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Calculate Water Volume a very basic (rectangular or round pond) water volume calculator

UK sites
Stephens Industries are Leading Specialists for many Landscaping and Commercial Liner Projects, pond or lake liners.

Aqualiners Direct from the UK has Firestone 1.02mm PondGard™ Liner

  • HYDRA Aqua Garden Pond Supplies UK for Algae Control and Water Treatments

  • Nature's Bio Solutions Ponds & Water Features
  • Swallow Aquatics Britain's #1 Aquatics Experts

    Aquatix-2u is a family run pond supplies business in the UK,
    offering a wide range of products
    Garden Site A UK Aquatic Superstore...Everything but the Water!

    Buy Barley Straw here

    NEW! KOI Fish Time Learn How To Keep And Care For Koi – The Right Way

    A link for aquariums from Isabella!

    DIY Watergardening
    Advice & Supplies From a Professional Pond Contractor
    Water Gardener's Bible A site dedicated to koi and ponds (300 articles) PondWorld has a Deal of the Day!
    Garden Supermart for ponds and gardens. Heating Your Pond
    Heaters for koi ponds,aquaculture tanks and water gardens
    - Everything for the garden pond enthusiast
    Pond Boy Let us help you design your next exciting pond creation. Practical Water Gardens Wecome to the Pond Shop!
    Perfect Pond Keeping AQUAPLANCTON - Natural Algae Control For Crystal Clear Ponds, Rivers and Lakes MacArthur Watergardens
    Pond Algae Solutions for safe and eco-friendly pond care.
    Fiber Optic Lights for
    Ponds and Water Features
    Sunrise Aquatics has water garden and pond supplies.
    I Love My Pond
    has links to everything you always wanted to know.
    Aquascape Designs Aqua Art - Koi Pond Specialists
    Aquatic-Eco Systems AOU- Building a pond Angie's List: Water Landscaping: A Beginner's Guide to Koi Ponds
    Pond Market has a pond calculator too! Welcome to Brian & Lorraine's Pond Keen Gardner - UK
    The Real McKoi
    A beginner's guide to Koi Carp and Pond Construction.
    My Koi Pond Site LaBrake's Garden Path & Pond
    A Small Change Garden Pond Kloubec Koi Farm North America's Premium Breeder of Champion Koi The WaterGarden a new URL and name
    Jen's Pond Page Scarecrow - motion activated sprinkler/sprayer FINS
    Pete's pond Page Custom Ponds and Fountains PondLiner We ship everything but the water.
    Noah's Pets Ponds & Aquatics Forum Freshwater Flora & Fauna
    Murphy's Fish in a Barrel LittleBigPet In the Country
    Water Garden site
    Ponds and More Terry Eymard's Pond Page Garden Joy - UK
    Pond Rushes The Healthy Ponds System - pond water cleaners Sani-Tred Coating and Sealing
    Just Liners Plus has Pondgard 45 Mil EPDM Aquatic Weed Control Colorado Pond Pros water you waiting for? Get your feet wet today.
    Bradshaw's Direct has pond pumps & vacuums in the UKGuard Gator! A link from Melanie about Aquariums: All About Fish, Krill, Algae, and More: Resources for Aquarium Owners

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