CASE Families living in California in 1910.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1Year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Sarah J Alameda Ward 2, Alameda1844New YorkHead 
{Family 2}
Howard C Alameda Ward 4, Alameda1856MichiganHead 
Anna M 1862MichiganWife 
Walter W 1884MichiganSon 
Valjean H 1893WashingtonSon 
{Family 3}
Belle E
This surname listed COSE
Berkely, Alameda1890CaliforniaNiece18b
Ralph A Berkely, Alameda1882CaliforniaNephew 
{Family 4}
Miner W [Minor N]
Surnames listed CARE
Berkely, Alameda1853KentuckyHead 
Lulu B 1860OhioWife 
{Family 5}
Brayton C Berkely, Alameda1888Boarder 
{Family 6}
Westwood W
Surnames listed ROSE
Oakland Ward 1, Alameda1839New YorkHead 
Clara M 1841New YorkWife 
Walter W 1892CaliforniaGrandson 
{Family 7}
Cora Oakland Ward 1, Alameda1845New YorkLodger 
{Family 8}
Adelade M Oakland Ward 2, Alameda1853New YorkHead 
{Family 9}
Calvin L
Surnames listed COSE
Oakland Ward 2, Alameda1865OhioHead 
Hanna L 1868OhioWife 
Edith M 1898OhioDaughter 
Philip C 1902CaliforniaSon 
{Family 10}
Horace Oakland Ward 2, Alameda1883MichiganSon-in-law 
Barbara Oakland Ward 2, Alameda1886CaliforniaDaughter 
{Family 11}
Surname listed CARSE
Oakland Ward 3, Alameda1854IrelandBoarder 
{Family 12}
Rose Oakland Ward 3, Alameda1855NevadaHead 
{Family 13}
Surnames listed COSE
Oakland Ward 3, Alameda1844IrelandHead 
{Family 14}
Mason Y Oakland Ward 3, Alameda1881MinnesotaBoarder 
{Family 15}
Rose Oakland Ward 3, Alameda1855NevadaHead 
{Family 16}
Thomas N Oakland Ward 3, Alameda1877NebraskaHead 
Fannie S 1878KansasWife 
Hazel I 1897KansasDaughter 
Clarence T 1898KansasSon 
Harvey S 1900KansasSon 
Floyd L 1908KansasSon 
{Family 17}
A J Oakland Ward 4, Alameda1874UtahHead 
Lloyd 1901CaliforniaSon 
Katherene 1907CaliforniaDaughter 
{Family 18}
Harvey Oakland Ward 4, Alameda1867OhioHead 
Alice 1874CaliforniaWife 
Otho 1894CaliforniaSon 
Alpha 1897CaliforniaDaughter 
Floyd 1899CaliforniaSon 
Lois 1899CaliforniaNiece 
{Family 19}
Iskam Oakland Ward 5, Alameda1834New YorkLodger41b
{Family 20}
James R Oakland Ward 5, Alameda1870CaliforniaHead 
Mary F 1868CaliforniaWife 
{Family 21}
Gus ChesOakland Ward 6, Alameda1853IndianaRoomer8b
{Family 22}
Johanna Oakland Ward 7, Alameda1874EnglandBoarder 
{Family 23}
Chas C Oakland Ward 7, Alameda1858New YorkHead 
Darley 1853KansasWife 
Charles L 1895WashingtonSon 
{Family 24}
Samuel L Oakland Ward 7, Alameda1863IndianaBrother 
{Family 25}
Mary M Oakland Ward 7, Alameda1827IndianaMother-in-law 
{Family 26}
Emilia Oakland Ward 7, Alameda1887MassachusettsHead 
Dorothy C 1905CaliforniaDaughter 
Charles J 1907CaliforniaSon 
{Family 27}
Thomas Oakland Ward 7, Alameda1870MinnesotaHead 
Minnie 1870OhioWife 
Wilma 1902OhioDaughter 
Roger 1900OhioSon 
{Family 28}
Henry H Oakland Ward 7, Alameda1846OhioHead 
Lizzie 1853Canada EnglishWife 
Leslie T 1882OhioSon 
Charles H 1884OhioSon 
{Family 29}
Calvin A Pleasanton, Alameda1846OhioHead 
Adeline 1860MichiganWife 
Garfield 1884MichiganSon 
Minfred 1889MichiganDaughter 
{Family 30}
William Sutter Creek, Amador1889CaliforniaBoarder 

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