CASE Families living in California in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.
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William H
Surname listed CALE
Malibu, Los Angeles1846United States of AmericaInmate 
William F
Surname listed CARE
Malibu, Los Angeles1845OhioInmate 
Jacob Malibu, Los Angeles1842United States of AmericaInmate 
Edgar S
Surname listed CARS
Malibu, Los Angeles1844New YorkInmate 
John Monrovia Ward 1, Los Angeles1879MassachusettsEmployee 
Jeneveve P
Surname listed CARE
Pasadena, Los Angeles1874OhioSister 
Ross J Pasadena Ward 1, Los Angeles1866IowaHead 
Elsie M 1888IowaDaughter 
Roy C 1890IowaSon 
Charles C 1893IowaSon 
Guy E 1895IowaSon 
Harry V 1898IowaSon 
Alta F 1902IowaDaughter 
Gerald R 1908ColoradoSon 
Gideon S Pasadena Ward 1, Los Angeles1848OhioHead 
Catherine 1869Canada EnglishWife 
Arthur D Pasadena Ward 2, Los Angeles1862IowaHead 
Minnie E 1868WisconsinWife 
Carlos W 1906CaliforniaSon 
Harold 1909CaliforniaSon 
Frederick W Pasadena Ward 5, Los Angeles1835ConnecticutHead 
Eunice E 1838OhioWife 
Mary E 1868IowaDaughter 
Rolline S Pasadena Ward 6, Los Angeles1840OhioHead 
Cora S 1856OhioWife 
Herbert H Pasadena Ward 6, Los Angeles1860IllinoisHead 
Angella B 1880MassachusettsWife 
Lora B 1896IllinoisDaughter 
Frank G San Gabriel, Los Angeles1872PennsylvaniaBoarder 
Gilbert W San Gabriel, Los Angeles1887WisconsinHead 
Blaische S 1890TennesseeWife 
James San Gabriel, Los Angeles1860ItalyHead 
Norah A San Jose, Los Angeles1884United States of AmericaBoarder 
John X San Jose, Los Angeles1891United States of AmericaBoarder 
Lucius W San Jose, Los Angeles1889VermontServant 
John Murray San Jose, Los Angeles1861OhioHead 
Nora J 1868OhioWife 
Melba 1896OhioDaughter 
Susie 1897OhioDaughter 
Dorothy 1899OhioDaughter 
May Annette 1901OhioDaughter 
Harvey Marcus 1903CaliforniaSon 
Frances Janet 1906CaliforniaDaughter 
James M 1909CaliforniaSon 
Surnames listed CARE
San Jose, Los Angeles1880WisconsinHead 
Anna D 1883LouisianaWife 
Loyal L Santa Monica Ward 1, Los Angeles1847IllinoisHead 
Hiram Santa Monica Ward 1, Los Angeles1875EnglandHead 
Kate 1858UtahWife 
William H Santa Monica Ward 3, Los Angeles1844IllinoisHead 
Athen Soledad, Los Angeles1881IllinoisHead 
Colara 1882IllinoisWife 
Munson T
Surnames listed CASS
South Pasadena, Los Angeles1858New YorkHead 
Pauline 1874IllinoisWife 
Elden Sausalito, Marin1880CaliforniaCorporal 
Surnames listed COSE
Little Lake, Mendocino1864CaliforniaHead 
May 1871CaliforniaWife 
Frank 1896CaliforniaSon 
Hallie 1895CaliforniaSon 
Vernon 1897CaliforniaSon 
Foster 1903CaliforniaSon 
Marie Little Lake, Mendocino1874CaliforniaHired Man 
James L Little Lake, Mendocino1820United States of AmericaFather-in-law 
James L Little Lake, Mendocino1872CaliforniaPartner 
William Ukiah, Mendocino1897MontanaStep Son 
Henry Ukiah, Mendocino1876New YorkBoarder 
Edwin G
Surnames listed COSE
Ukiah, Mendocino1858CaliforniaHead 
Addie L 1866TennesseeWife 
Effie B 1888CaliforniaDaughter 
Geo Charles 1890WashingtonSon 
Margret L 1893CaliforniaDaughter 
Surnames listed BURNA
Township 7, Merced1850GermanyHired Man 
