Fish 'n Hole

This was the beginning. It was apprx. 8" deep at the bottom end. I had laid plain plastic down over the railroad ties that you see. This was fine for a week or so, then the water started getting too warm. And I felt this overwhelming need for bigger and better (because I had just had some type of fish called koi Click KOI to hear it how to say Nishikigoi given to me). So one weekend, after moving the goldfish to a tank, and pulling up the old plastic, I had my husband Wayne, and the son-in-law, Bobby, out there digging their little hearts out.
Then, a few days after it was dug to suit me, Wayne and I laid the 45 mil fish pond liner down. Then on came the faucet, to which a garden hose had been attached. After a few hours, the water had filled up the liner, plastering it to the sides of the pit. I had gotten in the pond as it filled up and smoothed the liner in the corners as best as I could to remove crinkles and folds. Of course, the rock ledges conceal a lot.
The pond is apprx 16'x8'x3', although it has 2 levels....2 feet and 3 feet.
The way it looks now. Summer 94 on the left and 95 below. If you look closely, in the left bottom corner you see bubbles. The water fall.

This is the water fall. I created it by fitting 3/4 PVC and running it up and over the first layer of rocks to the corner. Then Bobby (son-in-law) laid rock over the pipe in a row to the corner. Then after the rock was laid, he and I built the fall. (Do you see my H2O Goblin?)A Little Giant pump is attached with a quick connect (to make it easier to remove the pump) and this pumps 1200 gph of water. The white pipe in the background is the electric line that I ran inside PVC. It is covered with a creek rock patio.
Some of the goldfish in the pond. The white fish, in the middle of the lily pads, and the orangy one in the top left, are koi. These are last year's pictures, but I will add to them with this summer's pictures.

The silvery koi with the black spots, at the top of this picture, is my pride and joy. He was about 13 inches long when this was taken.
The orange fish directly below him, and the halloween looking one to the left of the orange fish are koi also.

This koi is very shy. Most of the koi in my pond were a few years old when I got them, and they are not very friendly. This one is about the same size as the silvery one, except this one is much wider.
Here you see part of the patio we are still building. This is made from very very large creek rock, from the creek down the road a ways. The large rocks that we had to use a farm tractor to move can't be seen in this picture.


   Spring of 1998

January 99 The waterfall

See the little air hole?

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