Looking for photos!
I'm writing a story about my family's history. One chapter will be on a small portion of the Case story. I am illustrating this with pictures of the people as well as newspaper articles and obituaries where I can find them.
I am seeking your help to locate photographs of the following members of the Case family. If available, the date and locations of any photo(s) would be great. Please reply to me at richardgarber@gmail.com.

Thanks so much,

Elliott Talmadge Case (1862-1945)
Margaret F (Sullivan) Case (1863-1938)
Helena Talmadge Case (1896-1971)
William A Case (1898-1970)
Walter Scott Case (1859-1941)
Susie A Church (1864-1942)
Angeline E Case (1855-1929)
Francis J Belden (1860-1946)
Herman D Case (1866-1902)
Frances Lewis Beard (1858-1894)
George E Case (1874-?)
Mary J Recker (1874-1949)
Edwin Elihu Case (1829-1894)
Rhonda A Talmadge (1835-1923)
Harlow Case (1803-1882)
Lola B Adams (1801-1872)
Elliott C Talmadge
Rhonda E Turner

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