Georgia A Alturas, Modoc1889CaliforniaDaughter 
Eula M 1908CaliforniaGranddaughter 
Edgar N Napa, Napa1875ColoradoHead 
Stella 1876ColoradoWife 
Edgar 1897ColoradoSon 
Hugh 1898ColoradoSon 
Winifred 1901ColoradoDaughter 
Harry 1905ColoradoSon 
John J Yount, Napa1843MissouriInmate 
Surnames listed CORE
Yount, Napa1839New YorkInmate 
Sidney R Grass Valley, Nevada1880EnglandHead 
James W Fullerton, Orange1880CaliforniaBoarder 
Mary M Fullerton, Orange1845KansasHead 
John B
Surnames listed COSE
Fullerton, Orange1881NebraskaBoarder 
Wiliam W Huntington Beach, Orange1847IllinoisHead 
Martha Santa Ana, Orange1861Rhode IslandHead 
Laura E Santa Ana Ward 2, Orange1858WisconsinHead 
Louis V Santa Ana Ward 2, Orange1882IowaHead 
Ruth 1886MissouriDaughter-in-law 
Leona 1907OregonGranddaughter 
Victor 1909OregonGrandson 
Joseph P Santa Ana Ward 3, Orange1852North CarolinaHead 
Fred H Santa Ana Ward 5, Orange1858MichiganHead 
Corne R 1864MichiganWife 
Frank B Santa Ana Ward 5, Orange1858MichiganHead 
Minnie H 1865IllinoisWife 
William E
Surnames listed CARE
Westminster, Orange1844New YorkHead 
Catherine E 1849IrelandWife 
Russell G
Surnames listed COSE
Hemet, Riverside1861MichiganHead 
Charabell 1859MichiganWife 
Lulu 1888MichiganDaughter 
Lloyd 1895OregonSon 
J M Riverside Ward 3, Riverside1836ConnecticutHead 
Sadie M 1875WisconsinDaughter 
Fred A Sacramento Ward 3, Sacramento1882NevadaHead 
Jessie 1879IllinoisWife 
Reese Sacramento Ward 5, Sacramento1881IndianaLodger 
Walter W Sacramento Ward 6, Sacramento1883MichiganLodger 
Mary E
Surnames listed CASO
Sacramento Ward 9, Sacramento1835New HampshireMother-in-law 
John Y [John N]
Surnames listed CARE
Sacramento Ward 9, Sacramento1833New YorkHead 
Margaret 1851GermanyWife 
Oliver N 1857CaliforniaSon 
Surnames listed COSE
Temescal, Riverside1833OhioHead 
Sarah 1841MichiganWife 
Harriet R Temescal, Riverside1866IowaHead 
Leslie 1868Canada EnglishWife 
Jesse H Highland, San Bernardino1869CaliforniaPatient 
George W
Surname listed CARE
Highland, San Bernardino1842OhioPatient 
Chades T Highland, San Bernardino1882MichiganEmployee 
Andrew M San Bernardino Ward 3, San Bernardino1879AlabamaLodger 
Clara San Bernardino Ward 3, San Bernardino1870CaliforniaHead 
James H
Surnames listed CALL
San Bernardino Ward 4, San Bernardino1840IllinoisHead 
Elisibeth Call 1845MissouriWife 
George M
Surnames listed COSE
Ontario, San Bernardino1866New YorkHead 
Mary M 1871IowaWife 
Lola A 1894CaliforniaDaughter 
Alonzo Redlands, San Bernardino1836New YorkHead 
Katherine E 1846OhioWife 
Almeron A Redlands, San Bernardino1847MichiganHead 
Sarah A 1847New YorkWife 
Mary C 1876MaineNiece 
Amos H Redlands, San Bernardino1859VermontHead 
L Jane 1871VermontWife 
Ethel D 1889VermontDaughter 
Edward A 1901CaliforniaSon 
H M Redlands, San Bernardino1854MichiganLodger 
Watson P
Surnames listed CASEY
Redlands, San Bernardino1840ConnecticutHead 
Katherine 1847IllinoisWife 
Edward E
Surnames listed CASS
Hara [Eara]
Surname listed CORE
San Bernardino Ward 4, San Bernardino1859UtahHead 
Fred D Lemon Grove, San Diego1873New YorkHead 
