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  • Francis M Case Belle Plaine, Iowa (pdf)
  • Ernest L. Case Deputy, IN
  • Charles Clarance Case Sigourney, Iowa
  • Brian Case Madison, IN
  • Ethel Case Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Edgar Case Bardstown, KY
  • Emily Case Farrell & continued page 2 Wykoff Enterprise, Preston,
    Fillmore County MN
  • Duane Case Deputy, IN (pdf)
  • Glen Case Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Joseph Case Deputy, IN
  • Henry Case Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Mona Case McIntyre Fordsville, KY
  • Jennie Case Belle Plaine, Iowa
  • Thomas Case Wabash, IN
  • Kenneth Case Belle Plaine, Iowa
  • Wm H Case, Jr Deputy, IN
  • Lemuel Case Belle Plaine, Iowa
  • Bessie V. Case Deputy, IN
  • Mary Case Ladora, Iowa
  • Mrs. Ira Case Shellsburg, Iowa
  • Mrs. Kenneth Case (Mila) Walnut Creek, Iowa
  • Mrs. L. G. Case (Louise) Belle Plaine, Iowa
  • Omar Case Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Pearl Case Mount Pleasant
  • Russell Case Sigourney, Iowa
  • Ruth Case Webster, Iowa
  • Sophia Case Farmer's Grove, Minnesota
  • Stewart Case Shellsburg, Iowa
  • Timothy CaseFountain, Minnesota
  • William Case Chatfield, Minnesota
  • Jesse W Case Morrice, MI
  • Jane Wilson Case Holly, MI

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