CASE Families living in New York in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 872}
Truman Duanesburg, Schenectady1797New York 253B
Josiah Duanesburg, Schenectady1830 New York
Charles P Duanesburg, Schenectady1835New York
Elizabeth Duanesburg, Schenectady1852New York
Elizabeth Duanesburg, Schenectady1827New York
Francis Duanesburg, Schenectady1833New York
Carolus Duanesburg, Schenectady1855New York
Susan Duanesburg, Schenectady1860 New York
Amelia Duanesburg, Schenectady 1862New York
Caroline Duanesburg, Schenectady1865New York
Catherine Duanesburg, Schenectady 1868New York
{Family 873}
Allen Conesville, Schoharie1807New York 102
Phieme Conesville, Schoharie1813New York
Lewis P Conesville, Schoharie1849New York
Celinda Conesville, Schoharie1852New York
{Family 874}
Betsy Conesville, Schoharie1812New York 118B
Mary F Conesville, Schoharie1846New York
Mahala Conesville, Schoharie1854New York
William C Conesville, Schoharie1856New York
{Family 875}
Calley Conesville, Schoharie1850 New York 106B
{Family 876}
Daniel Conesville, Schoharie1847New York 110
{Family 877}
Elisha Conesville, Schoharie1804New York 101B
Betsey Conesville, Schoharie1810 New York
{Family 878}
Gelisha Conesville, Schoharie1831New York 119B
Phebe A Conesville, Schoharie1837New York
Fenton Conesville, Schoharie1864New York
Bertha Conesville, Schoharie1860 New York
{Family 879}
George Conesville, Schoharie1835New York 110
Ellen Conesville, Schoharie1842New York
George I Conesville, Schoharie1866New York
{Family 880}
Joell Conesville, Schoharie1824New York 102B
Margaret Conesville, Schoharie1840 New York
Dencey Conesville, Schoharie1860 New York
Hllen EConesville, Schoharie1866New York
{Family 881}
John C Conesville, Schoharie1838New York 101B
Mary E Conesville, Schoharie1839New York
Libbie M Conesville, Schoharie1864New York
George F Conesville, Schoharie1865New York 102
Willia Conesville, Schoharie1868New York
{Family 882}
Luther Conesville, Schoharie1796Massachusetts 102
{Family 883}
William Conesville, Schoharie1844New York 101
Rosalia Conesville, Schoharie1847New York
{Family 884}
Williston Conesville, Schoharie1848New York 103
Marthy Conesville, Schoharie1849New York
{Family 885}
DanielGilboa, Schoharie1818New York 194B
Betsy Gilboa, Schoharie1821New York
Eunice Gilboa, Schoharie1859New York
James M Gilboa, Schoharie1850 New York
{Family 886}
Eluster Gilboa, Schoharie1812New York 183B
Polly Gilboa, Schoharie1813New York
Joel Gilboa, Schoharie1837New York
Jacob Gilboa, Schoharie1848New York
Sary M Gilboa, Schoharie1853Nw York
Lorry MGilboa, Schoharie1855New York
Rosella Gilboa, Schoharie1863 NewYork
{Family 887}
Caleb Jefferson, Schoharie1816New York198
{Family 888}
C A Middleburgh, Schoharie1830 Connecticut 253
{Family 889}
Samuel Dix, Schuyler1802New Jersey 459B
Lois Dix, Schuyler1816New Jersey
William Dix, Schuyler1846New Jersey
George Dix, Schuyler1856New Jersey
{Family 890}
Eliza Hector, Schuyler1837New York 558B
{Family 891}
EzraHector, Schuyler1830 New York 558B
Fred H Hector, Schuyler1863New York
{Family 892}
Joseph Hector, Schuyler1823New York 527B
Sarah Ann Hector, Schuyler1828New York
Mary E Hector, Schuyler, 1850 New York
Caroline A Hector, Schuyler1826New York
{Family 893}
Joseph Hector, Schuyler1807New Jersey 532
Louisa Hector, Schuyler1809New York
{Family 894}
William J Hector, Schuyler1834 New York 558B
Hannah B Hector, Schuyler1837New York
Oscar M Hector, Schuyler 1859 New York
Lovisa (Louisa) Ann Hector, Schuyler 1863New York
{Family 895}
Ira Reading, Schuyler1821New York 631
Maria Reading, Schuyler1828New York
Charles Reading, Schuyler1852New York
Mary Reading, Schuyler1856New York
Cary Reading, Schuyler1864New York
{Family 896}
Mathew Watkins, Schuyler1825Ireland 508B
Larette Watkins, Schuyler1836New York
{Family 897}
Ealza(Eealza?)Junius, Seneca1800 Connecticut 87B
{Family 898}
Chester Lodi, Seneca1831New York 94
Phebe J Lodi, Seneca 1844New York
Homer Lodi, Seneca 1868New York
De Witt Lodi, Seneca1870New York
{Family 899}
Sarah Ovid, Seneca1825New Jersey 127
{Family 900}
Nora Seneca Falls, Seneca1840 New York 215B

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