CASE Families living in Michigan in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 62}
Lemuel Chester, Eaton1810 New York 152
Eliza Chester, Eaton1815New York
Mary Chester, Eaton1852Ohio
Orrin Chester, Eaton1856Ohio
Olis (Otis)Chester, Eaton1857Ohio
Lemuel Chester, Eaton1858Ohio 152B
{Family 63}
Martin Eaton Rapids, Eaton1844New York 225
Elsova Eaton Rapids, Eaton1848New York
{Family 64}
ElbertWalton, Eaton1840 Ohio 338B
Martha Walton, Eaton1850 New York
{Family 65}
Philinda Walton, Eaton1813New York 342B
Wilbur Walton, Eaton1847Ohio
Mary Walton, Eaton1850 Ohio
Frank Walton, Eaton1854Ohio
George Walton, Eaton1842Ohio
{Family 66}
Edwin Argentine, Genesee1838New York 393
Cynthia Argentine, Genesee1798Vermont
Betsey J Argentine, Genesee1831New York
{Family 67}
Lewis Argentine, Genesee1833New York 393
Helen Argentine, Genesee1841New York
Dwight Argentine, Genesee1867Michigan
Cynthia Argentine, Genesee1869Michigan
Elizabeth Argentine, Genesee 1870Michigan
{Family 68}
Daniel M Argentine, Genesee1821New York 397
Dolly Argentine, Genesee1810 Maine 397B
Clark W Argentine, Genesee1866Michigan
{Family 69}
Harlan Argentine, Genesee1856New York 393B
{Family 70}
Harrace (Horrace)Flint, Genesee1832New York 120B
Elizabeth Flint, Genesee1839Canada
Wert (Mort)Flint, Genesee1855 Michigan
Ella Flint, Genesee 1858Michigan
Henry Flint, Genesee1860 Michigan
{Family 71}
Seymour Flint Ward 1, Genesee1825New York 145B
Martha Flint Ward 1,Genesee1833New York
Evelyn Flint Ward 1, Genesee 1855Michigan
Charles Flint Ward 1, Genesee 1859Michigan
{Family 72}
Rachell Flint Ward 3, Genesee1818New York 199B
Caroline Flint Ward 3, Genesee1818New York
Nancy E Flint Ward 3, Genesee1845Michigan
Henry Flint Ward 3, Genesee1848Michigan
Luman Flint Ward 3, Genesee1850 Michigan
{Family 73}
I B (T B)Flint Ward 3, Genesee1825New York 198
EmilyFlint Ward 3, Genesee1838Ohio
DoraFlint Ward 3, Genesee1855Michigan
Evington Flint Ward 3, Genesee1860 Michigan
Char (Chas)Flint Ward 3, Genesee1866Michigan
{Family 74}
Sarah C Flint Ward 3, Genesee1816New York 191
{Family 75}
Ellen Gaines, Genesee1836New York 592B
Burt Gaines, Genesee 1855New York
Walter Gaines, Genesee1859New York
Ida Gaines, Genesee1961New York
Ada Gaines, Genesee 1863New York
{Family 76}
Charles Grand Blanc, Genesee1840 Michigan 299
Sarah Grand Blanc, Genesee1834Michigan
Francelia Grand Blanc, Genesee1865Michigan
Marian Grand Blanc, Genesee1870Michigan
{Family 77}
Minerva Grand Blanc, Genesee1832New York 292
Edgar Grand Blanc, Genesee1856Michigan
Edward Grand Blanc, Genesee1856Michigan
{Family 78}
Marian Grand Blanc, Genesee1853Michigan 294B
Fannie Grand Blanc, Genesee1858Michigan
{Family 79}
John Mundy, Genesee1832New York 345B
Anna M Mundy, Genesee1828New Jersey 346
Alfred Mundy, Genesee1855New Jersey
George Mundy, Genesee1856New Jersey
{Family 80}
Clarence Thetford, Genesee1845Michigan 382
Nancy Thetford, Genesee1845Ohio
{Family 81}
David Thetford, Genesee1820 New York 382
Cassandra Thetford, Genesee1820 New York
De Floyd Thetford, Genesee1850 Michigan
Ada C Thetford, Genesee1852Michigan 382
Effie C Thetford, Genesee1854Michigan
Charles S Thetford, Genesee1856Michigan
Frank E Thetford, Genesee1858Michigan
Manly B Thetford, Genesee1860 Michigan
{Family 82}
Angelnas (Angelina)Whitewater, Grand Traverse1853Michigan 466
{Family 83}
Sarah Whitewater, Grand Traverse1806New York468
{Family 84
Sanisa B (Louisa B)Saint Louis, Gratiot1807New York35B
Preston M Saint Louis, Gratiot1849Michigan
{Family 85}
Clarinda Amboy, Hillsdale1855Michigan225
{Family 86}
Eliza Amboy, Hillsdale1856Michigan222B
{Family 87}
George Camden, Hillsdale1848New York 264
Maria Camden, Hillsdale1848Ohio
{Family 88}
Robert C Camden, Hillsdale1817New York 264
Mary Ann Camden, Hillsdale1813New York
Warren Camden, Hillsdale1843New York
Phebe C Camden, Hillsdale1852New York
Emma J Camden, Hillsdale1854New York
Frances L Camden, Hillsdale1856New York
{Family 89}
C R Fayette, Hillsdale1810 New York 281
Florida (Filnida)Fayette, Hillsdale1811New York
{Family 90}
Carrie B Fayette, Hillsdale1842Michigan 289B
Levi Fayette, Hillsdale1863Michigan
Frank Fayette, Hillsdale1867Michigan
Franklin Fayette, Hillsdale1831New York

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