CASE Families living in Michigan in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 31}
Mary Coldwater Ward 2, Branch1832England 156B
{Family 32}
Horace Coldwater Ward 4, Branch1820 New York 186B
Eunice L Coldwater Ward 4, Branch1834New York
Edwin H Coldwater Ward 4, Branch1869Michigan
{Family 33}
William W Kinderhook, Branch1831New York 221
Sarah J Kinderhook, Branch1832Ohio
Bion W Kinderhook, Branch1858Michigan
Stacy M Kinderhook, Branch1862Michigan
Andrew Kinderhook, Branch1866Michigan
Cora D Kinderhook, Branch1867Indiana
unamedKinderhook, Branch1870Michigan
{Family 34}
Almeron W Kinderhook, Branch1808New York 215
Marcia M Kinderhook, Branch1813New York
{Family 35}
Jennie E Matteson, Branch1861New York 228
{Family 36}
Willis Matteson, Branch1834Ohio 238
Lydia Matteson, Branch1838New York
Charley Matteson, Branch1859Ohio
Castle Matteson, Branch1861Ohio
Lester Matteson, Branch1863Ohio
Mary Matteson, Branch1867Michigan
{Family 37}
William R Ovid, Branch1820 New York 255B
{Family 38}
William P Sherwood, Branch1829New York 308
Emeline A Sherwood, Branch1835Michigan
Calvin Sherwood, Branch1851Michigan
Frank Sherwood, Branch1862Michigan
Sarah Sherwood, Branch1867Michigan
Edward P Sherwood, Branch1869Michigan
{Family 39}
Cyrus Union, Branch1807Connecticut 312
Margaret Union, Branch1814New York
Henry Union, Branch1842New York
Willie Union, Branch1848New York
Elbert Union, Branch1849New York
Mary A Union, Branch1852New York
{Family 40}
Martin Union, Branch1840 New York 315B
Lorinda Union, Branch1856New York
{Family 41}
Edmond Union, Branch1838New York 315B
{Family 42}
Homer Bedford, Calhoun1819New York 490B
Freelove Bedford, Calhoun1820 Canada
{Family 43}
Ira Le Roy, Calhoun1814Connecticut 656B
May A Le Roy, Calhoun1817New York
Amanda J Le Roy, Calhoun1850 Michigan
Harriet Le Roy, Calhoun1855Michigan
James W Le Roy, Calhoun1861Michigan
{Family 44}
Randall Z Lee, Calhoun1841New York 636B
Mary J Lee, Calhoun1847Ohio 637
Edward Lee, Calhoun1863Michigan
Emily E Lee, Calhoun1863Michigan
{Family 45}
Francis La Grange, Cass1853Michigan 58B
{Family 46}
Henry L Mason, Cass1839Ohio 96
Cynthia M Mason, Cass1844New York
Tyler Mason, Cass1864Michigan
Mary Mason, Cass1866Michigan
{Family 47}
Theophilus F Newberg, Cass1832Indiana 116B
Alvina Newberg, Cass1836Ohio
William Newberg, Cass1852Indiana
James Newberg, Cass1854Wisconsin
John Newberg, Cass1858Minnesota
Rebecca Newberg, Cass1860 Wisconsin
Benjamin Newberg, Cass1862Iowa
Theophilus Newberg, Cass1864Wisconsin
{Family 48}
Edwin Ontwa, Cass1837Ohio 139
Helen Ontwa, Cass1837New York
{Family 49}
William Wayne, Cass1856Michigan 271B
{Family 50}
James Evangeline, Charlevoix1846Canada 285
{Family 51}
Un-namedDe Witt, Clinton1841Michigan 449
Esther De Witt, Clinton1836Michigan
William De Witt, Clinton1864Michigan
{Family 52}
Thomas H Eagle, Clinton1814Ohio 492B
Eliza Eagle, Clinton1820 Ohio
Jerome Eagle, Clinton1847Ohio
Cyrenus Eagle, Clinton1849Ohio
Willie Eagle, Clinton1854Ohio
{Family 53}
Ira H Eagle, Clinton1861Illinois 496B
{Family 54}
Colvin P (Calvin)Essex, Clinton1823Pennsylvania 512B
Lucinda Essex, Clinton1822Ohio
Milton J Essex, Clinton1856Pennsylvania
Della Essex, Clinton1858Michigan
Burt Essex, Clinton1862Michigan
Sidney Essex, Clinton1865Michigan
{Family 55}
Marcus Essex, Clinton1846Pennsylvania 512B
Harriet Essex, Clinton1843Pennsylvania
Harrison Essex, Clinton1869Michigan
{Family 56}
Samuel Greenbush, Clinton1811New York 531
Maria Greenbush, Clinton1810 Connecticut
{Family 57}
Charles Ovid, Clinton1831New York 583
Harriet Ovid, Clinton1837Canada W
Phebe Ovid, Clinton1855Michigan
Emma Ovid, Clinton1860 Michigan
Abagail Ovid, Clinton1866Michigan
Harriet M Ovid, Clinton1868Michigan
{Family 58}
Ephraim Riley, Clinton1803New York 603
Adeline Riley, Clinton1818New York 603B
{Family 59}
Oscar Riley, Clinton1848Michigan 603
Anna Riley, Clinton1850 New York
Marion Riley, Clinton1865Michigan
Nathan Riley, Clinton1805New York
{Family 60}
Abel Carmel, Eaton1802Vermont 103B
Janet Carmel, Eaton1802Vermont
Erastus Carmel, Eaton1824Vermont
Lottie Carmel, Eaton1857Michigan
{Family 61}
Charles Carmel, Eaton1831Vermont 103B
Lucy Carmel, Eaton1836New York
William Carmel, Eaton1861Michigan
Ella Carmel, Eaton1869Michigan

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