" P " surnames from John Case and His Descendants
by Ruth Cost Duncan

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NamePage #
Paddock, John148
Paddock, Sarah Marie147
Page, Harriet61
Paige, Marietta50
Paine, Eben14
Paine, Melissa81
Paine, Orrin79
Palmer, Charles170
Palmer, Daniel1
Palmer, Katy51
Palmer, Mary Elizabeth165
Palmer, Olive73
Palmer, Ruby Estella170
Palmiter, Mary Ann56
Palrose, Benjamin8
Pariseault, Dorothy159
Parish, Dexter146
Parkard, Ann Eliza160
Parkard, Judson160
Parker, Charles Homer69
Parker, Elisha Hobbs104
Parker, Emeline Calista69
Parker, Ephraim69
Parker, Fannie J.104
Parker, Jonathan64
Parker, Joseph Richardson183
Parker, Lucius Napoleon69
Parker, Lucius Osmond69
Parker, Myra Luella183
Parker, Sarah38
Parker, Theron Rolla69
Parker, William69
Parkhurst, Francene81
Parmelee, Frederick70
Parmelee, Irene Sophia154
Parmelee, Sarah Mariah116
Parmelee, Sylvester154
Parsons, Hezekiah17
Parsons, John Stanley130
Parsons, Richard148
Parsons, Sarah83
Patterson, Mary123
Pattison, Amy Cordelia167
Pattison, George Eugene166
Pattison, George Murray167
Pattison, Joseph167
Pattison, Joseph Marshall167
Payne, Elisha95
Payne, George Kellogg150
Payne, Jennette53
Payne, Jerusha105
Payne, Julia Margurite108
Payne, Rachel E.95
Payne, Susan E.95
Payne, William Henry95
Payson, Emeline C.85
Pearsall, Mr.190
Pease, Aurelia37
Pease, Clarissa87
Pease, Ethel Fidelia138
Pease, Josephine F.171
Pease, Luman128
Pease, Mary Jane107
Pease, Miron Samuel138
Pease, Sarah Abbie115, 138
Pease, Thomas C.138
Peck, Archie Harvey162
Peck, Benjamin138
Peck, Benjamin Garfield162
Peck, Bessie Bell162
Peck, David138
Peck, Edwin Grannis162
Peck, Elisha Rockwell162
Peck, Flora May162
Peck, Henry138
Peck, James Henry162
Peck, Roxanna182
Peck, Ruth Ruby162
Peckham, Phebe124
Peebles, Hattie186
Pelaubet, Alexander159
Pelaubet, Beth Marie159
Pelaubet, Ferne159
Pelaubet, Robert159
Pelaubet, William Woodley159
Pence, Margaret81
Penny, Eva Elizabeth173
Perkins, Bessie Gertrude157
Perkins, Harley158
Perkins, Lucy Elizabeth158
Perkins, Philip157
Perkins, Sarah106
Perry, Albert66
Perry, Letitny169
Perry, Lucy35
Perry, Oliver Franklin129
Perry, Wayne75
Person, E. Hjahman173
Pettibone, Abel14
Pettibone, Abigail26, 27, 29, 43
Pettibone, Abijah8, 14
Pettibone, Anna17
Pettibone, Annis9, 49
Pettibone, Charity27, 41, 57
Pettibone, Charlotte13, 60
Pettibone, David13, 60
Pettibone, Deborah13
Pettibone, Elizabeth14, 17, 51
Pettibone, George51
Pettibone, Giles6
Pettibone, Hannah14
Pettibone, Hepzibah23
Pettibone, Jacob13
Pettibone, James106
Pettibone, John27
Pettibone, Joseph8, 14
Pettibone, Lucy14
Pettibone, Lydia13
Pettibone, Mary97
Pettibone, Naomi13
Pettibone, Rhoda14
Pettibone, Rosanna14
Pettibone, Ruth8, 14
Pettibone, Samuel16
Pettibone, Sarah14, , 37
Pettibone, Susannah8
Pettibone, Theodore97
Pettit, Catharine A.77
Phelps, Abel126
Phelps, Abigail27, 62, 126, 150
Phelps, Abigail Griswold95
Phelps, Albert Philo65
Phelps, Amos17, 37
Phelps, Asahel Gaylord80
Phelps, Asenath25
Phelps, Bathsheba15
Phelps, Betsy93
Phelps, Catherine175
Phelps, Charlotte43
Phelps, Damaris1, 3, 15
Phelps, Daniel18
Phelps, David9, 26, 27, 29, 43
Phelps, Dianthe113
Phelps, Dorothy27
Phelps, Edward I.190
Phelps, Eli21, 47
Phelps, Eliphalet113
Phelps, Eliza65
Phelps, Elizabeth18, 27, 49, 88
Phelps, Ellen Elizabeth80
