I became interested in growing Victoria Cruziana trpoical water lilies after reading about them on the rec.ponds NewsGroup. Jack Honeycutt - http://www.users.uswest.net/~jhoneycutt/ grows and propogates these giant water lilies, so I contacted Jack, and received 15 seeds from him.
I set up a 10 gallon aquarium, and prepared the seeds. I soaked them in a bleach solution and then planted them in clear cups, half filled with clay soil from my yard, so that I keep an eye on them.

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Only one has sprouted so far....these are the the second set of leaves.
See the third leaf set? It is the floater starting upward (looks like a comma), beside the leaf on the right.

It has a floating leaf now! June 26, 1999

As soon as the second floater leaf gets to the top of the water, I will repot, and place into a small pre-formed water garden pond, then will later transplant into this pond.

July 2, 1999 - I had to repot and place my lily out in the preformed pond sooner than I had thought I would. It doesn't look like it, but this lily is below water level about 4 inches

Second leaf is starting upward.

See my little eyeless Black Crappie?
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Latest Victoria Cruziana developments

Summer 99 Drought - 7" below annual rainfall

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