CASE Families living in Minnesota in 1910.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Will J [D]
Surnames listed Kane
Anoka Ward 3, Anoka 1870WisconsinHead
LillaAnoka Ward 3, Anoka 1871MinnesotaWife
{Family 2}
Herman C
Surnames listed Guss
Anoka Ward 3, Anoka 1879WisconsinHead
EdnaAnoka Ward 3, Anoka 1881WisconsinWife
HaroldAnoka Ward 3, Anoka 1907MinnesotaSon
{Family 3}
John W
Surnames listed Gare
Anoka Ward 3, Anoka 1843MaineHead
RachelAnoka Ward 3, Anoka 1841MaineWife
{Family 4}
A Detroit, Becker 1835GermanyFather
{Family 5}
Surnames listed Care
Detroit Ward 1, Becker 1891MinnesotaDaughter
HarryDetroit Ward 1, Becker 1888IowaSon-in-law
ViolaDetroit Ward 1, Becker 1910MinnesotaGranddaughter
{Family 6}
Nevell J [Newell] Bemidji Ward 3, Beltrami 1857OhioHead
MaryBemidji Ward 3, Beltrami 1867CanadaWife
Sherrel IBemidji Ward 3, Beltrami 1894North DakotaSon
Ralph LBemidji Ward 3, Beltrami 1896North DakotaSon
Ruby VBemidji Ward 3, Beltrami 1901MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 7}
SamuelTurtle River, Beltrami 1868MissouriHead
JuliaTurtle River, Beltrami 1877CanadaWife
Nora JTurtle River, Beltrami 1903MinnesotaDaughter
Thomas WTurtle River, Beltrami 1906MinnesotaSon
{Family 8}
Sarah B
Surnames listed Care
Watab, Benton 1853MinnesotaHead
William HWatab, Benton 1868MinnesotaSon
FrnakWatab, Benton 1880MinnesotaSon
{Family 9}
Cass Andra St George, Benton 1852OhioHead132 (102?)
PerrySt George, Benton 1872IllinoisSon
MaggieSt George, Benton 1882MinnesotaDaughter
FrankSt George, Benton 1888MinnesotaSon
{Family 10}
Frank HLyra, Blue Earth 1875MinnesotaHead
Essie LLyra, Blue Earth 1877MinnesotaWife
RoyLyra, Blue Earth 1902MinnesotaSon
{Family 11}
Henry RMankato Ward 5, Blue Earth 1907MaineHead
{Family 12}
William LVernon, Blue Earth 1877MinnesotaHead
Grace LVernon, Blue Earth 1878MinnesotaWife
HaroldVernon, Blue Earth 1904MinnesotaSon
Claylon CVernon, Blue Earth 1908MinnesotaSon
{Family 13}
J OHome, Brown 1879IllinoisHead
KatherineHome, Brown 1885MinnesotaWife
{Family 14}
TheodoreHome, Brown 1888IllinoisHead
MaudeHome, Brown 1891MinnesotaWife
DaisyHome, Brown 1909MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 15}
OrenHome, Brown 1881MinnesotaHead
HannaHome, Brown 1846IllinoisMother
{Family 16}
TheodoreHome, Brown 1846IllinoisHead
RebecaHome, Brown 1839IndianaWife
JamesHome, Brown 1878MinnesotaSon
ThreseHome, Brown 1881MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 17}
Surname listed Care
Milford, Brown 1870MinnesotaBoarder
{Family 18}
Antony WSleepy Eye Ward 1, Brown 1845New YorkHead
Mary ESleepy Eye Ward 1, Brown 1852MaineWife
{Family 19}
Frank GCloquet Ward 2, Carlton 1862WisconsinHead25b
Mary ACloquet Ward 2, Carlton 1860NorwayWife
Samuele [Samuel]Cloquet Ward 2, Carlton 1889MinnesotaSon
George BCloquet Ward 2, Carlton 1892WisconsinSon
Phillip ACloquet Ward 2, Carlton 1894WisconsinSon
Mary DCloquet Ward 2, Carlton 1895WisconsinDaughter
Alice MCloquet Ward 2, Carlton 1897WisconsinDaughter26
Paul MCloquet Ward 2, Carlton 1899WisconsinSon
Harvey HCloquet Ward 2, Carlton 1901WisconsinSon
{Family 20}
Evelyn ACloquet Ward 2, Carlton 1865New YorkHead
RusselCloquet Ward 2, Carlton 1894MichiganSon
GeneverCloquet Ward 2, Carlton 1896MinnesotaDaughter
MarshallCloquet Ward 2, Carlton 1897MinnesotaSon
RobertCloquet Ward 2, Carlton 1900MinnesotaSon
HoerldCloquet Ward 2, Carlton 1904MinnesotaSon
DorothyCloquet Ward 2, Carlton 1908MinnesotaDaughter
WalterCloquet Ward 2, Carlton 1909MinnesotaSon
{Family 21}
Joe Cloquet Ward 2, Carlton 1882MinnesotaBoarder52b
{Family 22}
C HWalker, Cass 1860IrelandBoarder
{Family 23}
Surname listed Care
Walker, Cass 1893MinnesotaBoarder
{Family 24}
HenryWalker, Cass 1894MinnesotaBoarder
{Family 25}
ChasClaremont, Dodge 1877MinnesotaHead
AlliceClaremont, Dodge 1884MinnesotaWife
LloydClaremont, Dodge 1904MinnesotaSon
BlanchClaremont, Dodge 1908MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 26}
Maxwell HLura, Faribault 1876MinnesotaHead
Anna DLura, Faribault 1881GermanyWife
Emma MLura, Faribault 1902MinnesotaDaughter
Glenn FLura, Faribault 1907MinnesotaSon
Norma LLura, Faribault 1908MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 27}
Surname listed Cace
Winnebago, Faribault 1832VermontHead
{Family 28}
WalterCanton, Fillmore 1841EnglandBoarder
{Family 29}
LouisaChatfield, Fillmore 1847New YorkHead
{Family 30}
Surnames listed Carr
Chatfield, Fillmore 1878MinnesotaHead
Alzie CarrChatfield, Fillmore 1878MinnesotaWife

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