CASE Families living in New York in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 272}
H B Springwater, Livingston1845New York 429
{Family 273}
Hobert B Springwater, Livingston1848New York 426B
{Family 274}
Myron York, Livingston1856New York487B
{Family 275}
Clinton Canastota, Madison1858New York 354B
{Family 276}
Dwight Cazenovia, Madison1815New York 88B
Jane Cazenovia, Madison1831New York
Charles Cazenovia, Madison1853New York
George Cazenovia, Madison1858New York
James Cazenovia, Madison1861New York
Anna Cazenovia, Madison1864New York
Ida Cazenovia, Madison1866New York
{Family 277}
Burns Cazenovia, Madison1831New York 80B
Polly Cazenovia, Madison1834New York
Jessie Cazenovia, Madison1857New York
Herbert Cazenovia, Madison1866New York
{Family 278}
Geo Cazenovia, Madison1816New York 71
Mary Cazenovia, Madison1822New York
Mary Cazenovia, Madison1859New York
{Family 279}
Melton Cazenovia, Madison1811New York 51
Marcia Cazenovia, Madison1812New York
{Family 280}
Mary Cazenovia, Madison1836New York 86
Seymour Cazenovia, Madison1860 New York
Louisa Cazenovia, Madison1864New York
{Family 281}
Daniel De Ruyter, Madison1819New York 110B
Ann De Ruyter, Madison1832New York
Fred De Ruyter, Madison1853New York
Clifford De Ruyter, Madison1869 New York
{Family 282}
ByronHamilton, Madison1829New York 213
Sarah A Hamilton, Madison1834New York
Willie Hamilton, Madison1860 New York
{Family 283}
William N Hamilton, Madison1822New York 229B
Cordelia Hamilton, Madison1826New York
Myron D Hamilton, Madison1851New York
{Family 284}
Amelia Lenox, Madison1818New York 288
Mary Lenox, Madison1852New York
{Family 285}
Benjamin Lenox, Madison1845New York 330
{Family 286}
Leonard Lenox, Madison1824New York 318B
Mary Lenox, Madison1834New York
Carrie Lenox, Madison1858New York
{Family 287}
Joseph Lenox, Madison1851New York 328B
Horace Lenox, Madison1854New York
{Family 288}
Melvina Lenox, Madison1824New York 285B
Sally Lenox, Madison1784 Connecticut 286
{Family 289}
Rollin Lenox, Madison1849New York 287
{Family 290}
Alexus Nelson, Madison1819New York 437
Mary H Nelson, Madison1822New York
Flora Nelson, Madison1854New York
Ella Nelson, Madison1859 New York
Loren Nelson, Madison1860 New York
Lucius Nelson, Madison1865New York
{Family 291}
Lester Nelson, Madison1818New York 436B
Huldah Nelson, Madison1820 New York
Amelia Nelson, Madison1857New York 437
{Family 292}
David Nelson, Madison1779 Connecticut 439
{Family 293}
Graridly (Grandly)Nelson, Madison1792Connecticut 437B
Jennie Nelson, Madison1829New York
John Nelson, Madison1831New York
{Family 294}
George Sullivan, Madison1825New York 546
Fidelia Sullivan, Madison1829New York
Alice Sullivan, Madison1853New York
Archibal Sullivan, Madison1855New York
George Sullivan, Madison1858New York
Margret Sullivan, Madison1866New York
Ruth Sullivan, Madison1869New York
{Family 295}
Alice Sullivan, Madison1854New York 551
{Family 296}
Amanda Sullivan, Madison1850 New York 548
{Family 297}
John Sullivan, Madison1831New York 524B
{Family 298}
Ann Sullivan, Madison1838New York 524B
Charlotte Sullivan, Madison1856New York
John E Sullivan, Madison1858New York
Erma Sullivan, Madison1860 New York
Gardner Sullivan, Madison1862New York
Amos Sullivan, Madison1869New York
Sarah Sullivan, Madison1864New York
{Family 299}
George WSullivan, Madison1830 New York 529B
Sofrona Sullivan, Madison1841New York
Byron Sullivan, Madison1859New York
Charlie Sullivan, Madison1860 New York
Winford Sullivan, Madison1861New York
Emma Sullivan, Madison1863New York
Eugene Sullivan, Madison1867New York
{Family 300}
Charles Sullivan, Madison1837New York 548B
Margaret Sullivan, Madison1842Canada
Wellington Sullivan, Madison1867Canada
Mahala Sullivan, Madison1864Michigan
Louisa Sullivan, Madison1807New York
Joseph Sullivan, Madison1848New York

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