CASE Families living in New York in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 931}
HutchensonSouthold, Suffolk1796New York 255B
Charity Southold, Suffolk 1797 New York
{Family 932}
JaneSouthold, Suffolk1820 New York 254B
{Family 933}
JesseSouthold, Suffolk1838New York 265B
Elizabeth Southold, Suffolk1838 New York
JeremiahSouthold, Suffolk1859New York
Charles Southold, Suffolk 1868New York
Gorden Southold, Suffolk1795New York
{Family 934}
Lewis R Southold, Suffolk1821New York 235B
Hannah Southold, Suffolk1829New York
Jesse Southold, Suffolk1855New York
Josiah Southold, Suffolk1866New York
{Family 935}
Mehetable Southold, Suffolk1839New York 255
Frederick Southold, Suffolk1865New York
Gilbert Southold, Suffolk1867New York
{Family 936}
Moses Southold, Suffolk1789New York 236
Asenath Southold, Suffolk1791New York
Charles Southold, Suffolk1820 New York
{Family 937}
Peggy Southold, Suffolk1767New York285
{Family 938}
Ruth Southold, Suffolk1809New York 270B
{Family 939}
Selden Southold, Suffolk1810 New York 254
Caroline Southold, Suffolk1815New York
{Family 940}
SpencerSouthold, Suffolk1838New York 253B
Melvina Southold, Suffolk1841 New York
CarrieSouthold, Suffolk1864 New York
Andrew Southold, Suffolk1865 New York
May Southold, Suffolk1867New York 254
ChrissieSouthold, Suffolk1869New York
{Family 941}
Terry Southold, Suffolk1805New York 256
Mary Southold, Suffolk1807New York
Elizabeth Southold, Suffolk1782New York
{Family 942}
William Southold, Suffolk1828New York 299
Frances Southold, Suffolk1827New York
Seymour Southold, Suffolk1853New York
Lillie Southold, Suffolk1856New York
{Family 943}
Benjamin Forestburgh, Sullivan1828New York 487
Deborah Forestburgh, Sullivan1837New York
{Family 944}
Cornelia Forestburgh, Sullivan1838New York 488
Augusta Forestburgh, Sullivan1865New York
{Family 945}
Henry Forestburgh, Sullivan1821New York 488
Kate E Forestburgh, Sullivan1826New York
Benjamin Forestburgh, Sullivan1851New York
Charlotte J Forestburgh, Sullivan1853New York
Gideon A Forestburgh, Sullivan1845New York
{Family 946}
Jiramiah Forestburgh, Sullivan1843New York487
Ruth Forestburgh, Sullivan1848New York
{Family 947}
Henry Thompson, Sullivan 1830 New York 731
Deborah Thompson, Sullivan 1832 New York
Charles Thompson, Sullivan1854w York
Wallace Thompson, Sullivan1856New York
Beerges Thompson, Sullivan1858 New York
Blanche Thompson, Sullivan1860New York
Oscar Thompson, Sullivan1862New York
Sanford Thompson, Sullivan1864New York
Willie Horton Thompson, Sullivan1867New York
{Family 948}
Jackson Thompson, Sullivan 1832New York 724B
Levinie Thompson, Sullivan1837New York
Horace Thompson, Sullivan 1866 New York
{Family 949}
John Barton District 4, Tioga1823New York 37B
Angeline Barton District 4, Tioga1823New York
Warren Barton District 4, Tioga1852New York
Alice Barton District 4, Tioga1856New York
{Family 950}
Thomas Barton District 4, Tioga1800 New York 39B
Christina Barton District 4, Tioga1801New York
Silas Barton District 4, Tioga1836New York
Elizabeth Barton District 4, Tioga1840 New York
George Barton District 4, Tioga1868New York
Schuyler C Barton District 4, Tioga1864New York
{Family 951}
CorneliusBarton District 4, Tioga1835New York 38
Mary E Barton District 4, Tioga1844New York
Irvin Barton District 4, Tioga1865New York
Jennie E Barton District 4, Tioga1863New York
{Family 952}
Chauncy Owego, Tioga1809Pennsylvania 261B
Mary Owego, Tioga1850 Pennsylvania
Marden LOwego, Tioga1868New York
{Family 953}
Daniel Owego, Tioga1842New York 215B
Margaret Owego, Tioga1848New York
Susie Owego, Tioga1858New York
George E Owego, Tioga1862New York
{Family 954}
Hiram W Owego, Tioga1832New York 218
Huldah Owego, Tioga1830 New York
Emma Owego, Tioga1858New York
Hattie Owego, Tioga1861New York
Sussie (Susie)Owego, Tioga1866New York
{Family 955}
N J Owego, Tioga1838New York 261B
Adelia Owego, Tioga1847Pennsylvania
Sarah Owego, Tioga1852Pennsylvania
George H Owego, Tioga1854Pennsylvania
LeroyOwego, Tioga1856Pennsylvania
{Family 956}
Peter Owego, Tioga 1836New York 216B
Sarah Owego, Tioga 1838 New York
{Family 957}
Zenas Owego, Tioga1806New York 224
Hannah Owego, Tioga1813New York
{Family 958}
Eleazer Dryden Districts 1 and 4,
1817New York 61
Catharine Dryden Districts 1 and 4,
1841On The Sea
{Family 959}
Abel Ithaca, Tompkins 1822New York 284B
Sarah Ithaca, Tompkins1831New York
Charlotte Ithaca, Tompkins1856New York
Nellie Ithaca, Tompkins1860 New York
Merritt Ithaca, Tompkins1864New York
George Ithaca, Tompkins1866New York
Platt L Ithaca, Tompkins1868New York
{Family 960}
Isaac Ithaca, Tompkins1807New York 281
Evretta c Ithaca, Tompkins1832New York
Maria Ithaca, Tompkins1841New York
Isaac Ithaca, Tompkins1849New York
Albert Ithaca, Tompkins 1852New York

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