CASE people in the 1930 census
South Dakota

The following names are not listed in the usual family units as I have the earlier census records listed, nor are they spelled correctly (When 1930 is done and if I feel like doing it, I might do this census correctly, but until then.....). This is a direct copy/paste of data from an search results. There are CASE people that will be listed at with surnames such as Cose, Cass, Carr, Care, Lease, Cease....but this particular census report only lists CASE names.

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Name Parent or spouse names Home in 1930 (City,County) Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Relation
Eveline S [Case] Adams James L, Lemmon, Perkins abt 1909~ Daughter
Letty A, Edward S
William J Case Ann E Westport, Brown abt 1848 Pennsylvania Head
Carrie L Case~ Sturgis, Meade abt 1850 Canada Head
Ann E Case William J Westport, Brown abt 1855~ Wife
Clara E Case~ Tamworth, Faulk abt 1858 Indiana Mother-in-law
George W Case Capitola Watertown, Codington abt 1860 Illinois Head
Capitola Case George W Watertown, Codington abt 1861~ Wife
Frederick W Case Meta Brookings, Brookings abt 1862 Wisconsin Head
Meta Case Frederick W Brookings, Brookings abt 1863~ Wife
Thomas J Case Mary A Delmont, Douglas abt 1863 Indiana Head
Isabela Case~ Township 37, Shannon abt 1866 Iowa Head
Annis M Case Honey E Township 39, Bennett abt 1867~ Wife
Honey E Case Annis M Township 39, Bennett abt 1869 Iowa Head
Susan E Case~ Township 8, Butte abt 1870~ Mother
Mary A Case Thomas J Delmont, Douglas abt 1871~ Wife
Jesse E Case Cora M Oldham, Kingsbury abt 1871 Minnesota Head
O P Case Emilia Lesterville, Yankton abt 1873 Indiana Head
Roy C Case Eula Madison, Lake abt 1873 Iowa Head
Cora M Case Jesse E Oldham, Kingsbury abt 1874~ Wife
William H Case Edith Redfield, Spink abt 1876 Minnesota Head
William B Case Pearle Rapid City, Pennington abt 1878 Iowa Head
Edith Case William H Redfield, Spink abt 1879~ Wife
Cleona Case~ Huron, Beadle abt 1880 New York Lodger
Emilia Case O P Lesterville, Yankton abt 1880~ Wife
Eula Case Roy C Madison, Lake abt 1882~ Wife
Letty A Case James L Lemmon, Perkins abt 1882~ Wife
Howard Case~ Watertown, Codington abt 1883 South Dakota Head
Byron Case Lottie Township 6, Meade abt 1883 South Dakota Head
James L Case Letty A Lemmon, Perkins abt 1883 Iowa Head
Lottie Case Byron Township 6, Meade abt 1885~ Wife
Joseph M Case Charlotte Aberdeen, Brown abt 1888 Iowa Head
Ethel D Case William J, Westport, Brown abt 1891~ Daughter
Ann E
Charlotte Case Joseph M Aberdeen, Brown abt 1892~ Wife
Cecelia Case~ Aberdeen, Brown abt 1893 South Dakota Lodger
Harlon R Case Beuhlah E Parkston, Hutchinson abt 1893 South Dakota Head
Etta Case~ Volin, Yankton abt 1894 Minnesota Servant
Ross M Case Susan E Township 8, Butte abt 1894 South Dakota Head
Beuhlah E Case Harlon R Parkston, Hutchinson abt 1896~ Wife
Floyd Case Lois H Silver Creek, Sanborn abt 1896 Iowa Head
Francis Case~ Hot Springs, Fall River abt 1897 Iowa Nephew
