CASE Families living in New York in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 721}
Adrian Bristol, Ontario1844New York 2
Alice Bristol, Ontario1851New York
Mina Bristol, Ontario1867New York
{Family 722}
Pillings H (Billings H)Bristol, Ontario1831New York 8
Nancy Bristol, Ontario1834New York
Alice Bristol, Ontario1866New York
Effie Bristol, Ontario1868 New York
{Family 723}
Herbert Bristol, Ontario1849New York 11B
Olive Bristol, Ontario1847New York
Jas M Bristol, Ontario1840 New York 4B
Ann Bristol, Ontario1842New York
John L Bristol, Ontario1861New York
George Bristol, Ontario1863New York
Sarah Bristol, Ontario1865New York
{Family 724}
Jerome Bristol, Ontario1829New York 18B
Lucina Bristol, Ontario1833New York
Horace Bristol, Ontario1855New York
Annis Bristol, Ontario1861New York
Sidney Bristol, Ontario1865New York
{Family 725}
Josiah (Isaiah)Bristol, Ontario1795Massachusetts 2
Rachel Bristol, Ontario1798Connecticut
{Family 726}
{Family 727}
Judith A Bristol, Ontario1816New York 2
Felix Bristol, Ontario1842New York
Anitta Bristol, Ontario51New York
Nicholas Bristol, Ontario1853New York
Janette Bristol, Ontario1859New York
{Family 728}
Mark A Bristol, Ontario1843New York 1
Manetta Bristol, Ontario1843New York
{Family 729}
M D Bristol, Ontario1824New York 4
Caroline J Bristol, Ontario1823New York
Adelpha Bristol, Ontario1846New York
John W Bristol, Ontario1847New York
Chs E Bristol, Ontario185 New York
{Family 730}
M L Bristol, Ontario1810 New York 4
Eliza A Bristol, Ontario1810 New York
{Family 731}
Ovestes (Orestes)Bristol, Ontario1817New York 11B
Lucretia Bristol, Ontario1822New York
Frank Bristol, Ontario1855New York
Phebe Bristol, Ontario1858New York
Oliver Bristol, Ontario1859New York
{Family 732}
Schuyler Bristol, Ontario1842New York 11B
Zada Bristol, Ontario1848Canada
{Family 733}
Seymour W Bristol, Ontario1813New York 8
Caroline Bristol, Ontario1816 New York
Horace B Bristol, Ontario1847New York
{Family 734}
W W Bristol, Ontario1830New York 2
Amelia Bristol, Ontario1842New York
Lizzie L Bristol, Ontario1864New York
Wm W Bristol, Ontario1866New York
{Family 735}
Charles C Canandaigua, Ontario1814New York 117B
{Family 736}
Edson C Canandaigua, Ontario1846 New York 58
{Family 737}
Elizabeth Canandaigua, Ontario1846New York 112B
{Family 738}
George Canandaigua, Ontario1845North Carolina 38
Ellen Canandaigua, Ontario 1846New York
{Family 739}
Hiram Canandaigua, Ontario1838New York 109B
Sophia Canandaigua, Ontario1841New York
Edgar Canandaigua, Ontario1862New York
Marvin Canandaigua, Ontario1864New York
{Family 740}
Hiram Canandaigua, Ontario1804New York 110
Maria Canandaigua, Ontario1808Vermont
{Family 741}
Hiram R Canandaigua, Ontario1840 New York 110
{Family 742}
Isaiah Canandaigua, Ontario1833New York 109B
Martia Canandaigua, Ontario1842New York
Edson Canandaigua, Ontario1865New York
{Family 743}
Joseph Canandaigua, Ontario1855New York 97B
{Family 744}
Laura Canandaigua, Ontario1812New York 118B
John Canandaigua, Ontario1840 New York
Belle Canandaigua, Ontario1855New York
{Family 745}
Mary Canandaigua, Ontario1845New York 118B
{Family 746}
William Canandaigua, Ontario1857New York 40B
{Family 747}
Alice East Bloomfield, Ontario1850 New York 135B
{Family 748}
Margaret East Bloomfield, Ontario1831Ireland 145B
James East Bloomfield, Ontario 1858Michigan
Wm H East Bloomfield, Ontario1861Michigan
George East Bloomfield, Ontario1862 Michigan
{Family 749}
A I Geneva, Ontario1815New York 86
Mary Geneva, Ontario1840 New York
{Family 750}
Grey B Geneva, Ontario1851Indiana 59B

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