CASE Families living in Pennsylvania in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 32}
Ping Smithfield, Bradford1826Pennsylvania 405B
Valeria Smithfield, Bradford1832Pennsylvania
Edith Smithfield, Bradford1855Pennsylvania
Chas C Smithfield, Bradford1859Pennsylvania
GeorgeSmithfield, Bradford1862Pennsylvania
Newton Smithfield, Bradford1868Pennsylvania
{Family 33}
Aaron Troy, Bradford1822Pennsylvania 522B
Nancy Troy, Bradford1837 Pennsylvania
Rosa Troy, Bradford1860Pennsylvania
Aaron Troy, Bradford1863Pennsylvania
L D Troy, Bradford1868Pennsylvania
{Family 34}
Amanda Troy, Bradford1826Pennsylvania 521B
{Family 35}
Andras Troy, Bradford1819Pennsylvania 517
Lucy Troy, Bradford1821Tennessee
Myres Troy, Bradford1856 Pennsylvania
Julia Troy, Bradford1859Pennsylvania
{Family 36}
ByronTroy, Bradford1833Pennsylvania 521B
Eliza Troy, Bradford1834Ireland
AdaTroy, Bradford1855Pennsylvania
MiltonTroy, Bradford1859Pennsylvania
GraceTroy, Bradford1866Pennsylvania
{Family 37}
Caleb Troy, Bradford1825Pennsylvania 527
Nancy Troy, Bradford1827 Pennsylvania
C R Troy, Bradford1852Pennsylvania
G FTroy, Bradford1858Pennsylvania
AbigailTroy, Bradford1861Pennsylvania 527
Wiexville (Wrexville)Troy, Bradford1865Pennsylvania
{Family 38}
Charlotte Troy, Bradford1796Vermont 515
{Family 39}
Delia Troy, Bradford1810 New York 514
{Family 40}
E B Troy, Bradford1829Pennsylvania 514B
Susan M Troy, Bradford1820Pennsylvania
{Family 41}
Edmond Troy, Bradford1816Pennsylvania 514
Cornelia Troy, Bradford1829Pennsylvania
{Family 42}
HenryTroy, Bradford1848Pennsylvania 514
Mary Troy, Bradford1848Pennsylvania
Lizzie Troy, Bradford1869Pennsylvania
{Family 43}
Hiram A Troy, Bradford1825Pennsylvania 514B
Sophy A Troy, Bradford1825Pennsylvania
Allen F Troy, Bradford1850 Pennsylvania
Minnie L A Troy, Bradford1855Pennsylvania
L E Troy, Bradford1859Pennsylvania
H E Troy, Bradford1862Pennsylvania
{Family 44}
Jabez Troy, Bradford1818Pennsylvania 531
M Y Troy, Bradford1833Pennsylvania
M E Troy, Bradford1861Pennsylvania
A B Troy, Bradford1867Pennsylvania
{Family 45}
Jayeb (Jaryeb)Troy, Bradford1822 Pennsylvania 514B
Louisa Troy, Bradford1832New York
Mary C Troy, Bradford 1850 Pennsylvania
Chas J Troy, Bradford1854Pennsylvania
Ida Troy, Bradford1856Pennsylvania
Frank Troy, Bradford1859Pennsylvania
Milton Troy, Bradford 1867Pennsylvania
{Family 46}
Phillip Troy, Bradford1802New York 517
{Family 47}
Reuben Troy, Bradford1801Pennsylvania 514B
Stattera Troy, Bradford1802New York
Chas P Troy, Bradford1846 Pennsylvania
Sophy A Troy, Bradford1843Pennsylvania
{Family 48}
Samuel Troy, Bradford1796New York 521B
{Family 49}
William Troy, Bradford1846Pennsylvania 514B
Laura Troy, Bradford1846Pennsylvania
Helen Troy, Bradford1868Pennsylvania
{Family 50}
Zina Troy, Bradford1802Pennsylvania 531B
Anelia Troy, Bradford1805Connecticut
{Family 51}
Edward Warren, Bradford1850 Pennsylvania 590
{Family 52}
Norman West Burlington, Bradford1853Pennsylvania 622B
Moreherise Helen (Morehouse Helen)West Burlington, Bradford1854Pennsylvania
{Family 53}
Warren West Burlington, Bradford1835Pennsylvania 620B
Lucinda M West Burlington, Bradford1837Pennsylvania
M L West Burlington, Bradford1858Pennsylvania
{Family 54}
Margaret Wyalusing, Bradford1845Pennsylvania 679
{Family 55}
John S Bensalem, Bucks1840 Ireland 40
{Family 56}
John H Bridgeton, Bucks 1858 New Jersey 488B
Albert Bridgeton, Bucks1862New Jersey
{Family 57}
Ellen Bristol, Bucks1859Pennsylvania117
{Family 58}
J Watson Buckingham, Bucks1826Pennsylvania 136
Maria P Buckingham, Bucks1831Pennsylvania
Harriet S Buckingham, Bucks1853Pennsylvania
Letitia C Buckingham, Bucks1856Pennsylvania
Edward G Buckingham, Bucks1860 Pennsylvania
MarthaBuckingham, Bucks1862Pennsylvania
{Family 59}
Sm LBuckingham, Bucks1849New Jersey 149
{Family 60}
William Doylestown, Bucks1805 England 169B
{Family 61}
A F Doylestown, Bucks1826Pennsylvania 206B
Mary A Doylestown, Bucks1836Pennsylvania
Laura E Doylestown, Bucks1859Pennsylvania
H Willson Doylestown, Bucks1864Pennsylvania
Charles M Doylestown, Bucks1867Pennsylvania
Strik Mary Ella
(Stirk - poss. surname)
Doylestown, Bucks1866Pennsylvania

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