CASE Families living in California in 1910.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+-1 Year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Fred Township 1, Amador1883NebraskaBoarder 
Hazel Township 1, Amador1885CaliforniaWife 
{Family 32}
Freeman O Ophir, Butte1885ArkansasLodger 
{Family 33}
S Ophir, Butte1883New YorkLodger 
{Family 34}
Emma L Angels, Calaveras1863CaliforniaHead 
Vivian E 1891CaliforniaDaughter 
Clark E Angels, Calaveras1888CaliforniaLodger 
{Family 35}
Surnames listed CARE
Township 5 Calaveras1878CaliforniaDaughter 
Anne L Township Slaveras1903CaliforniaGranddaughter 
{Family 36}
Frank Williams, Colusa1884MichiganLaborer 
{Family 37}
Samuel F Township 5, Contra Costa1877CaliforniaHired Man 
{Family 38}
William G
Surnames listed COSE
Fresno Ward 1, Fresno1856IndianaHead 
Laura H 1865IowaWife 
Lister 1888NebraskaSon 
Surnames listed COSE
{Family 39}
Earl Fresno Ward 5, Fresno1876MissouriLodger 
Margarete Fresno Ward 5, Fresno1878IllinoisLodger 
{Family 40}
Charles S Township 6, Fresno1833Michigan? 
{Family 41}
R A Township 6, Fresno?158
{Family 42}
Nathaniel Township 7, Glenn1870MissouriTeamster 
{Family 43}
Surname listed CASS
Eureka, Humboldt1884MissouriBoarder27b
{Family 44}
Charles F SrEureka Ward 3, Humboldt1870WisconsinBoarder 
{Family 45}
Henry D Eureka Ward 4, Humboldt1860IrelandHead 
Elizebeth 1864IrelandWife 
Esther C 1889CaliforniaDaughter 
William J 1896Son 
Leonard F 1893CaliforniaSon 
Henry D 1898CaliforniaSon 
{Family 46}
Eugene Hanlon, Imperial1889New YorkHead 
Ruth L 1888New YorkWife 
{Family 47}
Ethel Bakersfield, Kern1877ArkansasHousekeeper 
{Family 48}
Harver A Lucerne, Kings1882NebraskaHead 
Grace E 1877IllinoisWife 
Arthur D 1909CaliforniaSon 
{Family 49}
Leroy C Lucerne, Kings1853IndianaHead 
Nancy 1856IowaWife 
{Family 50}
Milton D Lucerne, Kings1850New YorkHead 
Emma 1858IllinoisWife 
Nchol 1885NebraskaSon 
{Family 51}
Squire W Township 3, Kern1879MissouriPartner 
{Family 52}
Ella Township 6, Kern1866CaliforniaHead 
{Family 53}
Luther Azusa, Los Angeles1866New YorkHead 
Minnie E 1870New YorkWife 
Emma A 1891IllinoisDaughter 
Marguerite L 1895MinnesotaDaughter 
Engline R 1896MinnesotaDaughter 
{Family 54}
Roy R Burbank, Los Angeles1870New YorkHead 
Elizabeth 1870New YorkWife 
Frank J 1893New YorkSon 
{Family 55}
S Lida
Surnames listed CESE
Burbank, Los Angeles1865KansasLodger 
{Family 56}
Surname listed CARE
Burbank, Los Angeles1839IndianaMother-in-law 
{Family 57}
George W Burbank, Los Angeles1852MichiganHead 
Maggie H 1868MinnesotaWife 
Williams E 1888MichiganSon 
Frances 1889MichiganDaughter 
Leveon 1895MichiganSon 
George W 1903CaliforniaSon 
{Family 58}
Labnerd B Burbank, Los Angeles1879IowaHead 
Daisey 1886IowaWife 
Opel 1905IowaDaughter 
Glen 1908CanadaSon 
Catherine Burbank, Los Angeles1840IndianaMother 
{Family 59}
Clarence K Compton, Los Angeles1887KentuckyHead 
Liewellia 1885IndianaWife 
Albertas 1909CaliforniaDaughter 
{Family 60}
Wade L Glendora, Los Angeles1863OhioHead 
Minerva 1875MissouriWife 
Bestrice F 1893ColoradoDaughter 
Roberta E 1905CaliforniaDaughter 

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