CASE Families living in Michigan in 1870.

NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 151}
Arthur Manchester, Washtenaw1818New York 239
Adelia Manchester, Washtenaw1834Michigan
Arthur G Manchester, Washtenaw1850 Michigan
{Family 152}
Albert Manchester, Washtenaw1831New York 239
Mary A Manchester, Washtenaw1834Michigan
Ella L Manchester, Washtenaw1859Michigan
Cora A Manchester, Washtenaw1862Michigan
Eva Manchester, Washtenaw1865Michigan
{Family 153}
Caron W (Aaron W.)Manchester, Washtenaw1808New York239
Sophia Manchester, Washtenaw1813New York
Albina Manchester, Washtenaw1843Michigan
Clarence Manchester, Washtenaw1849Michigan
Horace Manchester, Washtenaw1854Michigan
{Family 154}
Walter Manchester, Washtenaw1821New York 248
Nancey Manchester, Washtenaw1823New York
Aleda Manchester, Washtenaw1855Michigan
Cynthia Manchester, Washtenaw1857Michigan
FannyManchester, Washtenaw1859Michigan
{Family 155}
Josiah S Manchester, Washtenaw1836New York 227
Sarah A Manchester, Washtenaw1843Michigan
Clara M Manchester, Washtenaw1861Michigan
{Family 156}
Emanuel Manchester, Washtenaw1824New York 230B
Matilda Manchester, Washtenaw1828 New York
Edgar R Manchester, Washtenaw1853Michigan
Elmer S Manchester, Washtenaw1865Michigan
{Family 157}
Morten F Pittsfield, Washtenaw1841New York 278
Gertrude Pittsfield, Washtenaw1847Indiana
{Family 158}
Margaret Saline, Washtenaw1810 New York 313
Adeline Saline, Washtenaw1849Michigan
{Family 159}
Abram Scio, Washtenaw1829New York 365
Sarah B Scio, Washtenaw1832Massachusetts
William M Scio, Washtenaw1853Michigan
Mary R Scio, Washtenaw54Michigan
Vira J Scio, Washtenaw1856Michigan
Charles P Scio, Washtenaw1858Michigan
{Family 160}
David Scio, Washtenaw1793New York 365
Catherine Scio, Washtenaw1798New Jersey
{Family 161}
Estella Sharon, Washtenaw1856Michigan 372
Hattie C Sharon, Washtenaw1863Michigan
{Family 162}
Bula Sylvan, Washtenaw1830 Canada 402B
{Family 163}
Perry Sylvan, Washtenaw1849Michigan 402B
Anna Sylvan, Washtenaw1849Michigan
Jerome Sylvan, Washtenaw1869Michigan
{Family 164}
Albert York, Washtenaw1829New York446
Mary York, Washtenaw1831New York
Charles York, Washtenaw1865Michigan
Elizabeth York, Washtenaw1852Michigan
{Family 165}
Ogden York, Washtenaw1848New York 437B
{Family 166}
Olivet York, Washtenaw1809Maine 446B
{Family 167}
Philetus Ypsilanti Ward 1, Washtenaw1829Michigan 485
Mary A Ypsilanti Ward 1, Washtenaw1835Michigan
Mary F Ypsilanti Ward 1, Washtenaw1854Michigan
Elizabeth E Ypsilanti Ward 1, Washtenaw1855Michigan
{Family 168}
Ann EYpsilanti Ward 2, Washtenaw1817New York 500B
{Family 169}
Frank HYpsilanti Ward 4, Washtenaw1831New York522B
Sidney Ypsilanti Ward 4, Washtenaw1854Michigan
{Family 170}
Jas W Ypsilanti Ward 5, Washtenaw1829New York
Margaret Ypsilanti Ward 5, Washtenaw1834 New York
Mary A Ypsilanti Ward 5, Washtenaw 1854New York
Deborah E Ypsilanti Ward 5, Washtenaw1856New York 533
Julia Ypsilanti Ward 5, Washtenaw1860 Michigan
Jane Ypsilanti Ward 5, Washtenaw1867Michigan
{Family 171}
Jane Brownstown, Wayne1847 New Jersey 3B
{Family 172}
Maria Brownstown, Wayne1850New Jersey 1B
{Family 173}
Anansa Detroit Ward 10, Wayne1853Canada 367
{Family 174}
Hiram P Detroit Ward 10, Wayne1830 New York
Annie E Detroit Ward 10, Wayne1834Michigan 419
Francis G Detroit Ward 10, Wayne1854Michigan
Hiram P Detroit Ward 10, Wayne1863Michigan
Frank H Detroit Ward 10, Wayne1866Michigan
{Family 175}
Sidney Detroit Ward 10, Wayne1818New York 394B
Charles Detroit Ward 10, Wayne1853 Michigan
Caroline Detroit Ward 10, Wayne1818New York
{Family 176}
Leverett Detroit Ward 5, Wayne1842Michigan 297B
Addie Detroit Ward 5, Wayne1844Michigan
{Family 177}
Sidney WDetroit Ward 9, Wayne1845New York 252
Minerva Detroit Ward 9, Wayne1843New York
Louisa Detroit Ward 9, Wayne1868Michigan
{Family 178}
DavidSpringwells, Wayne1831Canada 391B
Salena Springwells, Wayne1837Canada
John Springwells, Wayne1857Michigan
Ellis Springwells, Wayne1862Michigan
George Springwells, Wayne1864Michigan
{Family 179}
O T Springwells, Wayne1835Michigan 397B
Eldner Springwells, Wayne1841Michigan

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