CASE Families living in Minnesota in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
Surname listed Cose
Minneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin 1882MinnesotaLodger
{Family 62}
Elmer S
Surnames listed Cass
Minneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin 1862New HampshireHead
Rusha AMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin 1866IowaWife
Emma BMinneapolis Ward 8, Hennepin 1840New HampshireMother
{Family 63}
Earl HerbertMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin 1885MichiganHead
Helen DagmarMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin 1883CanadaWife
{Family 64}
HenryMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin 1884New YorkRoomer
{Family 65}
Anthony AMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin 1865MichiganHead
Clara MMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin 1867WisconsinWife
Louis AMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin 1887MinnesotaSon
Florence SMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin 1892MinnesotaDaughter
Chester MMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin 1902MinnesotaSon
{Family 66}
Ernest LMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin 1868WisconsinHead207b
Mabel EMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin 1875MinnesotaWife
Caros C [Carlos]Minneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin 1896MinnesotaSon
Lesley MMinneapolis Ward 9, Hennepin 1900MinnesotaSon
{Family 67}
George HMinneapolis Ward 10, Hennepin 1851IowaHead
StellaMinneapolis Ward 10, Hennepin 1852KentuckyWife
{Family 68}
WarrenMinneapolis Ward 12, Hennepin 1830New YorkBoarder
{Family 69}
W DSpring Grove, Houston 1860MinnesotaHead
Eliza JSpring Grove, Houston 1866MinnesotaWife
KathleenSpring Grove, Houston 1890IowaDaughter
MarieSpring Grove, Houston 1896IowaDaughter
Mrs. DelansSpring Grove, Houston 1830New YorkMother
{Family 70}
Myrtle E
Surnames listed Cuse
Spring Grove, Houston 1884MinnesotaLodger23
Zella L CuseSpring Grove, Houston 1886MinnesotaLodger
Maudy E CuseSpring Grove, Houston 1878IowaLodger
{Family 71}
John Helga, Hubbard 1858NorwayHead
Julia Helga, Hubbard 1872NorwayWife
Jennie Helga, Hubbard 1896NorwayDaughter
Emmia Helga, Hubbard 1897NorwayDaughter
Conrad Helga, Hubbard 1900NorwaySon
Olga Helga, Hubbard 1905MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 72}
WilliamTownship 53, Itasca 1856IowaHead
RosieTownship 53, Itasca 1884IowaWife
MaryTownship 53, Itasca 1887IllinoisDaughter
JesseTownship 53, Itasca 1896IllinoisSon
DalamaTownship 53, Itasca 1896MissouriDaughter
{Family 73}
Mary JWilder, Jackson 1837PennsylvaniaHead
{Family 74}
George EKasota, Le Sueur 1841MichiganHead
Kate HKasota, Le Sueur 1849New YorkWife
Mabel AKasota, Le Sueur 1875MinnesotaDaughter
MaudeKasota, Le Sueur 1873MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 75}
Surnames listed Car
Ottawa, Le Sueur 1876MinnesotaHead
Harriet LOttawa, Le Sueur 1878MinnesotaWife
LewellinOttawa, Le Sueur 1900MinnesotaSon
PemOttawa, Le Sueur 1902MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 76}
Frank W Marshall Ward 2, Lyon 1875IowaHead
Jaice Marshall Ward 2, Lyon 1882MinnesotaWife
Mamine Marshall Ward 2, Lyon 1903MinnesotaDaughter
Eugene Marshall Ward 2, Lyon 1905MinnesotaSon
Martin Marshall Ward 2, Lyon 1908MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 77}
FredMarshall Ward 1, Lyon 1881MinnesotaHead
MinnieMarshall Ward 1, Lyon 1886MinnesotaWife
{Family 78}
Bingam L [Benjamin T]
Surnames listed Care
Hutchinson Ward 2, McLeod 1848WisconsinHead55b
Lilly LHutchinson Ward 2, McLeod 1862MinnesotaWife56
Donglada G [Douglas]Hutchinson Ward 2, McLeod 1887North DakotaAdopted Son
{Family 79}
Edward S
Surnames listed Care
Hutchinson Ward 3, McLeod 1848WisconsinHead
Isabelle M CareHutchinson Ward 3, McLeod 1851VermontWife
{Family 80}
RoyCollinwood, Meeker 1853WisconsinHead
AnnieCollinwood, Meeker 1863IndianaWife
{Family 81}
Harvy BMilo, Mille Lacs 1845ConnecticutHead
Fannie MMilo, Mille Lacs 1854ConnecticutWife
ElmerMilo, Mille Lacs 1878KansasSon
{Family 82}
SidneyCameron, Murray 1887MinnesotaHead
IreneCameron, Murray 1889IllinoisWife
DonaldCameron, Murray 1908MinnesotaSon
IrmaCameron, Murray 1910MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 83}
Frank BChanarambie, Murray 1863WisconsinHead
LizzieChanarambie, Murray 1863IndianaWife
EvaChanarambie, Murray 1889MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 84}
J W [Jesse W]
Surnames listed Cass
Mason, Murray 1847MassachusettsHead251b
Sattes [Letha?]Mason, Murray 1853WisconsinWife
PaulineMason, Murray 1894IllinoisNiece
Edith (Edythe)Mason, Murray 1897MinnesotaAdopted
WalterMason, Murray 1898MinnesotaAdopted
LucyMason, Murray 1900MinnesotaAdopted
{Family 85}
Surname listed Aase
Adrian, Nobles 1888MinnesotaRoomer
{Family 86}
Lyman P
Surnames listed Cose
Chatfield, Olmsted 1844OhioHead
Addie LChatfield, Olmsted 1850WisconsinWife
{Family 87}
Frank BOrion, Olmsted 1873MinnesotaHead
JeanetteOrion, Olmsted 1879MinnesotaWife
FlorenceOrion, Olmsted 1900MinnesotaDaughter
LeslieOrion, Olmsted 1903MinnesotaSon
{Family 88}
Charles COrion, Olmsted 1866MinnesotaHead
Nellie Orion, Olmsted 1875MinnesotaWife
NetaOrion, Olmsted 1899MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 89}
Samuel R
Surnames listed Cass
Rochester Ward 2, Olmsted 1865MinnesotaHead
Eva JRochester Ward 2, Olmsted 1866MinnesotaWife
{Family 90}
Herman Corliss, Otter Tail 1882MinnesotaHead
Clara Corliss, Otter Tail 1891MinnesotaWife
Elmer Corliss, Otter Tail 1909MinnesotaSon
Anna Corliss, Otter Tail 1852GermanyMother

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