CASE Families living in Ohio in 1930.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 120-5}
Mary E Clarington, Monroe1860OhioMother-in-law132b
{Family 121}
Harry J Clarington, Monroe1883OhioHead134b
Ella 1883OhioWife
Donald J 1910OhioSon
Elizabeth 1911OhioDaughter
{Family 122}
Elva R Clarksfield, Huron1876OhioHead50b
Archie 1911OhioSon
Robert 1913OhioSon
{Family 123}
Effie  Clear Creek, Fairfield1885OhioNiece219b
{Family 124}
Blanch H  Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga1872OhioHead90b
Edith A 1900OhioDaughter
Clyde A 1906OhioSon
{Family 125}
Francis M Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga1876ColoradoHead92b
Lucy H  1884OhioWife
Virginia T 1909OhioDaughter
{Family 126}
Harold E  Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga1886KansasHead137b
L May 1886IllinoisWife
Martha E 1915IllinoisDaughter
Jane L 1917OhioDaughter
{Family 127}
Floyd G Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga1890OhioHead144
Mildred 1896PennsylvaniaWife
Elbert H 1917OhioSon
Benjamin H 1919OhioSon
{Family 128}
Mildred Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga1913OhioLodger212b
{Family 129}
Margaret Cleveland, Cuyahoga1846GermanyHead82b
{Family 130}
Ira  Cleveland, Cuyahoga1858PennsylvaniaHead103
Hattie  1857New YorkWife
Harold  1915OhioAdopted Son
{Family 131}
Ecksteen Cleveland, Cuyahoga1869IllinoisHead215b
{Family 132}
Albert Cleveland, Cuyahoga1870MissouriHead241
Molly 1870MissouriWife
Elister 1904OhioSon
Rosco 1895MissouriSon
Nelson 1905MissouriSon
Zenobia  1906MissouriDaughter
Emma 1902MissouriDaughter
{Family 133}
Blanche M Cleveland, Cuyahoga1872OhioSister-in-law42
{Family 134}
Harry R Cleveland, Cuyahoga1873PennsylvaniaHead121b
{Family 135}
Helen F Cleveland, Cuyahoga1874New YorkHead234b
Helen F 1905OhioDaughter
Ellis F 1910OhioSon
{Family 136}
Arthur B Cleveland, Cuyahoga1874PennsylvaniaHead255b
Harvey I 1905OhioSon
Elinor 1906OhioDaughter-in-law
Rutheda 1909OhioDaughter
Nelson R 1915OhioSon
{Family 137}
Roland A Cleveland, Cuyahoga1875OhioHead257
Sara N 1875WisconsinWife
{Family 138}
J Scott Cleveland, Cuyahoga1876IllinoisHead250
Anna 1880Ohio Wife
{Family 139}
Arthur Cleveland, Cuyahoga1876OhioHead226
Clara 1877OhioWife
{Family 140}
William R Cleveland, Cuyahoga1876OhioHead61b
Katherine F 1879OhioWife
Olive J 1904OhioDaughter
{Family 141}
Charles T Cleveland, Cuyahoga1878IllinoisHead133b
Jessie 1884OhioWife
{Family 142}
Walter Cleveland, Cuyahoga1879IllinoisBrother-In-Law1b
Robert 1909IllinoisNephew
{Family 143}
Anna  Cleveland, Cuyahoga1880PennsylvaniaBoarder221
{Family 144}
Edward L Cleveland, Cuyahoga1882KansasHead98b
Clara C 1890PennsylvaniaWife
Celia K  1926OhioDaughter
John A 1928 OhioSon
{Family 145}
Leroy Cleveland, Cuyahoga1882KentuckyHead91b
Lula L 1890OhioWife
Robert 1918OhioSon
{Family 146}
Harley  Cleveland, Cuyahoga1882OhioHead13
Sarah  1883EnglandWife
Harley  1905OhioSon
Henry  1908OhioSon
Helen  1909OhioDaughter
Ruth  1911OhioDaughter
Josephine  1919OhioDaughter
{Family 147}
Elmer H Cleveland, Cuyahoga1884OhioHead185b
Ella M 1888IllinoisWife186
Lou Donald  1915OhioSon
Dorothy M 1918OhioDaughter
William W 1887OhioBrother
{Family 148}
Annie M  Cleveland, Cuyahoga1888OhioInmate179
{Family 149}
Forest Cleveland, Cuyahoga1888OhioHead135
Cora 1881West VirginiaWife
{Family 150}
Merle Cleveland, Cuyahoga1888OhioHead258b

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