CASE Families living in Oregon in 1930.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
Harold G  Portland, Multnomah1872MissouriHead80
Carrie  1877PennsylvaniaWife
Mark  1913OregonSon
{Family 62}
Olive N Portland, Multnomah1872MissouriLodger68
{Family 63}
Arthur F Portland, Multnomah1873MichiganHead189
Anna E 1873PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 64}
Frank H  Portland, Multnomah1874MichiganHead75
Marion S  1878AustraliaWife
{Family 65}
Wm R  Portland, Multnomah1875IndianaLodger36b
{Family 66}
Luther S  Portland, Multnomah1877North CarolinaHead79
{Family 67}
Arthur B Portland, Multnomah1880IllinoisLodger42
{Family 68}
Lucy N Portland, Multnomah1881NebraskaHead212b
{Family 69}
Gay L Portland, Multnomah1882CanadaHead33b
May L 1894OregonWife
Richard 1908OregonSon
{Family 70}
Roy Portland, Multnomah1885KansasHead240
Delia 1893IllinoisWife
{Family 71}
Pauline Portland, Multnomah1887MinnesotaServant 98
{Family 72}
Alta M  Portland, Multnomah1888MichiganGuest280
{Family 73}
Robert A Portland, Multnomah1888OregonHead168b
Minerva 1898KansasWife
{Family 74}
Helen E Portland, Multnomah1900OregonLodger38
Rix 1888ArkansasLodger
{Family 75}
Arthur D  Portland, Multnomah1890NebraskaHead193b
Nellie E  1891OregonWife
Geraldine A   1921 OregonDaughter
Roy K  1928OregonSon
{Family 76}
Jack Portland, Multnomah1890CaliforniaHead243
Duetta 1900ColoradoWife
{Family 77}
Marshall A Portland, Multnomah1892IllinoisHead58b
Lola M 1897PennsylvaniaWife
Marjorie J 1920OregonDaughter
{Family 78}
Walter E Portland, Multnomah1893MinnesotaHead88b
Carolyn 1899IllinoisWife
{Family 79}
Frank D Portland, Multnomah1893IdahoHead81
Mary E 1900NebraskaWife
{Family 80}
Claude M  Portland, Multnomah1894MichiganHead238
Jessie M 1898MichiganWife
Leta M 1917OregonDaughter
Claude N 1918OregonSon
{Family 81}
Floyd A  Portland, Multnomah1894MichiganHead91
Eva  1906IndianaWife
Shirley  1924OregonDaughter
{Family 82}
Bert Portland, Multnomah1895IowaHead253b
Martha 1901 OklahomaWife
Wesley 1925OregonSon
Glenda 1929OregonDaughter
{Family 83}
Howard Portland, Multnomah1895PennsylvaniaHead35b
Carna  1899NorwayWife
Robert 1923OregonSon
Richard 1926OregonSon
{Family 84}
Robert O Portland, Multnomah1896TexasHead55b
L Evelyn 1899NebraskaWife
Lora E 1923OregonDaughter
Robert O Jr 1926 OregonSon
Jane A 1930OregonDaughter
{Family 85}
Lloyd B Portland, Multnomah1896WashingtonHead109b
Nellie L 1899WashingtonWife
Patricia J 1930 OregonDaughter
{Family 86}
Russell N  Portland, Multnomah1898OregonHead65
Kathryn M  1904OregonWife
Gratton R  1925OregonSon
Elmer C  1927OregonSon
{Family 87}
Austin M  Portland, Multnomah1898CaliforniaHead86b
Bessie L 1895 WisconsinWife
{Family 88}
Victoria Portland, Multnomah1898TexasBoarder237
{Family 89}
Clifford S Portland, Multnomah1900OregonHead257b
Ceola 1897KansasWife
Evelyn J 1925OhioDaughter
Barbara E 1927OregonDaughter
Clarice E 1930 OregonDaughter
{Family 90}
Kenneth Portland, Multnomah1903New YorkBoarder163b

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