CASE Families living in New York in 1870.

NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Le Fayette Albany Ward 8, Albany1824Vermont 489B
Catharine Albany Ward 8, Albany1824New York
Frank Albany Ward 8, Albany1849 New York
Ella Albany Ward 8, Albany 1854 New York
{Family 2}
Timothy Cohoes Ward 2, Albany 1820 New York 432B
Jessie Cohoes Ward 2, Albany1832Scotland
{Family 3}
Russell Guilderland, Albany1830 New York 558
Catharine Guilderland, Albany1835New York
Frank Guilderland, Albany1859New York
{Family 4}
Solon New Scotland, Albany1805Connecticut 590B
{Family 5}
Luther D Rensselaerville, Albany1820 New York 631B
Emily C Rensselaerville, Albany1830 New York
Enritta H Rensselaerville, Albany1854New York
Emily D Rensselaerville, Albany1857New York
{Family 6}
Ann Watervliet, Albany1855Switzerland 23
{Family 7}
Geo SWatervliet, Albany1807New York 50B
Louisa Watervliet, Albany1808New York
Joseph Watervliet, Albany1834New York
MageliaWatervliet, Albany1840 New York
{Family 8}
Naaman Birdsall, Allegany1820 New York 474B
Naomie Birdsall, Allegany1826New York
{Family 9}
Bradford Bolivar, Allegany1812Rhode Island 485B
HellenBolivar, Allegany1841New York
Cora Bolivar, Allegany1865New York
{Family 10}
George HGenesee, Allegany1836New York 615
Amanda O Genesee, Allegany1836New York
Arthur L Genesee, Allegany1865New York
IraGenesee, Allegany1868New York
John E Genesee, Allegany1865New York
Ruth Genesee, Allegany1812New York
{Family 11}
Charles New Hudson, Allegany1816New York 695B
Cemira New Hudson, Allegany1820 New York
Minerva New Hudson, Allegany1842New York
Frank New Hudson, Allegany1849New York
{Family 12}
Alexander J Wirt, Allegany1828New York 844B
Caroline Wirt, Allegany1834New York
Mary E Wirt, Allegany1857 New York
Isaac M Wirt, Allegany1859New York
Hellen A Wirt, Allegany1862New York
Lemont L Wirt, Allegany1866New York
{Family 13}
Joseph Wirt, Allegany1800 Rhode Island 842
Mary Wirt, Allegany,d>1798Rhode Island
Robert H Wirt, Allegany1838Rhode Island
Philander Wirt, Allegany1841Rhode Island
{Family 14}
Lewis O Wirt, Allegany1864New York 835B
{Family 15}
Dolly Binghamton Ward 1, Broome1802New York 87
{Family 16}
Sarah Binghamton Ward 3, Broome, 1844New York 138
{Family 17}
Gaylord Colesville, Broome1816 Connecticut 237
Delia A Colesville, Broome1828New York
John Colesville, Broome1842New York
George Colesville, Broome1860 New York
{Family 18}
George Colesville, Broome 1785 Connecticut 244B
Mary Colesville, Broome1786Connecticut
{Family 19}
James Sanford, Broome1820 Ireland 410
Elizabeth Sanford, Broome1815Ireland
PatrickSanford, Broome1844Ireland
JohnSanford, Broome1856Ireland
Ann Sanford, Broome1848Ireland
{Family 20}
Ira Windsor, Broome1838Pennsylvania 548B
Chloe Windsor, Broome1843New York
Daniel Windsor, Broome1862New York
Edmond Windsor, Broome1869New York
{Family 21}
Clarrissa Coldspring, Cattaraugus1801New York 75
{Family 22}
Emma Little Valley, Cattaraugus1854New York 300
{Family 23}
Luke Lyndon, Cattaraugus1820 New York 313
Jane Lyndon, Cattaraugus1828New York
CyrusLyndon, Cattaraugus1851New York
FrankLyndon, Cattaraugus1854New York
HomerLyndon, Cattaraugus1861New York
{Family 24}
Thomas Lyndon, Cattaraugus1817New York 316B
BetseyLyndon, Cattaraugus1826New York
Jason Lyndon, Cattaraugus1847New York
EdwardLyndon, Cattaraugus1850 New York
CharlesLyndon, Cattaraugus1852New York
Lester Lyndon, Cattaraugus1860 New York
{Family 25}
AddieMachias, Cattaraugus1857New York 323B
{Family 26}
John Napoli, Cattaraugus1834New York 361B
Lorella Napoli, Cattaraugus1852New York
William Napoli, Cattaraugus1795Massachusetts
Sophia Napoli, Cattaraugus1799New York
AliceNapoli, Cattaraugus1859New York
{Family 27}
Joseph R Napoli, Cattaraugus1821New York 353B
Maria E Napoli, Cattaraugus1840 Michigan
JessieNapoli, Cattaraugus1856New York
JohnNapoli, Cattaraugus1858New York
AudyNapoli, Cattaraugus1862New York
Orene Napoli, Cattaraugus1869New York
{Family 28}
Mary Yorkshire, Cattaraugus1848New York 559
{Family 29}
Oscar Auburn Ward 2, Cayuga1848New York 59B
{Family 30}
Henry Auburn Ward 3, Cayuga1839New York 109B
Sarah Auburn Ward 3, Cayuga1839New York
Nellie Auburn Ward 3, Cayuga1862New York
Warren Auburn Ward 3, Cayuga1863New York
Wheeler Auburn Ward 3, Cayuga1870New York

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