" L " surnames from John Case and His Descendants
by Ruth Cost Duncan

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LeBounty, Amelia M.168
Lacy, Catharine60
Ladd, Mary Elizabeth76
Laflin, Charlotte16
Lamb, William R.174
Lamphier, Alfred S.152
Lamphier, Clayton Horace152
Lamphier, Clinton Sherman152
Lamphier, Frank Alfred152
Lamphier, George Leland152
Lamphier, George Washington152
Lamphier, Harold Arthur152
Lamphier, John Hubert152
Lamphier, Kenneth Wilcox152
Lampson, Virgil45
Lamson, Zepha49
Lane, George W.60
Larcom, Silas34
Larcum, Thomas51
Large, Hannah14
Larose, Mark171
Latham, Chester32, 112
Latimer, Alice130
Latimer, Amon129
Latimer, Ariel128, 129
Latimer, Bertha Lydia144
Latimer, Betsey Hollister40
Latimer, Clara Electa128
Latimer, Corinna H.30
Latimer, David30
Latimer, Edwin Jerome130
Latimer, Emma Tinney130
Latimer, Franklin Ariel128, 129
Latimer, George Ariel130
Latimer, Giles10
Latimer, Hepzibah14, 124
Latimer, Jehiel40
Latimer, Juliet130
Latimer, Laura Jane129
Latimer, Levi8, 33
Latimer, Lucia Amelia130
Latimer, Lucinda96
Latimer, Mary Emily130
Latimer, Nellie Edith130
Latimer, Phebe E.73
Latimer, Rosabella Elizabeth128
Latimer, Seth Amon130
Latimer, Walter30
Lattimer, Giles134
Lattimer, Jonathan49
Lattimer, Pauline C.134
Lattimer, Rachel49
Lattimer, Sarah Evelyn4
Lawrence, Elihu12
Lawrence, Eunice12
Lawrence, James10
Lawrence, Patience94
Lawrence, Samuel32, 33
Lawrence, Susannah10, 16, 17, 21, 32
Lawrence, Zervah33, 45
Lawrence, Zurah84
Lay, Juliette139
Lebelt, Aug-2000137
Lee, Ada Belle151
Lee, Henry B.127
Lee, Jeannette50
Lee, Milo151
Lee, Nancy65, 96, 102
Lee, Ruth79
Lee, Samuel49
Leete, Jane17, 33, 36
Leete, Samuel36, 41
LeGeyt, Alta May170
LeGeyt, Charles N.170
LeGeyt, Ellen Emily170
LeGeyt, Eunice Orinda170
LeGeyt, Ira170
Lemming, Philathea40
Lemming, Samuel40
Lemoin, Benjamin54
Lemon, Fannie B.128
Leonard, Dwight35
Leonard, Elizabeth61
Leonard, Josiah61
Leonard, Julia Henrietta51
Leonard, Susan Pitney58
Leture, Celestine145
Levally, Amanda180
Lewis, Elizabeth1
Lewis, Frances183
Lewis, Frances Maria154
Lewis, Freddie Eugene74
Lewis, Frederick65, 173
Lewis, Harriet Zeluma74
Lewis, Harry M.173
Lewis, James Carter74
Lewis, James Elmer Nathan74
Lewis, John1
Lewis, Joseph1
Lewis, Mark43
Lewis, Mary173
Lewis, Miles154
Lewis, Thomas D.154
Lewis, Walter Emmons74
Lewis, Wilbur Edson74
Lewis, William Murray175
Libbey, Henry G.140
Lincoln, Frances168
Lincoln, Francis168
Lincoln, Henrietta72
Lincoln, Rebecca168
Lindsley, Eunice131
Lines, Elisha90
Linsley, Maria49
Lipke, Mr.191
Litchfield, Sarah Elizabeth144
Litchfield, Thomas J.144
Little, Betsey93
Littlebrant, Joseph Simeon120
Littlefield, William Everett159
Lloyd, Cynthia135
Lockhart, Eliza Maria97
Logan, Hattie Elizabeth180
Logan, James180
Logan, John H.155
Long, Mr.173
Long, Priscilla86
Loomis, Agnes11
Loomis, Amy11
Loomis, Apphia61
Loomis, Chester174
Loomis, Christine Eliza174
Loomis, Daniel11, 73
Loomis, Diademia9
Loomis, Dorothy11
Loomis, Edwin73
Loomis, Eleazer73, 74
Loomis, Emma Sabine110
Loomis, Eunice11
Loomis, Grace60
Loomis, Hannah6, 12, 61
Loomis, Huldah13, 60
Loomis, Isaac11
Loomis, Jedediah11
Loomis, Joanna149
Loomis, Julia Maria73
Loomis, Laura A.65
Loomis, Lois61
Loomis, Loren148
Loomis, Lucinda148
Loomis, Maria73
Loomis, Marshall Ney73
Loomis, Mary29
Loomis, Mary Buell70
Loomis, Mary Sprague74
Loomis, Melinda11
Loomis, Miles39
Loomis, Nathaniel1
Loomis, Rosabelle83
Loomis, Serajah11
Loomis, Silas Wright74
Loomis, Stephen60
Loomis, Sybil11
Loomis, Timothy29
Loomis, Uriah61
Lord, Anna116
Lord, Clarissa61
Lord, Martin104
Lormax, Helen Taft161
Lormax, Robert161
Lothrop, Sarah Maria120
Lott, Nancy Alice117
Love, Henry P.128
Lovejoy, Sarah F.167
Lowrey, Augustus L.103
Lowrie, Arthur J.144
Ludington, Emeline127, 145
Ludington, Jairus145
Luker, Charles L.189
Luker, Donald189
Lusk, Rhoda23
Lutz, Elizabeth189
Lyon, Susan96

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