CASE Families living in Michigan in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 181}
Virginia Monroe Ward 1, Monroe1851Ohio413B
{Family 182}
Isaac Whiteford, Monroe1840 New York520
Sarah Whiteford, Monroe1848New York
Willie Whiteford, Monroe1861Michigan
Mattie Whiteford, Monroe1863Michigan
John Whiteford, Monroe1867Michigan
{Family 183}
Wm Cato, Montcalm1835Ohio 42
Julia Cato, Montcalm1840 Ohio 42B
James Cato, Montcalm1860 Michigan
Fred Cato, Montcalm1863Michigan
{Family 184}
Chauncy Crystal, Montcalm1832Michigan 44B
Mary E Crystal, Montcalm1837Ohio
Emma Crystal, Montcalm1858Michigan
Seymour Crystal, Montcalm1860 Michigan
Marion Crystal, Montcalm1864Michigan
Estella Crystal, Montcalm1869Michigan
{Family 185}
Mathan Eureka, Montcalm1826Ohio 70
Mary Eureka, Montcalm1829New York
Sarah Ann Eureka, Montcalm1850 Michigan
Luther Eureka, Montcalm1856Michigan
Minerva Eureka, Montcalm1863Michigan
Joseph Eureka, Montcalm1860 Michigan
Emery Eureka, Montcalm1866Michigan
{Family 186}
Fanny Eureka, Montcalm1852Michigan 68B
{Family 187}
Horace Pierson, Montcalm1805New York 156
{Family 188}
Lucy Reynolds,Montcalm1863Michigan 167B
{Family 189}
Miron Reynolds, Montcalm1831New York 167B
Belva Reynolds, Montcalm1837New York
Enoch Reynolds, Montcalm1858Michigan
Eva Reynolds, Montcalm1863Michigan
Samuel Reynolds, Montcalm1865Michigan
Jane Reynolds, Montcalm1868Michigan
{Family 190}
Jerome Reynolds, Montcalm1844Michigan 169
Emma Reynolds, Montcalm1849 Pennsylvania
{Family 191}
George Stanton, Montcalm1830 Vermont 58
Mary V Stanton, Montcalm1832New York
Lizzie Stanton, Montcalm1854Michigan
Bertie Stanton, Montcalm1857Michigan
{Family 192}
Jesse Bloomfield, Oakland1822New York 148
Isabella Bloomfield, Oakland1821New York
Casper Bloomfield, Oakland1849Michigan
Jane Bloomfield, Oakland1851Michigan
David Bloomfield, Oakland1859Michigan
John Bloomfield, Oakland1861Michigan
{Family 193}
Leman Bloomfield, Oakland1840 Michigan 159B
Lucy A Bloomfield, Oakland1842Michigan
Matilda Bloomfield, Oakland1864Michigan
{Family 194}
Lenard W Bloomfield, Oakland1796Connecticut 159B
Polly Bloomfield, Oakland1806New York
{Family 195}
Charles Brandon, Oakland1835Michigan 178B
Ann E Brandon, Oakland1842Ohio
Susan Brandon, Oakland1860 Michigan
Lorena Brandon, Oakland1862Michigan
George W Brandon, Oakland1869Michigan
{Family 196}
Isaac Groveland, Oakland1795Connecticut 231
Susan Groveland, Oakland1799Connecticut
William H Groveland, Oakland1843Michigan
{Family 197}
William Holly, Oakland1825New York 262
Ann Holly, Oakland1832New York
Willie Holly, Oakland1864Michigan
James Holly, Oakland1867Michigan
{Family 198}
Rachel Holly, Oakland1814New Jersey 262B
Iva M Holly, Oakland1833Michigan
John P Holly, Oakland1845Michigan
George M Holly, Oakland1847Michigan
Ida B Holly, Oakland1854Michigan
{Family 199}
Moses Independence, Oakland1820 New Jersey 298
MariaIndependence, Oakland1823New Jersey
Daniel H Independence, Oakland1851Michigan
Mary Independence, Oakland1853Michigan
Elizabeth Independence, Oakland1855Michigan
James LIndependence, Oakland1858Michigan
{Family 200}
Wesley Independence, Oakland1845New Jersey 297B
Mary E Independence, Oakland1848Michigan
{Family 201}
Lyman Oakland, Oakland1841Michigan 379
Jane Oakland, Oakland1851Michigan
Eliza Oakland, Oakland1869Michigan
{Family 202}
John Pontiac, Oakland1829New York 420B
Harriet Pontiac, Oakland1830 Pennsylvania
Benjamin Pontiac, Oakland1850 Pennsylvania
Isaac Pontiac, Oakland1853Pennsylvania
Barbara Pontiac, Oakland1854Pennsylvania
{Family 203}
Peter Pontiac, Oakland1799New York 417B
Louisa Pontiac, Oakland1801New York
Mary Ann Pontiac, Oakland1850 Michigan
{Family 204}
George Pontiac Ward 2, Oakland1833Michigan470
Julia Pontiac Ward 2, Oakland 1840 Michigan
Hattie Pontiac Ward 2, Oakland1868Michigan
{Family 205}
Henry Pontiac Ward 2, Oakland1826New York480
Rosella Pontiac Ward 2, Oakland1828New York
Josephine Pontiac Ward 2, Oakland1848York
Amanda Pontiac Ward 2, Oakland1854New York
Harriet Pontiac Ward 2, Oakland1856Michigan
{Family 206}
William Springfield,Oakland1833New York 552
{Family 207}
William Waterford, Oakland1837Michigan 599
Harriet Waterford, Oakland1846Michigan
George Waterford, Oakland1866Michigan
{Family 208}
Betsy Waterford, Oakland1839Michigan 588B
{Family 209}
John West Bloomfield, Oakland1830 Michigan 608B
Mary West Bloomfield, Oakland1836Michigan
SusanWest Bloomfield, Oakland1856Michigan
Frank West Bloomfield, Oakland1858Michigan
{Family 210}
Allman Blendon, Ottawa1837New York 13B
Charlotte Blendon, Ottawa1840 Ohio
Willa (Willis)Blendon, Ottawa1866Michigan
JohnBlendon, Ottawa1869 Michigan

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