" R " surnames from John Case and His Descendants
by Ruth Cost Duncan

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NamePage #
Radiker, Marguerite121
Ramsey, Josephine Margaret168
Ramsey, Thomas168
Randall, Anna49
Rann, Isaac51
Ransom, Orsemus127
Ransom, Pelatiah127
Rathbun, Frances115
Rathburn, Arabella74
Rathburn, Daniel74
Rathburn, Ella Augusta74
Rathburn, George Ransom74
Rathburn, Georgianna74
Rathburn, Sara Cornelia74
Rathburn, Wilbur Daniel74
Recker, Mary J.184
Reed, Abigail5
Reed, Alonzo169
Reed, Amelia169
Reed, Amy5, 21, 65, 66, 67
Reed, Athildred31
Reed, Averett67
Reed, Celia67
Reed, Daniel21, 32, 67
Reed, David20, 35
Reed, Elijah19
Reed, Elizabeth8
Reed, Eunice32, 125, 142
Reed, Fidelia M.138
Reed, Florence A.182
Reed, George20
Reed, Harlow32
Reed, Hiram32
Reed, Jacob19, 20, 37
Reed, Jennie169
Reed, Lorinda32, 107
Reed, Lorinda Lucy67
Reed, Lucian67
Reed, Lucinda67, 96, 102
Reed, Lucius45
Reed, Luther32
Reed, Lydia26
Reed, Mary Delight119
Reed, Orson32, 67, 81
Reed, Philip5, 31
Reed, Phineas21
Reed, Roland32
Reed, Roswell21, 32, 67, 81, 112, 125
Reed, Roxy32
Reed, Ruby32, 112
Reed, Ruth21
Reed, Sarah37
Reed, Sylvia32
Reed, Titus20, 32, 65
Reed, Watson67
Reed, William32, 67
Reed, Wilson32
Reid, Elton Robert116
Reid, Gavin97
Reid, Henry Walter116
Reid, James115
Reid, Leslie Case115
Reid, Lorinda L.161
Reid, Lydia Emmons115
Reid, Malvern Ernest116
Reid, Orson161
Reid, Savilla Jeanne116
Reid, Stuart Irving116
Reid, William James115
Reid, William Robert115
Remington, Jennette115
Remington, Mary47
Rexford, Edith145
Reynolds, Aaron68
Reynolds, Bertha Estella152
Reynolds, F. Leonard153
Reynolds, Henry97
Reynolds, Mary E.152
Reynolds, William H.152
Rhode, Tabitha97
Rice, Adeline77
Rice, Almira148
Rice, Jane115
Rice, Jesse115
Rice, Levi156
Rice, Lois Ann156
Rice, Lurancy87
Rice, Sarah112
Rice, Sedgwick53
Rice, Wait67
Richards, Asenath143
Richards, Hezekiah12
Richards, Jonah12
Richards, Samuel12
Richards, Sarah135
Richards, Susan154
Richards, Timothy12
Richardson, Emily152
Richardson, Ralph36
Richmond, Alexander74
Riley, Ann160
Riley, Lydia55, 77
Ringer, Ray175
Risdon, Margaret169
Rising, Amos J.53
Ristine, Ben Taylor80
Rivers, Octave101
Roach, Fred181
Roach, Ruth181
Robb, Grave Avery151
Robbins, Mary Durkee89
Robe, Abigail93
Robe, Andrew10, 41, 45
Robe, Elizabeth10
Robe, Hannah11
Robe, Sarah38, 45, 72
Robe, Walter41
Roberts, Anna9
Roberts, Cora89
Roberts, Delia96
Roberts, Edna E.107
Roberts, Elizabeth21
Roberts, Elna107
Roberts, Fannie168
Roberts, Frederick William159
Roberts, Helen189
Roberts, Horace E.59
Roberts, James59, 159
Roberts, Jane L.107
Roberts, Laura Amanda103
Roberts, Lemuel103
Roberts, Lucy102
Roberts, Mary Elna103
Roberts, Penelope4
Roberts, Samuel103
Roberts, Seth Franklin107
Roberts, Walter Mac163
Robertson, Charles A.112
Robertson, Walter L.171
Robinson, Alice46
Robinson, Charles90
Robinson, David46
Robinson, Ellen90
Robinson, James Conroy97
Robinson, Marcia141
Robinson, Rebecca46
Robinson, Thomas46
Rockwell, Clara L.129
Rockwell, Joseph80
Rockwell, Lucy80
Rodgers, Frederick155
Rodgers, Nancy155
Rodman, Elizabeth173
Roebock, Garret A.54
Rogers, Anna181
Rogers, Permelia E.65
Rogers, Polly75
Rolancy, Estella171
Rollins, Eliphalet61
Rooke, Bertha Harriet173
Rooke, Henry Turner141
Rooke, John173
Rooke, John Robert141
Roosa, Lewis176
Roosa, Lucas John176
Roosa, Naomi Case176
Roosa, Phelps C.176
Root, Amorette93
Root, Anna97
Root, Frederick H.166
Root, Henry182
Root, Jane Sophia138
Root, John89
Root, Laura89
Root, Lottie Maria182
Roper, Carlton137
Roper, Mary137
Rose, Almira88
Rose, Ameret83
Rose, Arabella Barlow96
Rose, Bertha96
Rose, Daniel82, 88
Rose, Daniel Humphrey83
Rose, Dwight N.122
Rose, Freelove83
Rose, George Gilbert122
Rose, Gertrude Louise122
Rose, Gilbert G.122
Rose, Harriet83
Rose, Harriet Matilda164
Rose, James Arthur122
Rose, James Oliver96
Rose, Jephtha102
Rose, Julia Savilla83
Rose, Mabel Abbie122
Rose, Marcus82
Rose, Mary Ann63
Rose, Mary S.104
Rose, Miles J.102
Rose, Oliver96
Rose, Perly83
Rose, Philo Zelates82, 164
Rose, Reuben Elihu83
Rose, Reuben Monroe83
Rose, Sarah 83
Rose, Tracy Arthur123
Ross, James33
Rothgery, Flornce182
Rowland, William13
Rowlandson, Edward27
Rowley, Adelaide Ledora94
Rowley, Clarence Case94
Rowley, Edith146
Rowley, Elizabeth Caroline94
Rowley, Eva Lilabel94
Rowley, Frederick Abiel94
Rowley, Gad94
Rowley, Mary Jane94
Rowley, Reuben94
Rowley, Roscoe Gad94, 146
Rudin, Jacob115
Ruic, Adelaide C.139
Ruic, Hector58
Ruic, Jennie M.76
Ruic, Rhoda112
Ruic, William112
Ruick, Jane182
Runda, George Bernhart173
Runda, Gustave173
Ruoff, Charles Henry173
Ruoff, Myrtle May173
Russel, Jesse28
Russell, David15
Russell, Hannah15
Russell, Joanna16
Russell, Judson65
Russell, Michael H.173
Russell, Phuma68
Russell, Ruby J.173
Russell, Shirley A.173
Russell, Stephen136
Rust, Emma94
Ryan, Irene M.187
Ryder, Alfred90

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