CASE Families living in Minnesota in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Omer A [Omar]Fountain, Fillmore 1853 [1843]MassachusettsHead
Elma HFountain, Fillmore 1846New YorkWife
Burton FFountain, Fillmore 1874MinnesotaSon
Mina TFountain, Fillmore 1874MinnesotaDaughter-in-law
{Family 32}
Nella [Zella]Preston, Fillmore 1886MinnesotaBoarder220b
{Family 33}
George MAlbert Lea Ward 2, Freeborn 1895MinnesotaRoomer
{Family 34}
EmmaAlbert Lea Ward 3, Freeborn 1853New YorkHead
{Family 35}
Hawley EAlden, Freeborn 1852WisconsinFather
{Family 36}
Surnames listed Cass
London, Freeborn 1835New YorkHead23
Catasina CassLondon, Freeborn 1837ScotlandWife
{Family 37}
William R London, Freeborn 1860New YorkHead23
Nellie ELondon, Freeborn 1862WisconsinWife
Ethelt E [Ethel]London, Freeborn 1893MinnesotaDaughter
Ivan J (James)London, Freeborn 1900MinnesotaSon
{Family 38}
C FLogan, Grant 1840ConnecticutHead
FrancisLogan, Grant 1855IllinoisWife
DorothyLogan, Grant 1895MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 39}
Hennry [Henry]Corcoran, Hennepin 1850OhioHead38b
Sara Corcoran, Hennepin 1858MinnesotaWife
Herten [Horton]Corcoran, Hennepin 1883MinnesotaSon
Jessie Corcoran, Hennepin 1885MinnesotaSon
Joby [Toby]Corcoran, Hennepin 1888MinnesotaSon
Hazet [Hazel]Corcoran, Hennepin 1891MinnesotaDaughter
Chester Corcoran, Hennepin 1892MinnesotaSon
{Family 40}
Urin [Alvin]Corcoran, Hennepin 1846OhioHead39
Marry O [Mary]Corcoran, Hennepin 1863Canada EnglishWife
DavidCorcoran, Hennepin 1879MinnesotaSon
FredCorcoran, Hennepin 1885MinnesotaSon
Rose [Rosa 1900 census]Corcoran, Hennepin 1882MinnesotaDaughter
Marry [Mary 1900 Census]Corcoran, Hennepin 1884MinnesotaDaughter
IdaCorcoran, Hennepin 1886MinnesotaDaughter
GeorgeCorcoran, Hennepin 1888MinnesotaSon
Malvina [Melvina 1900 census]Corcoran, Hennepin 1891MinnesotaDaughter
LouisCorcoran, Hennepin 1892MinnesotaSon
JosephCorcoran, Hennepin 1894MinnesotaSon
Lettie [Dellia 1900 census]Corcoran, Hennepin 1897MinnesotaDaughter
ArthorCorcoran, Hennepin 1901MinnesotaSon
{Family 41}
William Minneapolis Ward 1, Hennepin 1877MinnesotaHead10
Bertha Minneapolis Ward 1, Hennepin 1881MinnesotaWife
Lavella Minneapolis Ward 1, Hennepin 1901MinnesotaDaughter
Earl Minneapolis Ward 1, Hennepin 1903MinnesotaSon
Walter Minneapolis Ward 1, Hennepin 1905MinnesotaSon
Ealner [Elmer]Minneapolis Ward 1, Hennepin 1907MinnesotaSon
{Family 42}
Louis C
Surname listed Laser
Minneapolis Ward 1, Hennepin 1881IllinoisRoomer153
{Family 43}
CharlesMinneapolis Ward 1, Hennepin 1875MinnesotaRoomer
{Family 44}
Charles PMinneapolis Ward 1, Hennepin 1889New YorkHead
Laura LMinneapolis Ward 1, Hennepin 1886MinnesotaWife
{Family 45}
David [Daras or Doras?]
Surnames listed Rase
Minneapolis Ward 2, Hennepin 1875IowaHead228
Grace HMinneapolis Ward 2, Hennepin 1874ConnecticutWife
{Family 46}
Surname listed Care
Minneapolis Ward 2, Hennepin 1872MinnesotaHead
{Family 47}
StevenMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin 1887MichiganLodger
{Family 48}
G EMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin??Guest58
{Family 49}
RebeccaMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin 1845OhioHead
Nellie HMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin 1885IowaDaughter
Delbert RMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin 1878IowaSon
{Family 50}
Mary Minneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin 1839EnglandMother-in-law
{Family 51}
George PriceMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin1870MinnesotaHead
Elizabeth CMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin 1884MinnesotaWife
{Family 52}
ArchieMinneapolis Ward 4, Hennepin 1882CanadaEmployee
{Family 53}
Surname listed Casey
Minneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin 1877New YorkRoomer
{Family 54}
Harry MMinneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin 1883MinnesotaRoomer
{Family 55}
Chas W
Surnames listed Care
Minneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin 1835New YorkHead
Julia P C CareMinneapolis Ward 5, Hennepin 1847New YorkWife
{Family 56}
Leoma [Leona]Minneapolis Ward 7, Hennepin 1905MinnesotaAdopted Child
{Family 57}
Chas LMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin 1845MichiganHead
JennieMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin 1855VermontWife
MildredMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin 1883MinnesotaDaughter
LelandMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin 1886MinnesotaSon
{Family 58}
Louise AMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin 1865New YorkBoarder
{Family 59}
Charles MMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin 1871MinnesotaHead
Helen JMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin 1879MinnesotaWife
Benton JMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin 1903MinnesotaSon
Charles M Jr.Minneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin 1906MinnesotaSon
George PMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin 1909MinnesotaSon
{Family 60}
Fannie MMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin 1854New YorkHead

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