" G " surnames from John Case and His Descendants
by Ruth Cost Duncan

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NamePage #
Gage, Eliza59
Gaghebin, Walter H.148
Gaighard, Catherine54
Gaines, Anna180
Gaines, Jerome Goodwin75, 131
Gaines, Moses105
Gaines, Philip180
Gaines, Theresa105
Gainoi, Frank189
Gains, Julia Lucina158
Gallagher, Fannie126
Gallagher, Mary145
Gallup, Margaret132
Gammerdinger, Caroline W.171
Gardner, Roxanna75
Garrett, Abimar22
Garrett, Amanda22
Garrett, Andre de Lafayette81, 118
Garrett, Bigelow A.33
Garrett, Chloe Ann33
Garrett, Diadamia22
Garrett, Edmund Young81
Garrett, Elmus J.81
Garrett, Francis10,11, 16
Garrett, Frank H.81
Garrett, George W.81
Garrett, Harriet Elizabeth25
Garrett, Henry E.81
Garrett, James11
Garrett, John22, 81, 118
Garrett, Julia A.81
Garrett, Lois22
Garrett, Lydia22
Garrett, Maria76
Garrett, Marietta A.81
Garrett, Marthias16
Garrett, Mary22, 107
Garrett, Penelope22
Garrett, Rufus11, 18
Garrett, Ruth11
Garrett, Sarah Ann33
Garrett, Thede23
Garrett, Theodore11
Garrett, Thias11, 16
Garrett, Wait S.81
Garrett, Waite22
Garrett, Watson33
Garrett, Wayne W.81
Garrett, Zervah Ann33
Garriett, Bertha B.190
Garrette, Grace May190
Garrette, Watson C.124, 190
Gasper, Alsa21
Gates, Amanda162
Gates, Catherine152
Gates, Christopher C.63
Gates, Dwight140
Gates, Emma173
Gates, Emma Etta141
Gates, Harry E.152
Gates, Henry Elisha152
Gates, Julia Etta140, 152
Gates, Mary106
Gates, Sarah S.121
Gates, Susan Louise15
Gaylord, Edward G.80
Gaylord, Elizabeth79
Gaylord, Ithamar14
Gaylord, Sally80
Gerald, Guy155
Gerald, Margaret155
Getter, Arisa F.120
Gibbons, Tirzah36
Gibson, Elizabeth124
Gibson, Margaret70
Giddings, Alice Eliza110
Giddings, Benjamin110
Giddings, Charles Samuel110
Giddings, Frederick Watson110
Giddings, Jane M.82
Giddings, Lucy64
Giddings, Mary10, 48, 66, 68, 99, 106
Giddings, Mary Addie110
Giddings, Sarah Margaret120
Giddings, Thomas48, 64
Giddings, Watson110
Gidman, Bramwell Carvosso108
Gidman, Henry108
Gidman, Verner Foister108
Gilbert, Leonard90
Gilbert, Lozene115
Gilbert, Lucius44
Gilbert, Lucy18
Gilbert, Martha107
Gilbert, Seymour131
Giles, Isaac137
Gillett, Adaline62
Gillett, Asa24
Gillett, Elmina62
Gillett, Etna126
Gillett, Eunice15
Gillett, Frederick24
Gillett, Jacob24
Gillett, James24
Gillett, Mary18
Gillett, Miles38
Gillett, Obadiah14
Gillett, Roxy103
Gillett, Violet24
Gillette, Asa85
Gillette, Augustus Bissell85
Gillette, Azubah6
Gillette, Calista A.51
Gillette, Chloe104
Gillette, Collins83
Gillette, Elizabeth15, 85, 146
Gillette, James51, 85, 146
Gillette, Janet50
Gillette, Junius83
Gillette, Louis Burton51, 132
Gillette, Marsha6
Gillette, Maryette85
Gillette, Sarah Elizabeth51
Gillette, William Nelson94
Gilligan, Mary Agnes117
Gilson, Laura36
Gladwin, Inez Josephine125
Gladwin, James125
Gladwin, Lydia Eliza125
Gladwin, Milton James125
Gladwin, Olive125
Gladwin, Oscar Egbert125
Gladwin, Timothy Oscar125
Glassell, Louisa57
Gleason, Abigail14
Gleason, Chloe132
Gleason, Jabez132
Goddard, Ann62
Goddard, Byron Pitt62
Goddard, Clemena161
Goddard, Clement141
Goddard, Datus62
Goddard, Elmina62
Goddard, Emily62
Goddard, Eveline62
Goddard, Fidelia16
Goddard, George Datus62
Goddard, Grove114, 141
Goddard, Harvey102
Goddard, Julia54
Goddard, Leonard62