Harry J Case Frances K Oldham, Kingsbury abt 1898 South Dakota Head
Merl Case Margaret Letcher, Sanborn abt 1899 Iowa Head
Elizabeth Case~ Hancock, Bon Homme abt 1900 Iowa Boarder
Leland B Case~ Hot Springs, Fall River abt 1900 Iowa Lodger
Frances K Case Harry J Oldham, Kingsbury abt 1900~ Wife
Merle J Case Jesse E, Oldham, Kingsbury abt 1900~ Son
Cora M
Margaret Case Merl Letcher, Sanborn abt 1901~ Wife
Merle G Case Roland Hot Springs, Fall River abt 1901~ Wife
Lottie E Case Clarence W Philip, Haakon abt 1902~ Wife
Clarence W Case Lottie E Philip, Haakon abt 1902 Iowa Head
Harvey R Case~ Huron, Beadle abt 1903 Iowa Roomer
Pearle Case William B Rapid City, Pennington abt 1904~ Wife
Lois H Case Floyd Silver Creek, Sanborn abt 1905~ Wife
Howard Case~ Bethel, Clay abt 1909 Iowa Lodger
Chauncey R Case La Rue P, Rapid City, Pennington abt 1909 South Dakota Son
Eugene H Case Roy C, Madison, Lake abt 1909~ Son
Wilber Case Isabela Township 37, Shannon abt 1910~ Son
Mary J Case~ Aberdeen, Brown abt 1911 South Dakota ~
Florence L Case~ Sturgis, Meade abt 1911~ Granddaughter
John Case Hetzel Vale, Butte abt 1911 South Dakota Head
Evelyn G Case~ Aberdeen, Brown abt 1912 South Dakota Lodger
Hetzel Case John Vale, Butte abt 1912~ Wife
La Rue P Case Chauncey R Rapid City, Pennington abt 1912~ Daughter-in-law
Keith E Case Roy C, Madison, Lake abt 1912~ Son
Warren Case Joseph M, Aberdeen, Brown abt 1912~ Son
Ione Case William H, Redfield, Spink abt 1914~ Daughter
Vern Case O P, Lesterville, Yankton abt 1914~ Daughter
Kenneth Case~ Newark, Marshall abt 1915 Minnesota Nephew
Martin S Case James L, Lemmon, Perkins abt 1915~ Son
Letty A
Dorothy Case Joseph M, Aberdeen, Brown abt 1916~ Daughter
Mary A Case Roy L, Wasta, Pennington abt 1917 South Dakota Daughter
Emma V
George Case Howard Watertown, Codington abt 1917~ Son
Irmce M Case James L, Lemmon, Perkins abt 1918~ Daughter
Letty A
Winnifred L Case Harlon R, Parkston, Hutchinson abt 1918~ Daughter
Beuhlah E
Phillip E Case Roy C, Madison, Lake abt 1918~ Son
Lois Case Joseph M, Aberdeen, Brown abt 1919~ Daughter
Robert J Case Roy L, Wasta, Pennington abt 1920~ Son
Emma V
Merlie D Case Merl, Letcher, Sanborn abt 1921~ Son
Betty L Case Merl, Letcher, Sanborn abt 1922~ Daughter
Francis Case Joseph M, Aberdeen, Brown abt 1922~ Daughter
Ross Case Howard Watertown, Codington abt 1922~ Son
Jack Case Harry J, Oldham, Kingsbury abt 1923~ Son
Frances K
Skipper Case~ Watertown, Codington abt 1923~ Grandson
Dale Case Joseph M, Aberdeen, Brown abt 1924~ Son
Donald I Case Merl, Letcher, Sanborn abt 1924~ Son
Elizabeth Case Joseph M, Aberdeen, Brown abt 1927~ Daughter
Clarence D Case Clarence W, Philip, Haakon abt 1927~ Son
Lottie E
Harold D Case James L, Lemmon, Perkins abt 1927~ Son
Letty A
Rya D Case William B, Rapid City, Pennington abt 1928~ Son
Eugen Case Joseph M, Aberdeen, Brown abt 1929~ Son
Berdie E [Case] Crump Clara E, Tamworth, Faulk abt 1890~ Wife
Benjamin H

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