CASE Families living in Minnesota in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 91}
Albert WFergus Falls Ward 3, Otter Tail 1881United States of AmericaInmate
{Family 92}
Ray FWhite Bear Lake, Pope 1855WisconsinHead
EllaWhite Bear Lake, Pope 1865MinnesotaWife
{Family 93}
W LSt Paul Ward 2, Ramsey 1864MinnesotaPatient
{Family 94}
Blanche St Paul Ward 3, Ramsey 1891OhioRoomer
{Family 95}
Agness W M St Paul Ward 3, Ramsey 1863HollandHead39
Von A [R] Stanly [Stanley]St Paul Ward 3, Ramsey 1890CanadaSon
{Family 96}
Ervin E
Surname listed Cave
St Paul Ward 9, Ramsey 1873IndianaRoomer
{Family 97}
Surnames listed Care
St Paul Ward 4, Ramsey 1891MinnesotaBoarder
Edgar M CareSt Paul Ward 4, Ramsey 1883MichiganBoarder
{Family 98}
FrankSt Paul Ward 10, Ramsey 1888IndianaCousin
{Family 99}
Anna J Faribault Ward 2, Rice 1866New HampshireHead
{Family 100}
Frank WHardwick, Rock 1869MinnesotaHead
MinnieHardwick, Rock 1871IllinoisWife
FrancisHardwick, Rock 1899MinnesotaDaughter
MadgeHardwick, Rock 1902MinnesotaDaughter
MettaHardwick, Rock 1905MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 101}
EthelbertClear Lake, Sherburne 1867MinnesotaHead
Cordelia AClear Lake, Sherburne 1861MinnesotaWife
Henry BClear Lake, Sherburne 1893MinnesotaSon
Nettie MClear Lake, Sherburne 1905MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 102}
Burton L Clinton Falls, Steele 1864ConnecticutHead
Georgiana Clinton Falls, Steele 1870MinnesotaWife
Ermeline E Clinton Falls, Steele 1895MinnesotaDaughter
Albert P Clinton Falls, Steele 1898MinnesotaSon
{Family 103}
Albert DClinton Falls, Steele 1837ConnecticutHead
Julia EClinton Falls, Steele 1845OhioWife
{Family 104}
RileySomerset, Steele 1868MinnesotaHead271
Philps [Phelps]Somerset, Steele 1832ConnecticutFather
KatharineSomerset, Steele 1834WalesMother
{Family 105}
EzraChisholm Ward 1, St Louis 1878MichiganHead161
TreaesaChisholm Ward 1, St Louis 1879WisconsinWife
LureneChisholm Ward 1, St Louis 1907MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 106}
Severette A [Leverette] Duluth Ward 1, St Louis 1850OhioHead1
Adelaide EDuluth Ward 1, St Louis 1855MichiganWife
Jessie ODuluth Ward 1, St Louis 1885MichiganDaughter
{Family 107}
Junnie [Minnie]Duluth Ward 1, St Louis??Roomer92b
{Family 108}
Helen E
Surname listed Care
Duluth Ward 3, St Louis 1877ConnecticutServant
{Family 109}
RichardDuluth Ward 4, St Louis 1868CanadaHead
MarthaDuluth Ward 4, St Louis 1870CanadaWife
EthelDuluth Ward 4, St Louis 1893MichiganDaughter
MabelDuluth Ward 4, St Louis 1900WisconsinDaughter
RubyDuluth Ward 4, St Louis 1902MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 110}
Delbert RDuluth Ward 6, St Louis 1877OhioLodger
{Family 111}
William JDuluth Ward 7, St Louis 1857WisconsinHead54
Marie EDuluth Ward 7, St Louis 1857ScotlandWife
Wilb?? [Wilbur]Duluth Ward 7, St Louis 1894MinnesotaSon
{Family 112}
William D Duluth Ward 8, St Louis 1880WisconsinHead
Mae C Duluth Ward 8, St Louis 1884WisconsinWife
Retia V Duluth Ward 8, St Louis 1903WisconsinDaughter
Bradly c Duluth Ward 8, St Louis 1906MinnesotaSon
William D Duluth Ward 8, St Louis 1908MinnesotaSon
Mison F M Duluth Ward 8, St Louis 1909MinnesotaSon
{Family 113}
Surnames listed Care
Fair Haven, Stearns 1879IllinoisHead
Ida DFair Haven, Stearns 1879KansasWife
Ernest oFair Haven, Stearns 1902IllinoisSon
Harley EFair Haven, Stearns 1908MinnesotaSon
{Family 114}
ClarkSauk Centre Ward 2, Stearns 1845New YorkHead
HarrietSauk Centre Ward 2, Stearns 1852WisconsinWife
{Family 115}
Sylvester Little Elk, Todd 1885South DakotaHead
{Family 116}
Surname listed Call
Burnhamville, Todd 1893South DakotaGranddaughter
{Family 117}
Albert JStaples Ward 1, Todd 1864MinnesotaHead
Edna V EStaples Ward 1, Todd 1877OhioWife
Irma MStaples Ward 1, Todd 1896MinnesotaDaughter
Cyril VStaples Ward 1, Todd 1900MinnesotaSon
Dana MStaples Ward 1, Todd 1901MinnesotaSon
Robert RStaples Ward 1, Todd 1904MinnesotaSon
{Family 118}
HortonLeonardsville, Traverse 1880MinnesotaHired Man
{Family 119}
Anna V Waseca Ward 1, Waseca 1858WisconsinMother-in-law
{Family 120}
Willian J Waseca Ward 2, Waseca 1867IllinoisHead
EdithWaseca Ward 2, Waseca 1870IllinoisWife
ClydeWaseca Ward 2, Waseca 1895MinnesotaSon
ClaudWaseca Ward 2, Waseca 1895MinnesotaSon
{Family 121}
Judson LMadelia, Watonwan 1862IllinoisHead
Viola BMadelia, Watonwan 1861MinnesotaWife
HazelMadelia, Watonwan 1887South DakotaDaughter
Coral RMadelia, Watonwan 1890South DakotaDaughter
Harriel vMadelia, Watonwan 1892MinnesotaDaughter
Glady L WMadelia, Watonwan 1895MinnesotaDaughter
Adena MMadelia, Watonwan 1843VermontMother
{Family 122}
George PWinona Ward 1, Winona 1855WisconsinHead
Ida MWinona Ward 1, Winona 1868MassachusettsWife
{Family 123}
MaudWinona Ward 2, Winona 1874MinnesotaHead
EdwardWinona Ward 2, Winona 1894MinnesotaSon
EllenWinona Ward 2, Winona 1896MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 124}
JohnWinona Ward 4, Winona 1863MinnesotaHead
AnnaWinona Ward 4, Winona 1867MinnesotaWife
JohnWinona Ward 4, Winona 1887MinnesotaSon
HattieWinona Ward 4, Winona 1891MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 125}
Larence [Clarence?]
Surname listed Lase
Wiscoy, Winona 1892MinnesotaHired Man295
{Family 126}
Wilson RRockford, Wright 1888MinnesotaBoarder
{Family 127}
Pessie A [Persia]Stony Run, Yellow Medicine 1840VermontMother-in-law182b

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