Tuller, Esther10, 44
Tuller, Eunice45, 71
Tuller, Ezekiel9, 34, 43
Tuller, Flora Delight42
Tuller, Flora Ella139
Tuller, Harriet35
Tuller, Hector39
Tuller, Helen81, 118
Tuller, Henry39, 48
Tuller, Hepzibah155
Tuller, Homer35
Tuller, Horace13, 47
Tuller, Isaac10, 32, 56, 58
Tuller, Jabez18
Tuller, Jacob1, 18, 37
Tuller, Jane10, 42
Tuller, Jay51
Tuller, Jeremiah A.35
Tuller, Joel18, 47
Tuller, John1
Tuller, John Cowles42
Tuller, Jonathan10, 13
Tuller, Joseph10, 45
Tuller, Lena May139
Tuller, Lenora39
Tuller, Lettice18, 19, 50, 81
Tuller, Lois10
Tuller, Lucia Alma51
Tuller, Lucy42
Tuller, Mahitable1
Tuller, Mamre41
Tuller, Martha10, 30
Tuller, Mary1, 11, 18, 47
Tuller, Mary Elvira41
Tuller, Matilda58, 121
Tuller, Moses38
Tuller, Moses Rush42
Tuller, Nancy35
Tuller, Newton13
Tuller, Orsmond35
Tuller, Phebe10, 56
Tuller, Polly13
Tuller, Reuben41
Tuller, Rosanna18
Tuller, Roxy47
Tuller, Rufus10, 57, 58, 118
Tuller, Ruth10
Tuller, Sally39
Tuller, Samuel1, 10
Tuller, Sarah1, 10, 18, 33
Tuller, Sarah Cornelia51
Tuller, Sarah Elizabeth58
Tuller, Sarah Maria42
Tuller, Serena35
Tuller, Sophia13
Tuller, Susannah43
Tuller, Sybil34
Tuller, Warren39
Tuller, William1
Turnbull, James141
Turnbull, Margaret J.141
Turner, Rhoda E.163
Turner, Ruth Adeline108
Tuttle, Amos G.85
Tuttle, Charity25
Tuttle, Charles24, 25
Tuttle, Clara Tuttle181
Tuttle, George Washington25
Tuttle, Harvey25
Tuttle, Helpy Rosette25
Tuttle, Henry W.181
Tuttle, Lamphier B.50
Tuttle, Lucy43
Tuttle, Peniel Case25
Tuttle, Phebe81
Tyler, Henrietta Elizabeth157
Tyler, Henry A.157
Tyler, Lydia J.104

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