CASE Families living in pa in 1870.

NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 121}
John Allentown, Lehigh1796Pennsylvania 125B
Hettie Allentown, Lehigh1803Pennsylvania
IsaacAllentown, Lehigh1847Pennsylvania
Daniel Allentown, Lehigh1851Pennsylvania
{Family 122}
Oscar C Emmaus, Lehigh1861Pennsylvania 505B
{Family 123}
Ruben Hanover, Lehigh1849Pennsylvania 242B
Amanda Hanover, Lehigh1851Pennsylvania
Annie Hanover, Lehigh1863Pennsylvania
{Family 124}
Geo W Heidelberg, Lehigh1827New Jersey 291B
{Family 125}
Amanda Lower Macungie, Lehigh1860Pennsylvania 321B
{Family 126}
George Whitehall, Lehigh1842Pennsylvania 458
Jane Whitehall, Lehigh1845 Pennsylvania
Harvey Whitehall, Lehigh 1866Pennsylvania
Amanda Whitehall, Lehigh1868Pennsylvania
{Family 127}
Lisetta Dallas, Luzerne1845Pennsylvania 355
{Family 128}
Eliza Greenfield, Luzerne1858 Pennsylvania 512
{Family 129}
Jacob W Hazleton East Ward, Luzerne1841Pennsylvania 673
Isabella Hazleton East Ward, Luzerne1842Pennsylvania
Alvine Hazleton East Ward, Luzerne1866Pennsylvania
James Hazleton East Ward, Luzerne1869Pennsylvania
{Family 130}
Wellington Hazleton East Ward, Luzerne1836Pennsylvania 679
Caroline Hazleton East Ward, Luzerne1840 Pennsylvania
Harriette Hazleton East Ward, Luzerne1856Pennsylvania
Douglass Hazleton East Ward, Luzerne1859Pennsylvania
Jesse Hazleton East Ward, Luzerne1861Pennsylvania
Ellsworth Hazleton East Ward, Luzerne1864Pennsylvania
Wellington Hazleton East Ward, Luzerne1866Pennsylvania
Francis Hazleton East Ward, Luzerne1868Pennsylvania
Clora Hazleton East Ward, Luzerne1869Pennsylvania
{Family 131}
Millissa Hazleton West Ward, Luzerne1846Pennsylvania 700B
{Family 132}
Absalom Jackson, Luzerne1799Pennsylvania 28B
Maria Jackson, Luzerne1822Pennsylvania
{Family 133}
Absalom Jackson, Luzerne1846Pennsylvania 28
Lydia K Jackson, Luzerne1851Pennsylvania
Clarry J (Clarey J)Jackson, Luzerne1869Pennsylvania
{Family 134}
Calvin W Jackson, Luzerne1812Pennsylvania 26
Olive Jackson, Luzerne1814Pennsylvania
{Family 135}
Margor c (Major C)Jackson, Luzerne1825Pennsylvania 28B
Amanda Jackson, Luzerne1826Pennsylvania
Almiry Jackson, Luzerne1851Pennsylvania
Sarah Jackson, Luzerne1854Pennsylvania
Martha J Jackson, Luzerne1856Pennsylvania
Mary Jackson, Luzerne1858Pennsylvania
David A Jackson, Luzerne1861Pennsylvania
Douglas S Jackson, Luzerne1863Pennsylvania
Charles Jackson, Luzerne1865Pennsylvania
Margaret Jackson, Luzerne1869Pennsylvania
{Family 136}
Wm Madison, Luzerne1831Pennsylvania 210B
R O Madison, Luzerne1834Pennsylvania
Wm R Madison, Luzerne1863Pennsylvania
{Family 137}
C H Plymouth, Luzerne1834Connecticut 516
Susan Plymouth, Luzerne1845Pennsylvania
Josephine Plymouth, Luzerne1867Pennsylvania
{Family 138}
J H Plymouth, Luzerne1845Pennsylvania 538B
Clara J Plymouth, Luzerne1849Pennsylvania
{Family 139}
John Plymouth, Luzerne1830 England 535
Eliza Plymouth, Luzerne1842England
Richard Plymouth, Luzerne1861Pennsylvania
Mary Ann Plymouth, Luzerne1864nnsylvania
Sarah Ann Plymouth, Luzerne1865Pennsylvania
Ellen Plymouth, Luzerne1867Pennsylvania
Eliza Plymouth, Luzerne1869Pennsylvania
{Family 140}
John Plymouth, Luzerne1815Pennsylvania 487B
Marilla Plymouth, Luzerne1820 New York
Jason Plymouth, Luzerne1847Pennsylvania
Clarence E Plymouth, Luzerne1852Pennsylvania
{Family 141}
JuliaPlymouth, Luzerne1857Pennsylvania 509B
{Family 142}
Patrick Plymouth, Luzerne1829Ireland 547B
{Family 143}
Wesley Plymouth, Luzerne1831Pennsylvania 520B
Lavenia (Lorenia)Plymouth, Luzerne1834Pennsylvania
Martin Plymouth, Luzerne1853Pennsylvania
Clorinda Plymouth, Luzerne1855Pennsylvania
Delia Plymouth, Luzerne1856Pennsylvania
Olive Bell Plymouth, Luzerne1860 Pennsylvania
Charles Plymouth, Luzerne1866Pennsylvania
{Family 144}
Isaac Scott, Luzerne1835Pennsylvania 621
Alice Scott, Luzerne1838Pennsylvania
Mary Scott, Luzerne1859Pennsylvania
Marion J Scott, Luzerne1866Pennsylvania
{Family 145}
Mary Scranton Ward 2, Luzerne1810 Pennsylvania 27
Oscar Scranton Ward 2, Luzerne1861Pennsylvania 27B
{Family 146}
Michael Scranton Ward 7, Luzerne1813Deutschland 262
Elizabeth Scranton Ward 7, Luzerne1813Deutschland
Christina Scranton Ward 7, Luzerne1854Pennsylvania
{Family 147}
J M Scranton Ward 8, Luzerne1841Connecticut 312B
Mida (Mrs.) Scranton Ward 8, Luzerne1825New York
Wm Scranton Ward 8, Luzerne1844Connecticut
{Family 148}
Jesse A South Abington, Luzerne1847New York 28B
{Family 149}
William F Wilkes Barre Ward 3, Luzerne1833New York 677
Mary Wilkes Barre Ward 3, Luzerne1839England
Elizabeth Wilkes Barre Ward 3, Luzerne1866Pennsylvania
Frederick Wilkes Barre Ward 3, Luzerne1868Pennsylvania
{Family 150}
Wesley Wilkes Barre Ward 3, Luzerne1803Pennsylvania 677
Matilda Wilkes Barre Ward 3, Luzerne 1811Pennsylvania
Ida Wilkes Barre Ward 3, Luzerne1850 Pennsylvania

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