Irene 1886IllinoisWife 
Frank 1904South DakotaSon 
Catherine T Coronado, San Diego1856New YorkBoarder 
Hobert H
Surnames listed COSE
Escondido, San Diego1880CaliforniaHead 
Mary S Escondido, San Diego1843OhioMother 
Julia E Escondido, San Diego1883CaliforniaSister 
Thomas H
Surnames listed CARE
Mission, San Diego1867New YorkHead 
Grace B 1875IowaWife 
Thomas S 1894IllinoisSon 
John P Mission, San Diego1868WisconsinSon-in-law 
Dorcas Mission, San Diego1881WisconsinDaughter 
Thelma 1906South DakotaDaughter 
Tessie J 1909CaliforniaDaughter 
Norton E Otay, San Diego1873MissouriHead 
Minnie M 1880IllinoisWife 
Mary D 1843New YorkMother 
Florence L
Surname listed CAST
San Diego Ward 1, San Diego1897South DakotaStep Daughter 
Belle San Diego Ward 1, San Diego1862IowaMother-in-law 
Surnames listed CAW
San Diego Ward 3, San Diego1885CaliforniaHead 
Mabel San Diego Ward 3, San Diego1893CaliforniaSister 
Feddie O [Fodelia O]
Surnames listed CAFE
San Diego Ward 4, San Diego1846MissouriRoomer 
Charles H San Diego Ward 5, San Diego1886OhioRoomer 
Galusha L San Diego Ward 7, San Diego1875MichiganHead 
Ralph W San Diego Ward 7, San Diego1880MichiganBrother 
William San Diego Ward 7, San Diego1874CaliforniaHead 
Stella H 1881CaliforniaWife 
Bessie V 1901CaliforniaDaughter 
Nellie O 1904CaliforniaDaughter 
James W 1908CaliforniaSon 
Erastus W San Diego Ward 8, San Diego1868ColoradoHead 
Leora 1872IndianaWife 
Irma E 1895ColoradoDaughter 
Arthur 1897ColoradoSon 
Edward 1900ColoradoSon 
Hattie San Diego Ward 8, San Diego1847OhioHead 
Charles C 1885OhioSon 
Alma San Diego Ward 9, San Diego1851MichiganHead 
Elmer A 1873MichiganSon 
Lilian 1889MichiganDaughter 
Earl W 1882MichiganSon 
Vernon B 1886MichiganSon 
Leria San Luis Rey, San Diego1889CaliforniaServant 
Hans B San Francisco Assembly
District 28, San Francisco
Arthur San Francisco Assembly
District 28, San Francisco
Frank San Francisco Assembly
District 28, San Francisco
Mendell D San Francisco Assembly
District 29, San Francisco
John W San Francisco Assembly
District 29, San Francisco
Luttie C San Francisco Assembly
District 30, San Francisco
Surnames listed CARR
San Francisco Assembly
District 30, San Francisco
James W San Francisco Assembly
District 33, San Francisco
Mary O San Francisco Assembly
District 33, San Francisco
1874New YorkDaughter 
Le Roy
Surnames listed CAOL
San Francisco Assembly
District 33, San Francisco
Pearl Caol 1877MissouriWife 
Mary E San Francisco Assembly
District 35, San Francisco
Lottie 1892CaliforniaDaughter 
Chas E
Surnames listed CARE
San Francisco Assembly
District 35, San Francisco
Eva 1871New YorkWife 
Robert A
Surnames listed CATT
San Francisco Assembly
District 36, San Francisco
Josephine CattSan Francisco Assembly
District 36, San Francisco
Benjamin F San Francisco Assembly
District 37, San Francisco
Emma C 1857IndianaWife 
Benjamin F Jr. 1885CaliforniaSon 
Adelade San Francisco Assembly
District 37, San Francisco
1850Canada EnglishHead 
Walter S 1875CaliforniaSon 
Maud M San Francisco Assembly
District 37, San Francisco
Eliza San Francisco Assembly
District 37, San Francisco
