CASE Families living in New York in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 751}
Edgar F Gorham, Ontario1840 New York 179
Julia W Gorham, Ontario1843New York
William C Gorham, Ontario1865New York
Mary Gorham, Ontario1869New York
{Family 752}
John Gorham, Ontario1850 New York 194
{Family 753}
William Gorham, Ontario1799Massachusetts 179B
Eliza Gorham, Ontario1803New York
{Family 754}
Levi M (Laura)Hopewell, Ontario1846New York 215B
{Family 755}
Nelson S Hopewell, Ontario1823New York 220B
Sarah Hopewell, Ontario1824New York
Anne E Hopewell, Ontario1848New York
{Family 756}
Richmond Hopewell, Ontario1805New York 218
Lydia Hopewell, Ontario1807New York
Homer P Hopewell, Ontario1845New York
{Family 757}
Jane Manchester, Ontario1851New York 248B
{Family 758}
John W Manchester, Ontario1837New York 276
Margaret Manchester, Ontario1849Canada
William L Manchester, Ontario1865New York
{Family 759}
Levi Manchester, Ontario1828New York 249
Lucy Manchester, Ontario1833Vermont
Susan Manchester, Ontario1852New York
William Manchester, Ontario1855New York
Mary Manchester, Ontario1858New York
{Family 760}
Beecher Phelps, Ontario 1852 New York 321
{Family 761}
Daniel Phelps, Ontario1825New York 324B
Elvia (Eliza)Phelps, Ontario1824 New York
{Family 762}
Ebenezer Phelps, Ontario1820 New York 316B
Rachael Phelps, Ontario 1817England
Oscar Phelps, Ontario1849New York
Seward H Phelps, Ontario 1851New York
Ruth A Phelps, Ontario1853ew York
May E (Mary E)Phelps, Ontario1855New York
Lillian F Phelps, Ontario1857New York
{Family 763}
Etta Phelps, Ontario1851New York 331
{Family 764}
Phebe Phelps, Ontario 1842Pennsylvania 341B
{Family 765}
Theodore Phelps, Ontario1842New York 310
Eunice Phelps, Ontario1845New York
Ada Phelps, Ontario 1866New York
Edith Phelps, Ontario1862New York
Bertha Phelps, Ontario1864New York
Lydia Phelps, Ontario1817New York
Sarah Phelps, Ontario1792 England
{Family 766}
Wm J Phelps, Ontario1848New York 361B
Mary APhelps, Ontario1848New York
{Family 767}
Charles R West Bloomfield, Ontario1824New York 183B
Chloe JWest Bloomfield, Ontario1827New York
Eliza R West Bloomfield, Ontario1851New York
William West Bloomfield, Ontario1853New York
Frank West Bloomfield, Ontario1855New York
Hiram West Bloomfield, Ontariotd>1865New York
Charles F West Bloomfield, Ontario 1867New York
{Family 768}
Dudley W West Bloomfield, Ontario1839New York 184
Hellen D West Bloomfield, Ontario1840 New York
Mary M West Bloomfield, Ontario1863New York
Charles H West Bloomfield, Ontario1866New York
{Family 769}
Sebra L West Bloomfield, Ontario1811New York 184
Cornelia MWest Bloomfield, Ontario1817New York
Ellen M West Bloomfield, Ontario1841New York
Ralph O West Bloomfield, Ontario1850 New York
Emma C West Bloomfield, Ontario1856New York
Hattie H West Bloomfield, Ontario1862 New York
{Family 770}
David E Chester, Orange1848New York 231B
Carrie Chester, Orange1849New York
{Family 771}
Evelina Crawford, Orange1847New York 334
Gabriel Crawford, Orange1837New York
Minnie Crawford, Orange1868New York
Freddie Crawford, Orange1870New York
{Family 772}
George Deerpart, Orange1807New York 449B
Cyntha A Deerpart, Orange1807New York
Alexander Deerpart, Orange1851New York
Jerusha Deerpart, Orange1853New York
{Family 773}
Jacob Deerpart, Orange1809New York 452
Hannah Deerpart, Orange1838Maine
Mary E Deerpart, Orange1850 New York
Elisha R Deerpart, Orange1836New York
Eliza Deerpart, Orange1862New York
Nancy EDeerpart, Orange1864New York
Marrietta Deerpart, Orange1866New York
Jacob B Deerpart, Orange1867New York
Emeline O Deerpart, Orange1865New York
{Family 774}
JohnDeerpart, Orange1839New York 449B
Antonette Deerpart, Orange1841New York
{Family 775}
John Deerpart, Orange1831New Jersey 456B
Maria Deerpart, Orange1833New Jersey
John H Deerpart, Orange1854New Jersey
Samuel Deerpart, Orange1857New Jersey
Frances Deerpart, Orange1860 New Jersey
Lillie Deerpart, Orange1864New Jersey
{Family 776}
John D Deerpart, Orange1820 New York 440B
Mary L Deerpart, Orange1829New York
George H Deerpart, Orange1854New York
Theodore L Deerpart, Orange1857New York
Charlotte E Deerpart, Orange1863New York
Samuel Deerpart, Orange1867New York
Carrie Deerpart, Orange1869New York
{Family 777}
Joshua N Deerpart, Orange1832New York 452B
Hannah Deerpart, Orange1839New York
Mary F Deerpart, Orange1858New York
Ann E Deerpart, Orange1861New York
{Family 778}
Lewis Deerpart, Orange1838New York 449B
{Family 779}
William Deerpart, Orange 1804New York 452
Sarah Deerpart, Orange1806New York 452B
Jacob M Deerpart, Orange1838New York
Hanora Deerpart, Orange1846Ireland
Sarah Deerpart, Orange1866New York
William H Deerpart, Orange 1869New York
Emma Deerpart, Orange1854New York
{Family 780}
William Deerpart, Orange 1851New York 421

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