CASE Families living in Pennsylvania in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 212}
Charles Thompson, Susquehanna 1845Pennsylvania 584
Olive Thompson, Susquehanna 1850 Pennsylvania
John Thompson, Susquehanna1868Pennsylvania
{Family 213}
Chas Thompson, Susquehanna1825Pennsylvania 587B
{Family 214}
David Clymer, Tioga1840 New York 119
Matilda Clymer, Tioga1840 Pennsylvania
Herman Clymer, Tioga1865Pennsylvania
Ina Clymer, Tioga1867Pennsylvania
Ella Clymer, Tioga1869Pennsylvania
{Family 215}
David Clymer, Tioga1807New York119B
Lydia Clymer, Tioga 1816New York
Eleazer Clymer, Tioga1849New York
Etta Clymer, Tioga1847New York
George Clymer, Tioga1867Pennsylvania
{Family 216}
Eliza A Clymer, Tioga1808Connecticut 112B
{Family 217}
Victor Knoxville, Tioga1808New York 149B
Rhoda Knoxville, Tioga1823Connecticut
Lindon Knoxville, Tioga1844Pennsylvania
{Family 218}
William Knoxville, Tioga1836New York 150
Harriet Knoxville, Tioga1836New York
James Knoxville, Tioga1854New York 150B
George Knoxville, Tioga1856New York
Arlingter Knoxville, Tioga1860 New York
Mary Knoxville, Tioga1862New York
{Family 219}
Alanson Lawrence, Tioga1818New York 258B
Elizabeth Lawrence, Tioga1824Pennsylvania
Francis Lawrence, Tioga1850 Pennsylvania
Emma Lawrence, Tioga1863Pennsylvania
Melvon (Masson?)Lawrence, Tioga1869Pennsylvania
{Family 220}
John Lawrence, Tioga1844Pennsylvania 251
Emma Lawrence, Tioga1850 Pennsylvania
{Family 221}
Jason Allegheny, Venango1848New York 8
{Family 222}
John Cherrytree, Venango1848Canada 76
Nancy Cherrytree, Venango1847Canada
Anna Cherrytree, Venango1869 Pennsylvania
{Family 223}
John Oilcreek, Venango1849Canada 415B
Nancy Oilcreek, Venango1847Canada
Hamah Oilcreek, Venango1869Pennsylvania
{Family 224}
John JrSugarcreek, Venango1841New York 579
Elizabeth Sugarcreek, Venango1840 Pennsylvania
Annie Sugarcreek, Venango1862Pennsylvania
Frances Sugarcreek, Venango1865Delaware
{Family 225}
JohnSugarcreek, Venango1809New York 580
Ricewa (Rocsena)Sugarcreek, Venango1810 New York
{Family 226}
William HSugarcreek, Venango1839New York 580
Frances Sugarcreek, Venango1840 New York
Clara Sugarcreek, Venango1863Pennsylvania
Henry Sugarcreek, Venango1847New York
{Family 227}
Minerva Columbus, Warren1849Pennsylvania 30B
{Family 228}
Franklin Corydon, Warren1830 Pennsylvania 91B
Esther Corydon, Warren1837Pennsylvania
Theodore Corydon, Warren1856Pennsylvania
Addie Corydon, Warren1868Pennsylvania
{Family 229}
William Corydon, Warren1801Connecticut 91
Jane Corydon, Warren1807Pennsylvania
Bolivar Corydon, Warren1827New York
Cynthia Corydon, Warren1846Pennsylvania
{Family 230}
Geo O Deerfield, Warren1827Pennsylvania 100B
{Family 231}
Frank Sugar Grove, Warren1852New York 298B
{Family 232}
Judson Carroll, Washington1852Ohio 415
{Family 233}
Judson Carroll, Washington1850 Pennsylvania 381
{Family 234}
George E Buckingham, Wayne1825France 25B
{Family 235}
George Canaan, Wayne1833 Pennsylvania 37B
Ella Canaan, Wayne1849 Pennsylvania
Charley Canaan, Wayne1869Pennsylvania
{Family 236}
Benja F Clinton, Wayne 1840 Pennsylvania 68B
Sarah JClinton, Wayne1840 New York
Katy Clinton, Wayne1867Pennsylvania
Lucy Clinton, Wayne1869Pennsylvania
Maria Clinton, Wayne1810 Connecticut
John B Clinton, Wayne1856nsylvania
Miles Clinton, Wayne1860 Pennsylvania
Lillie JClinton, Wayne1866Pennsylvania
{Family 237}
Orson Clinton, Wayne1837Pennsylvania 79
Orpha A Clinton, Wayne1842New York
Effie E Clinton, Wayne1867 Pennsylvania
Sherman A Clinton, Wayne1869Pennsylvania
Jerome W Clinton, Wayne1844Pennsylvania
{Family 238}
Warren L Damascus, Wayne1823New York 108B
Elim Damascus, Wayne1853Pennsylvania
Amza Damascus, Wayne1854Pennsylvania
Ezra Damascus, Wayne1859Pennsylvania
Judson Damascus, Wayne1861Pennsylvania
Mary Damascus, Wayne1863Pennsylvania
Anna Damascus, Wayne1865Pennsylvania
George Damascus, Wayne1867Pennsylvania
Nettie Damascus, Wayne1869Pennsylvania
{Family 239}
Chancey Honesdale, Wayne1822Pennsylvania 430B
Sarah P Honesdale, Wayne1830 Pennsylvania
Eliza Honesdale, Wayne1853Pennsylvania
George Honesdale, Wayne1858Pennsylvania
{Family 240}
Mary P Mount Pleasant, Wayne1859Pennsylvania 165B

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