Phelps, Ezekiel15, 65
Phelps, Frances Lodama80
Phelps, Frank B.117
Phelps, Fred144
Phelps, Frederick18
Phelps, George Mortimer95
Phelps, Hannah11
Phelps, Harriet176
Phelps, Hector Fayette95
Phelps, Hezekiah27
Phelps, Hosea Dayton80
Phelps, Isaac16, 58
Phelps, Jaman Hart20
Phelps, James B.117
Phelps, James Herbert117
Phelps, John88, 93, 151
Phelps, Joseph1
Phelps, Josiah3
Phelps, Judith Marion190
Phelps, Juliet88
Phelps, Juliette151
Phelps, Laura128, 129
Phelps, Lester Washington65
Phelps, Lois411
Phelps, Lucretia65
Phelps, Luranna E.35
Phelps, Margaret6
Phelps, Martha4, 5, 12
Phelps, Mary4, 48, 65, 143
Phelps, Mary Ann103
Phelps, Mary Rockwell80
Phelps, Matilda114
Phelps, Melissa Violet65
Phelps, Millie B.88
Phelps, Mindwell48
Phelps, Miriam48
Phelps, Noadiah11
Phelps, Noble103
Phelps, Oliver95
Phelps, Oliver C.36
Phelps, Pauline Isabelle95
Phelps, Peleg35
Phelps, Philo15, 65, 143
Phelps, Philomatha15
Phelps, Rachel46, 57, 72, 73, 125
Phelps, Rachel Foote18, 73
Phelps, Ruth29, 47
Phelps, Samuel3, 18
Phelps, Sarah1, 3, 4, 10, 15, 18, 26, 28, 48, 58, 95
Phelps, Sarah Bird80
Phelps, Sarah Eleanor80
Phelps, Shubael11
Phelps, Silas88
Phelps, Susanna18
Phelps, Tabitha33
Phelps, Thomas11
Phelps, Timothy17, 58, 73
Phelps, Warren Canfield80
Phelps, Wilcox80
Phelps, William21, 47
Phillips, Lyman H.58
Phillips, Samuel25
Phinney, John Smith22
Phippany, William A.86
Phippeny, Almira130
Phippeny, David130
Picket, Olive77
Pickett, John170
Pickett, Sarah Ann170, 188
Pierce, Martha166
Pierce, Rhoda61
Pierce, Samuel61
Pierce, Sarah75
Pierson, Elishaba46
Pierson, Maria79
Pike, Almira88
Pike, Catharine112
Pike, Ebenezer42
Pike, Ellen Jane169
Pike, Harvey38
Pike, Henrietta R.53, 80
Pike, John117
Pike, Rhoda117
Pine, Charles Henry127
Pine, Jane Adelle127
Pine, John Edgar127
Pine, Samuel Winchester127
Pinney, Abigail9
Pinney, Abraham8, 27, 28
Pinney, Abram26, 34
Pinney, Betsey36
Pinney, Butler9
Pinney, Catharine150
Pinney, Chloe9
Pinney, Clarissa34
Pinney, Elizabeth9
Pinney, Emma Jane184
Pinney, Flora34
Pinney, Grove34
Pinney, Henry34
Pinney, Hilpa27
Pinney, Jonathan8, 9, 60
Pinney, Joseph9
Pinney, Lodama14
Pinney, Lot9
Pinney, Lovisa9
Pinney, Lucia59
Pinney, Lucretia28
Pinney, Lydia9, 54, 60
Pinney, Maria B.92
Pinney, Mahitabel27
Pinney, Nathaniel54
Pinney, Origen9, 128
Pinney, Orpha39
Pinney, Ovid27
Pinney, Philander184
Pinney, Polly28
Pinney, Richard186
Pinney, Rosabella128
Pinney, Sarah E.181
Pinney, Silvia9
Pinney, Sophia104
Piper, Charles Henry135
Piper, Edwin Samuel135
Pitt, Frank B.157
Plumb, Agamemnon36
Plummer, Georgianna162
Poison, Sarah6
Pollard, Lizzie51
Pond, Ellen90
Porter, Asahel Leonard44
Porter, Dwight118
Porter, Julia Smith150
Porter, Nathaniel150
Porteus, James120
Post, Mary49
Potter, Alta E.170
Powell, Catharine127
Powers, Mary58
Pratt, Clarence Merritt129
Pratt, Esther106
Pratt, George Candee123
Pratt, George Washington123
Pratt, Nathaniel106
Pratt, Ozias123
Pratt, Sadie Minnie123
Pratt, Sophia58
Pratt, William H.73
Pratt, Worthey34
Preston, Lurinda90
Preston, Lydia154
Priest, Anson127
Priest, Seth K.127
Prindle, Margaret115
Prior, Lucy69
Prosser, Harvey C.136
Prosser, Henry136
Putnam, Abbott154
Putnam, John84
Putnam, Peter R.154
Putnam, Ruth Amelia15
Pyatt, Annette Eliza185
Pyatt, Martha186
Pyatt, Samuel185

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