CASE Families living in New York in 1930.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Madge  Sioux Falls, Minnehaha1902MinnesotaBoarder184
{Family 32}
Rose  Spearfish, Lawrence1883South DakotaHead111
{Family 33}
Carrie LSturgis, Meade1850CanadaHead61b
Florence  1911South DakotaGranddaughter
{Family 34}
Clara ETamworth, Faulk1858IndianaMother-in-law74b
{Family 35}
Charley W  Topbar, Haakon1874IllinoisHead246b
Anna E  1875IowaWife
{Family 36}
Joseph  Township 3, Meade1865IllinoisLodger89
{Family 37}
ByronTownship 6, Meade1883South DakotaHead127b
{Family 38}
Ross MTownship 8, Butte1894South DakotaHead53
Susan E1870IowaMother
{Family 39}
IsabelaTownship 37, Shannon1866IowaHead33
{Family 40}
Honry E [Homer] Township 39, Bennett1869IowaHead61
Annis M1867IowaWife
{Family 41}
Roy  Township 39, Bennett 1897 IowaHead60b
Edna J  1899KentuckyWife
Fredrick E  1922South DakotaSon
Dorothy M  1924South DakotaDaughter
Robert E   1926 South DakotaSon
Jack R  1930South DakotaSon
Jerry D  1930South DakotaSon
{Family 42}
Bert G  Tripp, Hutchinson1879IllinoisHead137
Nellie M  1885MinnesotaWife
Ruth E  1907South DakotaDaughter137b
{Family 43}
JohnVale, Butte1911South DakotaHead43
Hetzel  1912South DakotaWife
{Family 44}
EttaVolin, Yankton1894MinnesotaServant124b
{Family 45}
Roy L  Wasta, Pennington1881NebraskaHead169b
Emma V  1893IllinoisWife
Mary A1917South DakotaDaughter170
Robert J1920NebraskaSon
{Family 46}
George WWatertown, Codington1860IllinoisHead194
Skipper1923South DakotaGrandson
{Family 47}
HowardWatertown, Codington1883South DakotaHead143
George1917South DakotaSon
Ross1922South DakotaSon
{Family 48}
William JWestport, Brown1848PennsylvaniaHead155b
Ann E1855OhioWife
Ethel D1891South DakotaDaughter

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