CASE Families living in Michigan in 1870.

NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Alanson Allegan, Allegan1802New York 28B
Eliza Allegan, Allegan1812New York
Florance Allegan, Allegan1852Michigan
{Family 2}
Alanson B Allegan, Allegan1840 Michigan 40
Isabella Allegan, Allegan1840 Michigan
Frank Allegan, Allegan1865Michigan
{Family 3}
Jane Cheshire, Allegan1826New York 74
John E Cheshire, Allegan1847Ohio
Cridian Cheshire, Allegan1853Pennsylvania
Rosella Cheshire, Allegan1855Michigan
Henry Cheshire, Allegan1858Michigan
Charlie Cheshire, Allegan1860 Michigan
{Family 4}
Wallace Cheshire, Allegan1868Michigan 74B
{Family 5}
John Heath, Allegan1845Pennsylvania 194
{Family 6}
John F Monterey, Allegan1836New York 260B
Rosinna Monterey, Allegan1837Ohio
Alvira A Monterey, Allegan1860 Michigan
Ada A Monterey, Allegan1862Michigan
Edwin S Monterey, Allegan1867Michigan
Sereno M Monterey, Allegan1869Michigan
{Family 7}
Chester Monterey, Allegan1810 New York 261
Angeline Monterey, Allegan1823New York
Martha A Monterey, Allegan1859Ohio
Emily J Monterey, Allegan1861Ohio
{Family 8}
Charles Monterey, Allegan1845Ohio 265
{Family 9}
Stephen Watson, Allegan1824New York 392B
Sarah Watson, Allegan1828New York
Mary E Watson, Allegan1851New York
Ardelle S Watson, Allegan1853New York
Ella Watson, Allegan1856Michigan
Julia Watson, Allegan1858Michigan
{Family 10}
James Alpena, Alpena1833Canada 433B
Samantha Alpena, Alpena1843Illinois
Bertha Alpena, Alpena1863Michigan
James Alpena, Alpena1859Michigan
{Family 11}
Sidney Alpena, Alpena1844Ohio 448B
Kate Alpena, Alpena1845Ohio
Frank Alpena, Alpena1869Michigan
{Family 12}
Daniel L Elk Rapids, Antrim1836Michigan 11
Esther A Elk Rapids, Antrim1843Michigan
Esther S Elk Rapids, Antrim1864Michigan
Flora Elk Rapids, Antrim1867Michigan
Sarah Elk Rapids, Antrim1806New York
Angeline Elk Rapids, Antrim1842Michigan
{Family 13}
Harrison S Elk Rapids, Antrim1842Michigan 7B
Emma Elk Rapids, Antrim1850 Ohio
Maggie F Elk Rapids, Antrim1869Michigan
{Family 14}
Geo S Assyria, Barry1839New York 37
{Family 15}
Harvey Johnstown, Barry1830 New York 200
Nancy Johnstown, Barry1840 Ohio
Lucas W Johnstown, Barry1859Michigan
George H Johnstown, Barry1861Michigan
Hannah J Johnstown, Barry1864Michigan
Celia O Johnstown, Barry1867Michigan
{Family 16}
Lucius Benzonia, Benzie1814Ohio 14B
Rosanah Benzonia, Benzie1824Ohio
Walter Benzonia, Benzie1849Ohio
Alden Benzonia, Benzie1852Ohio
Charles Benzonia, Benzie1854Ohio
William Benzonia, Benzie1857Ohio
James Benzonia, Benzie1862Michigan
{Family 17}
Morris Homestead, Benzie1838Ohio 21B
Elizabeth Homestead, Benzie1838Pennsylvania
James Homestead, Benzie1845Ohio
{Family 18}
Leeman Inland, Benzie1845Michigan 24B
Carry Inland, Benzie1845Michigan
James Inland, Benzie1859Michigan
{Family 19}
Arthur Weldon, Benzie1836Ohio 32
Lydia Weldon, Benzie1836Ohio
Nettie Weldon, Benzie1862Michigan
{Family 20}
Benj F Berrien Springs, Berrien1833Ohio M 348
Deborah Berrien Springs, Berrien1834India M
Charles Berrien Springs, Berrien1855India M
{Family 21}
Allen Buchanan, Berrien1836Ohio 134B
Cathrine Buchanan, Berrien1836Ohio
Clarence Buchanan, Berrien1859Michigan
Freddie W Buchanan, Berrien1868Michigan
{Family 22}
James R Buchanan, Berrien1831Ohio 136B
Lucy A Buchanan, Berrien1841India
Ellen M Buchanan, Berrien1854Ohio
Almon Buchanan, Berrien1856Michigan
Hiram Buchanan, Berrien1858Michigan
Geneva Buchanan, Berrien1868Michigan
{Family 23}
James Hagar, Berrien1823New York 197
Julia Hagar, Berrien1835Ohio
Harriet Hagar, Berrien1853Ohio
Lois Hagar, Berrien1855Michigan 197B
Laura Hagar, Berrien1855Michigan
Frances Hagar, Berrien1857Michigan
Stephen Hagar, Berrien1859Michigan
John Hagar, Berrien1862Michigan
Byron Hagar, Berrien1867Michigan
William Hagar, Berrien1870Michigan
{Family 24}
Charles Lake, Berrien1843Michigan 204B
{Family 25}
Samuel J Niles, Berrien1820 New York 259B
Nancy Niles, Berrien1828Ohio
Valencia Niles, Berrien1849Ohio
Elra B Niles, Berrien1852Ohio
Anna E Niles, Berrien1855Ohio
Nancy M Niles, Berrien1858Ohio
Edwin R Niles, Berrien1862Ohio
Phebe C Niles, Berrien1866Michigan
Charles W Niles, Berrien1870Michigan
{Family 26}
Arthur Niles, Berrien1846Ohio 259B
Martha Niles, Berrien1850 Ohio
{Family 27}
William Batavia, Branch1833New York 27
Sarah Batavia, Branch1842Michigan
Cyrus Batavia, Branch1861Michigan
{Family 28}
Frank Bethel, Branch1864Michigan 54
{Family 29}
Mary Bronson, Branch1832New York 72
{Family 30}
Norman W Coldwater, Branch1833New York 128B
Hannah M Coldwater, Branch1838New York
Charley H Coldwater, Branch1863Michigan 129
Willie J Coldwater, Branch1864Michigan
Cora M Coldwater, Branch1866Michigan

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