CASE Families living in New York in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 661}
Henry RVerona, Oneida1814Connecticut 445
Eliza Verona, Oneida1825New York
{Family 662}
Sophia Camillus, Onondaga1797New York 27
{Family 663}
Julia Clay, Onondaga1851New York 81B
{Family 664}
Isaac Fabius, Onondaga1819New York 221
Jane Fabius, Onondaga1845New York
{Family 665}
James Fabius, Onondagatd>1841New York 221
Mary Fabius, Onondaga1844New York
Isaac Fabius, Onondaga1866New York
Abigail Fabius, Onondaga1862New York
{Family 666}
Catharine Fabius, Onondaga1821Ireland 225
{Family 667}
Warren W Geddes, Onondaga1790 Connecticut243B
{Family 668}
Mary A Jordan, Onondaga1833New York 188B
Alonzo R Jordan, Onondaga1864New York
{Family 669}
Hanible Lafayette, Onondaga1808New York 304
Diana Lafayette, Onondaga1816New York
Pelona Lafayette, Onondaga1847New York
Miron Lafayette, Onondaga1851New York 304B
Chaney Lafayette, Onondaga1853New York
{Family 670}
Homer Lafayette, Onondaga1829New York 304B
{Family 671}
Lorenza Manlius, Onondaga1850 New York 385B
{Family 672}
Adelbert Marcellus, Onondaga1851New York 474B
{Family 673}
Albert Marcellus, Onondaga1844 New York 454
Caroline Marcellus, Onondaga1843New York
Walter Marcellus, Onondaga1869New York
{Family 674}
Laura Marcellus, Onondaga1854New York 454
{Family 675}
RussellMarcellus, Onondaga1838New York 461
Louretta (Loretta)Marcellus, Onondaga1844New York
Mary A Marcellus, Onondaga1859New York
Albert A Marcellus, Onondaga1862New York
John F Marcellus, Onondaga 1865New York
Clarence W Marcellus, Onondaga1869New York
{Family 676}
ReubenMarcellus, Onondaga1820 New York 461
Clarissa Marcellus, Onondaga1823New York 461B
Edward Marcellus, Onondaga1856New York
Albertus Marcellus, Onondaga1858New York
Ella Marcellus, Onondaga1863New York
Henrietta Marcellus, Onondaga 1863 New York
{Family 677}
John Marcellus, Onondaga 1813New York 461B
Lucy Marcellus, Onondaga1816New York
Elias Marcellus, Onondaga1839New York
SarahMarcellus, Onondaga1839New York
Angeline Marcellus, Onondaga1843New York
Francis Marcellus, Onondaga1846New York
James Marcellus, Onondaga1851New York
WilliamMarcellus, Onondaga1853New York
{Family 678}
Hiram Marcellus, Onondaga, 1825New York 460
Almira Marcellus, Onondaga1828New York
George H Marcellus, Onondaga1856 New York
Elmer D Marcellus, Onondaga1861New York
{Family 679}
Byron Marcellus, Onondaga1854New York 455
Mary Marcellus, Onondaga1851New York
{Family 680}
George W Marcellus, Onondaga1834New York 458B
Catherine Marcellus, Onondaga1820 New York
{Family 681}
Newton G Marcellus, Onondaga1817New York 473B
Mary E Marcellus, Onondaga1825New York
Charles MMarcellus, Onondaga1846New York
Willis FMarcellus, Onondaga1852New York
Elizabeth Marcellus, Onondaga1857New York
Frederick Marcellus, Onondaga1860New York
{Family 682}
Dora Marcellus, Onondaga1856New York 458
Lucetta (Lucretia)Marcellus, Onondaga1803New York
{Family 683}
Lewis Marcellus, Onondaga1817New York 455B
Mary J Marcellus, Onondaga1824New York
Emma L Marcellus, Onondaga1848 New York
John F J Marcellus, Onondaga1861New York
{Family 684}
Lennard Marcellus, Onondaga1820 New York 455B
{Family 685}
Myron L Marcellus, Onondaga1841New York 476B
Sarah Marcellus, Onondaga1842New York
Myron H Marcellus, Onondaga1864New York
Sarah AMarcellus, Onondaga1867New York
{Family 686}
Charles H Onondaga, Onondaga1851New York 487
Ann J Onondaga, Onondaga1852New York
{Family 687}
Anona Onondaga, Onondaga1804New York 535
{Family 688}
William Onondaga, Onondaga 1827New York 490
Caroline Onondaga, Onondaga1827New York
Harriet Onondaga, Onondaga1857New York
Frank Onondaga, Onondaga1859New York
George Onondaga, Onondaga1860 New York
William Onondaga, Onondaga 1864New York
{Family 689}
Chester Onondaga, Onondaga1830 New York 483
Martha Onondaga, Onondaga1838New York
Mary S Onondaga, Onondaga 1858New York
Gilbert Onondaga, Onondaga1860 New York
Luella Onondaga, Onondaga1862New York
{Family 690}
Dorcus Onondaga, Onondaga1822New York 507

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