Goddard, Marcellus54
Goddard, Martha142
Goddard, Mary A.95
Goddard, Mary Jane148
Goddard, Merton76
Goddard, Mira114
Goddard, Newell62
Goddard, Oren H.101
Goddard, Philo62
Goddard, Sophronia114
Goddard, Truman40
Goddard, Watson62
Goddard, Wilson62
Goff, Joseph F.105
Goldsmith, Albert105
Goodhue, David18
Goodhue, Ella Jane179
Goodhue, William Henry142
Goodhue, Winslow A.179
Goodman, Henry A.51
Goodnow, Henry69
Goodrich, Calvin Newcomb85
Goodrich, Chauncey85
Goodrich, Cordelia Ann85
Goodrich, Jacob28
Goodrich, Lavinia85
Goodrich, Lucinda86
Goodrich, Lucretia A.169
Goodrich, Lydia20, 85
Goodrich, Page169
Goodrich, Ruth9, 28
Goodrich, Stephen85
Goodridge, Alpheus Lyon166
Goodridge, Grover Cleveland166
Goodsell, Jane147
Goodwin, Adella165
Goodwin, Anna17
Goodwin, Asher90
Goodwin, Benedicta28
Goodwin, Edward Bird101, 104
Goodwin, Harriet57
Goodwin, James101, 165
Goodwin, Leonard Hubbard35
Goodwin, Walter C.104
Gordon, Rosanna S.76
Gorton, Bertha177
Goss, Tryphenia6
Gossard, Rachel56
Gough, Lucy Sophia188
Gould, Thomas Scott65
Grabbe, Jeremiah106
Graham, Absalom71
Graham, Alfred114
Graham, Almira133
Graham, Daniel9, 41
Graham, Elisha27
Graham, Harvey41
Graham, Isaac82
Graham, Israel41
Graham, Joab42
Graham, Moses Lester41
Graham, Roxanna41
Granger, Apama75
Granger, Elisha75
Granger, Lafayette180
Granger, Martha166
Granger, Sarah75
Granger, Sarah Amanda180
Grannis, Lewis O.166
Grannis, Mabel E.166
Grant, Edith Maude184
Grant, Garry80
Grant, Harry135
Grant, Henry Robert135
Grant, Miles E.184
Grant, Rachel3
Graves, Amarylis5
Graves, Helen174
Graves, Lucretia170
Green, Ann Doyle139
Green, John113, 132
Green, Oliver C.69
Gregory, Emily Badget136
Gregory, Mark136
Gregory, Rachel Ann102
Gregston, Edwin120
Gridley, Adelia160
Gridley, Bertha Marinda160
Gridley, Elmer58
Gridley, Horace156
Gridley, Ida Rachel156
Gridley, Ithual58
Gridley, John160
Gridley, Martha21
Griffin, Abigail9
Griffin, Agnes Mary137
Griffin, Albert Alphonzo137
Griffin, Alice Belle137
Griffin, Anice150
Griffin, Burton Samuel137
Griffin, Caroline Augusta54
Griffin, Clara Belle150
Griffin, Elsie Ida137
Griffin, Emma89
Griffin, Emma G.171
Griffin, Fidelia32
Griffin, George Franklin137
Griffin, Gilbert171
Griffin, Hannah5
Griffin, Helen Miranda137
Griffin, Henry William137
Griffin, Homer137
Griffin, Jerusha19
Griffin, Leon Willis137
Griffin, Margaret171
Griffin, Sarah Sophronia137
Griffin, Virgil D.137
Griffin, Walter Wallace137
Griffin, Wilson150
Griffith, Julia Ann72
Griggs, Sarah Maria73
Grimes, Emily121
Grimes, Hannah21, 86
Griswold, Adeline L.149
Griswold, Azubah60, 61
Griswold, Chauncey122
Griswold, Delight26, 52
Griswold, Edward27
Griswold, Eliza165
Griswold, Elizabeth36
Griswold, Ellen Elizabeth127
Griswold, Ellen Lodema135
Griswold, Emeline66
Griswold, Emma Christine52
Griswold, Eunice9
Griswold, James M.175
Griswold, Jeremiah17, 21
Griswold, Leona181
Griswold, Lois4
Griswold, Lorena143
Griswold, Lydia15, 28, 147
Griswold, Mary Augustus122
Griswold, Mercy104
Griswold, Oliver B.135
Griswold, Roger28
Griswold, Samuel17, 52
Griswold, Sarah Maria171, 175
Griswold, Sophronia88
Griswold, William59, 84
Groat, Fannie May122
Grout, Julia L.107
Gumm, William137
Gurnsey, James S.182

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