CASE Families living in New York in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 781}
Charles H Goshen, Orange1846New York 499
Sarah Goshen, Orange1847New York
{Family 782}
David Goshen, Orange 1831 New York 499
Catharine Goshen, Orange 1825New York
John B Goshen, Orange1851New York
Eunice Goshen, Orange1857New York
{Family 783}
David E Goshen, Orange1818New York 499B
Hannah Goshen, Orange1818New York
Allen E Goshen, Orange 1849New York
{Family 784}
Julia Goshen, Orange1787New York 499
{Family 785}
John Goshen, Orange1848Vermont 490
{Family 786}
Margarett Goshen, Orange1840 New York 493B
Elizabeth Goshen, Orange1842New York
Caroline Goshen, Orange 1838New York
{Family 787}
Sarah Goshen, Orange1827New York 511B
{Family 788}
Thompson Goshen, Orange1822New York 499
Elizabeth Goshen, Orange1805 New York
Eunciee (Eunace) Goshen, Orange1796New York
{Family 789}
Ebinesac Greenville, Orange1817New York 8B
{Family 790}
Stephen Greenville, Orange1819New York 12B
Phebe J Greenville, Orange1825New York
John EGreenville, Orange1846New York
FannyGreenville, Orange1846New York
StephenGreenville, Orange1869New York
{Family 791}
Jane Hamptonburgh, Orange1794New York 21
{Family 792}
E Inman Minisink, Orange1813New York 51B
Lydia A Minisink, Orange1819New York
Jefferson B Minisink, Orange1849New York
Elmira C Minisink, Orange1848New York
{Family 793}
Joseph M Minisink, Orange1809New York 50B
Joshua Minisink, Orange1821New York
Fanny Minisink, Orange1839New York
Mary B Minisink, Orange1863New York
Myra C Minisink, Orange1865New York
Joseph M Minisink, Orange1867New York
{Family 794}
Gilbert H Monroe, Orange1849New York 73B
{Family 795}
John F Monroe, Orange1841New York 71B
Eliza Monroe, Orange1842New York
Fred Monroe, Orange1868New York
{Family 796}
Mary Monroe, Orange1796New York 70B
{Family 797}
Edwin F Montgomery, Orange1850 New York 135
Ann Montgomery, Orange1807England
Martha J Montgomery, Orange1846New York
Sarah Montgomery, Orange1848New York
{Family 798}
Alonza (Alonzo)Mount Hope, Orange1842New York 181B
Mary Mount Hope, Orange1842New York
Willie Mount Hope, Orange1866New York
Charles Mount Hope, Orange1868New York
Jane Mount Hope, Orange1870New York
{Family 799}
Forenzeo H (Lorenzo H)Mount Hope, Orange1842New York179B
Anna Mount Hope, Orange1841New York
Henry H Mount Hope, Orange1865New York
Ella A Mount Hope, Orange1867New York
Emmet Mount Hope, Orange1870New York
{Family 800}
Silas H Mount Hope, Orange1838New York 178B
Sarah Mount Hope, Orange1846New York
Mary G Mount Hope, Orange 1865New York
Georgianna Mount Hope, Orange1866 NewYork
Clarance B Mount Hope, Orange1869New York
{Family 801}
Mary New Windsor, Orange1855New York 463B
{Family 802}
Daniel Newburgh Ward 1, Orange1827Connecticut 252B
MariaNewburgh Ward 1, Orange1834New York
Teressa Newburgh Ward 1, Orange1856New York
Ella E Newburgh Ward 1, Orange1862New York
{Family 803}
John Newburgh Ward 2, Orange1837New York 324B
Emily Newburgh Ward 2, Orange1838New York
Mary E Newburgh Ward 2, Orange1864New York
Harriet Newburgh Ward 2, Orange1865New York
Frederick Newburgh Ward 2, Orange1868New York
{Family 804}
Henry Wallkill, Orange1805New York 498
Elizabeth Wallkill, Orange1805New York
Harney (Harvey)Wallkill, Orange1851New York
{Family 805}
William Warwick, Orange 1831New York 637
Mary Warwick, Orange1838New York
Charles D Warwick, Orange1864New York
Etteibill (Etterbill?)Warwick, Orange1866New York
Alozo E Warwick, Orange68New York
{Family 806}
John B Warwick, Orange1807New York 634
Anna Warwick, Orange1851New York
{Family 807}
Nathaniel L Warwick, Orange1813New York 656B
Susan H Warwick, Orange 1820 New York
Suml J (Saml J)Warwick, Orange1845New York
Henrietta L Warwick, Orange1849New York
{Family 808}
Sylvester Warwick, Orange 1834New York 640
Holida Warwick, Orange1836New York
Kate Warwick, Orange1860 New York
Johanna Warwick, Orange1869New York
{Family 809}
J B Wawayanda, Orange1834New York 705
Francis E Wawayanda, Orange1812New York
{Family 810}
Horatio W Wawayanda, Orange1825New York 685B

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