William 1879CaliforniaSon 
Louise A 1885CaliforniaDaughter-in-law 
Maude M 1878CaliforniaDaughter 
Mable L 1881CaliforniaDaughter 
Leland 1890CaliforniaSon 
William A
Surnames listed CUCE
San Francisco Assembly
District 37, San Francisco
Rose R 1884CaliforniaWife 
Arva M San Francisco Assembly
District 38, San Francisco
Nellie R
Surnames listed CASS
San Francisco Assembly
District 38, San Francisco
Surnames listed CARL
Fannie San Francisco Assembly
District 39, San Francisco
1822New HampshireHead 
AlaA [Alex A]
Surnames listed CARR
San Francisco Assembly
District 39, San Francisco
Edward San Francisco Assembly
District 39, San Francisco
Clay San Francisco Assembly
District 39, San Francisco
Veronica 1892CaliforniaWife 
Charbatte W San Francisco Assembly
District 40, San Francisco
George S San Francisco Assembly
District 40, San Francisco
Bessie San Francisco Assembly
District 41, San Francisco
Homer H San Francisco Assembly
District 43, San Francisco
1852New YorkLodger 
Jim San Francisco Assembly
District 44, San Francisco
Surname listed COSE
San Francisco Assembly
District 44, San Francisco
1875United States of AmericaLodger 
Grace M[George M]
Surname listed CARE
San Francisco Assembly
District 44, San Francisco
Mary S
Surname listed CARE
San Francisco Assembly
District 44, San Francisco
Arthur M
Surname listed CARE
San Francisco Assembly
District 44, San Francisco
Surnames listed CUSE
San Francisco Assembly
District 45, San Francisco
Sarah P Oneal, San Joaquin1845ConnecticutHead 
Robert Stockton Ward 2, San Joaquin1870Canada EnglishHead 
Carlton C Stockton Ward 2, San Joaquin1878CaliforniaHead 
Bertha E 1883CaliforniaWife 
Janet R 1906CaliforniaDaughter 
Alfred Stockton Ward 3, San Joaquin1850EnglandHead 
Kittie 1870AlabamaWife 
Hoy P Stockton Ward 4, San Joaquin1874OhioHead 
Ruvilla J Stockton Ward 4, San Joaquin1857OhioSister 
Samuel Y
Surnames listed CABLER
Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo1846IowaHead 
Sarah E 1857IndianaWife 
Henry Russel
Surnames listed CASS
San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo1854MaineHead 
Florence 1880NevadaWife 
Royce R 1893CaliforniaSon 
Charles H 1895CaliforniaSon 
Platt S Township 1, San Mateo1870New YorkHead 
Lena May 1881CaliforniaWife 
Eldreda B 1905CaliforniaDaughter 
Edward Township 3, San Mateo1880WisconsinHired Man 
John G Redwood, Santa Clara1856OhioHead 
Josephine 1857OhioWife 
Ethel J 1893OhioDaughter 
Lawrence G 1895OhioSon 
Charles E Redwood, Santa Clara1846New YorkHead 
Angelina 1847OhioWife 
Lula E 1879IllinoisDaughter 
Charlie H Redwood, Santa Clara1883IllinoisHead 
Ella 1886CaliforniaWife 
Llewellyn E 1909CaliforniaSon 
James Redwood, Santa Clara1871IowaHead 
Margaret 1872IowaWife 
Almon 1898IowaSon 
Donald 1908CaliforniaSon 
Ethel S 1879KentuckyDaughter 
Letta M San Jose Ward 3, Santa Clara1892WashingtonCousin 
Litus San Jose Ward 3, Santa Clara1828ConnecticutHead 
Chloa E 1834ConnecticutWife 
Lauis W San Jose Ward 3, Santa Clara1862ConnecticutHead 
Ida M 1863IllinoisWife 
Laura E 1888South DakotaDaughter 
Jessie C 1892South DakotaDaughter 
Ethel M 1894South DakotaDaughter 
