CASE Families living in Pennsylvania in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 91}
Nelson Leidy, Clinton1846Pennsylvania 502B
{Family 92}
B G Benton, Columbia1840 Pennsylvania 25B
Harriet Benton, Columbia1842Pennsylvania
{Family 93}
Peter Benton, Columbia1812Pennsylvania 25B
Anna Benton, Columbia 1815 Pennsylvania
Achsah Benton, Columbia 1834Pennsylvania
Saml Benton, Columbia1845Pennsylvania
Chas Benton, Columbia 1848 Pennsylvania
Sarah Benton, Columbia1852Pennsylvania
{Family 94}
Jane Bloomsburg East Ward, Columbia1830 Pennsylvania 51B
{Family 95}
Lorenzo D Bloomsburg East Ward, Columbia1845Pennsylvania 34B
Kate Bloomsburg East Ward, Columbia1843Pennsylvania
J Harvey (J Harvy)Bloomsburg East Ward, Columbia1870Pennsylvania
{Family 96}
Mahlon Bloomsburg East Ward, Columbia1849Pennsylvania 54B
Phebe Bloomsburg East Ward, Columbia1850 Pennsylvania
{Family 97}
Thomas B loomsburg West Ward, Columbia1826Pennsylvania 63
Emma A Bloomsburg West Ward, Columbia1857Pennsylvania
Sarah E Bloomsburg East Ward, Columbia1860 Pennsylvania
Ulisser F (Ulisses F)Bloomsburg West Ward, Columbia1865Pennsylvania
Estelda Bloomsburg East Ward, Columbia1868Pennsylvania
{Family 98}
Adam Hemlock, Columbia1822Pennsylvania 237B
Sophia Hemlock, Columbia1821Pennsylvania
{Family 99}
Ebenezer Montour, Columbia1836Pennsylvania 308
Susan Ann Montour, Columbia1837Pennsylvania
Martha Emma Montour, Columbia1858Pennsylvania
Allie Dora Montour, Columbia1864Pennsylvania
Emanuel Montour, Columbia1866Pennsylvania
Hattie Montour, Columbia1868Pennsylvania
Bessie Montour, Columbia1870Pennsylvania
{Family 100}
David H Roaring Creek, Columbia1831nnsylvania 349
Rachael Roaring Creek, Columbia1839Pennsylvania
Amanda Roaring Creek, Columbia1857Pennsylvania
Franklin Roaring Creek, Columbia 1864Pennsylvania
Susan B Roaring Creek, Columbia 1818Pennsylvania
{Family 101}
De Wm A (Dr. Wm. A) Scott, Columbia1831Pennsylvania 358
Jane B Scott, Columbia1838Pennsylvania
Sarah R Scott, Columbia1856Pennsylvania
Laura J Scott, Columbia1858Pennsylvania
Aaron D Scott, Columbia1861Pennsylvania
William L Scott, Columbia1863Pennsylvania
Lydia J Scott, Columbia1865Pennsylvania
Gertrude Scott, Columbia1867Pennsylvania
{Family 102}
Oscar Scott, Columbia1847Pennsylvania 359B
{Family 103}
John Sugarloaf, Columbia1856Pennsylvania 378
{Family 104}
Wm Sugarloaf, Columbia1843 Pennsylvania 375B
Martha Sugarloaf, Columbia1846 Pennsylvania
{Family 105}
Slewlyn Greenwood, Crawford1845Ohio 172
Mary E Greenwood, Crawford1848 Pennsylvania
Atta May Greenwood, Crawford1868Pennsylvania
Fredie L Greenwood, Crawford 1869Pennsylvania
{Family 106}
George Meadville Ward 4, Crawford1842New York 313
Sybil Meadville Ward 4, Crawford1847New York
Julia E Meadville Ward 4, Crawford1869Pennsylvania
{Family 107}
William Titusville Ward 3, Crawford1835Pennsylvania 678
{Family 108}
Mary Venango, Crawford1835Pennsylvania 748B
{Family 109}
BetseyVernon, Crawford1819New York 764B
John Vernon, Crawford1852Pennsylvania
{Family 110}
Sarah Harrisburg Ward 5, Dauphin 1810 Pennsylvania 254
{Family 111}
William Harrisburg Ward 7, Dauphin1836Ohio 323
Susan Harrisburg Ward 7, Dauphin1836Pennsylvania
Kate Harrisburg Ward 7, Dauphin1856Pennsylvania
Willie Harrisburg Ward 7, Dauphin 1867Pennsylvania
{Family 112}
Eldridge Conneaut, Erie1832Pennsylvania 149B
Melissa Conneaut, Erie1834Pennsylvania
Esther Conneaut, Erie1861Pennsylvania
William Conneaut, Erie1862Pennsylvania
Carrie Conneaut, Erie1864Pennsylvania
Maud Conneaut, Erie1868Pennsylvania
{Family 113}
George L Corry Ward 2, Erie1841New York 229
Isablle Corry Ward 2, Erie1845New York
{Family 114}
S P Elk Creek, Erie1826Pennsylvania 272
Esther Elk Creek, Erie1827Pennsylvania
{Family 115}
Andras J Springfield, Fayette1843Pennsylvania 430B
MatildaSpringfield, Fayette1841Pennsylvania
Mary LSpringfield, Fayette1870Pennsylvania
{Family 116}
Willis B Uniontown West Ward, Fayette1833Pennsylvania 421B
Sarah A Uniontown West Ward, Fayette1834Pennsylvania
William A Uniontown West Ward, Fayette1855Pennsylvania
George M Uniontown West Ward, Fayette1858Pennsylvania
Lizzie L Uniontown West Ward, Fayette1864Pennsylvania
Janes H (James H)Uniontown West Ward, Fayette1867Pennsylvania
{Family 117}
NathanUniontown West Ward, Fayette1831Pennsylvania 421B
Nancy Uniontown West Ward, Fayette1831Pennsylvania
Wesley Uniontown West Ward, Fayette1856Pennsylvania
ButlerUniontown West Ward, Fayette1858Pennsylvania
Harry Uniontown West Ward, Fayette1861Pennsylvania
Charles Uniontown West Ward, Fayette1870Pennsylvania
{Family 118}
James A Chambersburg North Ward, Franklin1853Pennsylvania 278B
{Family 119}
Margret Clover, Jefferson1856Pennsylvania 38
{Family 120}
Wm G Columbia Ward 2, Lancaster1821Pennsylvania 138
Sallie R Columbia Ward 2, Lancaster1821Pennsylvania
J Alliene Columbia Ward 2, Lancaster1854Pennsylvania

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