Went on a genealogy expedition this last weekend to NY state and found a few little tidbits for Case family while researching my Kenyons :-)

In "Cemetery Recording 1992 for City of Gloversville [Fulton Co.] , NY, Book 1, Kingsborough Cemetery East State St, Gloversville, NY, recorded and compiled by Lewis G. Decker Fulton Co Historian, assisted by his wife, Marjorie I. Decker" 1992, found:

Row 1 (page 15)

Case, Huldah "who departed this life 5/[13]/1807 age [16 years] [2] months and 19 days Daughter of Decon (sic) Darius and Mrs. Henzibah Case
Epitah: "Stop you [here] Stop and view nature debt have paid and so must you"

Case, Rocksany Died 1/8/1820 age 23 years. Daughter of Decon Darius and Hepzubah Case

Case [Rufus] who departed his life 9/7/1820 In the 2 [7] th year of his age. "memory of".

[Case] Darius who departed his life [ ] /23/1797 In the [ ] th
year of his age. Epitaph: "Here Lieth Waiting for a glorious
[reserection] The remains of Whose [Meditating] though [ ] on things
that [are] [ ] Who [through] [ ] of his soul while God allowed him.
As you pass by [heed] this grave and [learn] like him thy God, to love."
(Monitor) Stone cutter: S. Hartshon (has foot stone)

Row 2 (page 16)

Case [Harvey] Died 11/23/1815. 2 yrs 6 mts, 7da Son of Darius and [Betsey] Case

Case, Helen Died [12] /25/18 [16] Age [5] yrs.. [4mos] and [18] days Daughter of Darius and Betsey Case

Case, Betsey Died 9/ [26] /182 [4] Wife of Darius Case Age [41] yrs

Case, Amelia Who died 4/20/1822 Wife of Darius Case. Age 30 yrs. "In memory of"

Case, Sophia Died 12/15/18 [5] 7 Wife of Darius Case. Age [65] yrs.

Case, Darius Born 3/30/1782 Died 3/30/1863 Age 81 yrs.

Case [Jason] Died 12/8/1862 [Born 4/26/1815]

Now I don't know any more about these people. Just ran across them in this listing of graves in Gloversville, Fulton Co., NY Hope it helps someone.


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