Amanda San Jose Ward 4, Santa Clara1863IowaHead 
Garrie E 1886CaliforniaDaughter 
Francis Hiram Sunnyvale, Santa Clara1861CaliforniaHead 
Eunice Marilla 1870WisconsinWife 
Calvin Hale 1898South DakotaSon 
Myron D 1904CaliforniaSon 
Rose Santa Cruz Ward 1, Santa Cruz1850IllinoisHead 
Edwin Watsonville Ward 4, Santa Cruz1869MichiganHead 
Fannie 1867New YorkWife 
Norman 1894CaliforniaSon 
Vera 1900CaliforniaDaughter 
Eliphalet L Butte, Sierra1844OhioHead 
Arthur L
Surnames listed CARL
Butte, Sutter1884CaliforniaHead 
Mamie L 1884CaliforniaWife 
Surname listed CASS
Vernon, Sutter1887CaliforniaHired Man 
Lewis Vernon, Sutter1863IowaHead 
Clare Belle 1870CaliforniaWife 
Irvin 1902CaliforniaSon 
Clare 1904CaliforniaDaughter 
Curtis 1906CaliforniaSon 
Ernest Vernon, Sutter1892CaliforniaBrother-in-law 
Russel Yuba, Sutter1882CaliforniaHead 
Florence 1885CaliforniaWife 
Leland 1909CaliforniaSon 
Ed Yuba, Sutter1879CaliforniaHead 
Anna 1882CaliforniaWife 
Edward 1907CaliforniaSon 
Ralph 1908CaliforniaSon 
Anthur D [Arthur D]
Surname listed CARE
Buckeye, Shasta1873MinnesotaBoarder 
Glen Butte, Siskiyou1892MinnesotaRoomer 
Pearle Dunsmuir Ward 1, Siskiyou1884MinnesotaBoarder 
Eliza J Corning, Tehama1832OhioHead 
Edgar L 1865MinnesotaSon 
Harold 1893MinnesotaGrandson 
Glenn A 1892MinnesotaGrandson 
Elias P
Surnames listed CARE
Corning, Tehama1851IndianaHead 
Enna K 1856MinnesotaWife 
Alexander T 1887MassachusettsSon 
Abbie A 1891MinnesotaDaughter 
Will A Corning, Tehama1890CaliforniaHead 
Helen M
Surname listed CARE
William L Corning, Tehama1852IndianaHead 
Henrietta B 1865MinnesotaWife 
Albert L Sierra, Tehama1875ColoradoBoarder 
James L
Surnames listed CARE
Sebastopol Ward 1, Sonoma1863New YorkHead 
Frances 1880CaliforniaWife 
Westwood 1903CaliforniaSon 
Clara 1905CaliforniaDaughter 
Ruth 1906CaliforniaDaughter 
Helen 1909CaliforniaDaughter 
Frederick H Glen Ellen, Sonoma1862ConnecticutCarpenter 
Elgie C Glen Ellen, Sonoma1891CaliforniaInmate 
Clarence J Petaluma, Sonoma1872CaliforniaServant 
Surnames listed ISASE
Harriet Petaluma, Sonoma1826New YorkMother 
Wm E Santa Rosa Ward 3, Sonoma1856CaliforniaHead 
S Genie 1859CaliforniaWife 
Frederick H
Surnames listed CASS
Santa Rosa Ward 6, Sonoma1863ConnecticutHead 
Delia M 1864CaliforniaWife 
Chester H 1896CaliforniaAdopted Son 
Burton L Modesto, Stanislaus1845IowaHead 
Lenna M 1882MichiganWife 
Cyrus W
Surnames listed COSE
Turlock, Stanislaus1871KansasHead 
Edith F 1875MassachusettsWife 
Clifford D 1901MassachusettsSon 
Alfred F 1903MassachusettsSon 
Russel C 1905CaliforniaSon 
Marion E 1908CaliforniaDaughter 
Cyrus Turlock, Stanislaus1839MaineHead 
Faustina M 1846MaineWife 
Surnames listed COSE
Confidence, Tuolumne1853New York 
Ernest A
Surnames listed CARL
Fillmore, Ventura1871MinnesotaHead 
Ina M 1881KansasWife 
Ira L 1899CaliforniaSon 
Carlton L 1902CaliforniaSon 
Frank L 1906CaliforniaSon 
Kenneth A 1908CaliforniaSon 
Floyd 1881IowaBrother 
William Ventura, Ventura1847Canada EnglishBoarder 
Ethel Marysville Ward 1, Yuba1894CaliforniaSister-in-law 

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