CASE Families living in Michigan in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 91}
Charles Hillsdale Ward 2, Hillsdale1859Michigan 329B
{Family 92}
Charles Jefferson, Hillsdale1841Michigan 376B
Elizabeth Jefferson, Hillsdale England 377
Ida E Jefferson, Hillsdale1866Michigan
{Family 93}
William Pittsford, Hillsdale1814New York 439B
Fanny Pittsford, Hillsdale1818 New York
{Family 94}
Nelson Wright, Hillsdale1821New York 565B
Hellen Wright, Hillsdale1833Ohio
Clark Wright, Hillsdale1860 Michigan
Cora Wright, Hillsdale1866Michigan
Esther Wright, Hillsdale1868Michigan
{Family 95}
Phebe Wright, Hillsdale1858Michigan567B
{Family 96}
Antoine Baraga, Houghton1838Canada592B
{Family 97}
Samuel Hancock, Houghton1824New York 688
Johanna Hancock, Houghton1841Canada
Delphine Hancock, Houghton1862Michigan
{Family 98}
Kitty Franklin, Houghton1849England660
William H Franklin, Houghton1867England
{Family 99}
Anthony P Dwight, Huron1810 Canada 785
Mary <Dwight, Huron1820 Canada
Robert A Dwight, Huron1849Canada
Frank A Dwight, Huron1851Canada
Caroline Dwight, Huron1853Canada
Joseph Dwight, Huron1857Canada
Eliza A Dwight, Huron1859Canada
Margaret Dwight, Huron1864Canada
Nettie Dwight, Huron1852Michigan
{Family 100}
Milo Fairhaven, Huron1847New York 794
Agnes Fairhaven, Huron, 1840 Scotland
Willian Fairhaven, Huron 1860 Canada
Edward Fairhaven, Huron1862Canada
Laura Fairhaven, Huron1868Michigan
Elizebath Fairhaven, Huron1868Michigan
{Family 101}
Spence Mead, Huron1844New York 825
Margaret Mead, Huron1844Canada
William H Mead, Huron1868Michigan
Haris s Mead, Huron1869Michigan
{Family 102}
Charles Port Austin, Huron1853Canada 843
{Family 103}
John A Dansville, Ingham1830 Ohio 82B
Cynthia A Dansville, Ingham1837New York
Laura S Dansville, Ingham1854Ohio
Alexander Dansville, Ingham1859Michigan
Walter E Dansville, Ingham1861Michigan
{Family 104}
Jenny Lansing Ward 1, Ingham1853Ohio 97
{Family 105}
Jennie Lansing Ward 2, Ingham1853Ohio 117B
{Family 106}
Mary E Lansing Ward 2, Ingham1844Michigan 119
{Family 107}
Orren S Lansing Ward 3, Ingham1818New York 144
Mary Lansing Ward 3, Ingham1836New York
Mary B Lansing Ward 3, Ingham1855Michigan
Frances E Lansing Ward 3, Ingham1857Michigan 144B
Ida N Lansing Ward 3, Ingham1862Michigan td>
Oscar S Lansing Ward 3, Ingham1865Michigan
Walter G Lansing Ward 3, Ingham1869Michigan
{Family 108}
Daniel L Lansing Ward 4, Ingham1812Canada 164
Adelia Lansing Ward 4, Ingham1831New York
Julian M Lansing Ward 4, Ingham1845Michigan
Sophia Lansing Ward 4, Ingham1851Michigan
{Family 109}
Albert Meridian, Ingham1818Connecticut 221B
Louisa Meridian, Ingham1834Michigan
Merutt R (Merritt) Meridian, Ingham1854Michigan
Addie P Meridian, Ingham1857Michigan
Charles Meridian, Ingham1862Michigan
Alfred Meridian, Ingham1864Michigan
{Family 110}
Freeman Williamston, Ingham1824New York 328B
Mary L Williamston, Ingham1834 York
Hellen M Williamston, Ingham1859Canada
Mary L Williamston, Ingham1869Michiga
{Family 111}
David Berlin, Ionia1849 New York 356
{Family 112}
William Berlin, Ionia1835Michigan 356
Lucinda M Berlin, Ionia1831New York
George Berlin, Ionia1857Michigan
Allen S Berlin, Ionia1859Michigan
Sherman Berlin, Ionia1867Michigan
Fred Berlin, Ionia1870Michigan
{Family 113}
James Easton, Ionia1834Michigan 417B
Laura Easton, Ionia1840 Michigan >
Eva Easton, Ionia1862Michigan
{Family 114}
Rozal P Easton, Ionia1824New York 419
Nancy M Easton, Ionia1819New York
{Family 115}
George W Ionia, Ionia1807New York 442B
Resis (Ann)Ionia, Ionia1812New York
Eliza Ionia, Ionia1849Michigan
Roy Ionia, Ionia1851Michigan
{Family 116}
Alexander W Ionia, Ionia1840 Michigan 471B
Josaphine Ionia, Ionia1845New York
Jennie Ionia, Ionia1863Michigan
Lillie Ionia, Ionia1865Michigan
{Family 117}
Ray Ionia, Ionia1849Michigan 461
{Family 118}
Ephraim H Keene, Ionia1828New York 496B
Louisa A Keene, Ionia, >1830 New York
{Family 119}
John B Lyons, Ionia1836Ohio
Fidelia F Lyons, Ionia, MI Ohio
Mattie Lyons, Ionia1864Michigan
{Family 120}
Charles P Otisco, Ionia1824New York 613
Caroline Otisco, Ionia1833New York
Harriet Otisco, Ionia1859Michigan
Mary A Otisco, Ionia1861Michigan
Florence A Otisco, Ionia1863Michigan
Frances Otisco, Ionia1866Michigan

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