CASE Families living in Ohio in 1930.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 401}
Craiten  Madison, Richland1892OhioHead38
Ethel 1898OhioWife
William F 1929OhioSon
{Family 402}
Ralph G B Madison, Richland1901IndianaHead152
Emily M 1913OhioWife
{Family 403}
Steven D  Madison, Williams1861MichiganHead82b
Harriet  1860IndianaWife
{Family 404}
Cecil Malvern, Carroll1890OhioHead113
Edna 1894OhioWife
{Family 405}
James Manchester, Adams1856OhioHead73b
Sarah 1857OhioWife
Lillian D 1876OhioDaughter
{Family 406}
Forrest L Manchester, Adams1899OhioHead87b
Kathryn 1914OhioWife
Shirley M 1926OhioDaughter
{Family 407}
Joseph H  Mansfield, Richland1890OhioHead117b
Hazel M  1892OhioWife
Edna M  1911OhioDaughter
{Family 408}
Harry D Mantua, Portage1882IllinoisHead47
Minnie E 1888Wife
Mildred G 1912Daughter
{Family 409}
George A Mantua, Portage1884IllinoisHead47b
Myrtle E 1884Wife
George C 1912Son
{Family 410}
Linnie M Marion, Franklin1866MissouriSister86b
Adelaide L 1898MissouriNiece
{Family 411}
Minnie Marion, Franklin1883OhioInmate202
{Family 412}
William L Marion, Franklin1891MissouriHead80b
Margaret B 1892MissouriWife
William L 1918OhioSon
Robert B 1921OhioSon
Ward C 1925OhioSon
{Family 413}
Newton C Marion, Franklin1901OhioHead135b
Josephine M 1905OhioWife
Patricia A 1928 OhioDaughter
{Family 414}
Guy G Marion, Marion1877OhioHead247b
Dora B 1880OhioWife
{Family 415}
Stanley F  Marion, Marion1899OhioHead207b
Muriel A 1905MinnesotaWife
Robert W 1924CaliforniaSon
Leslie L 1927OhioSon
{Family 416}
Carlton G Marion, Marion1904OhioHead100b
Alfreda 1904OhioWife
{Family 417}
Roscoe Mason, Warren1883OhioHead30b
Bertha   1883 OhioWife
Mary E 1908OhioDaughter
Florence 1909OhioDaughter
Wilber 1911OhioSon
Luther 1914OhioSon
Eugene 1916OhioSon
Sarah 1855OhioMother
{Family 418}
Delos Walter  Massillon, Stark1879PennsylvaniaHead273
Carlotta 1882New YorkWife
{Family 419}
Ralph Mayfield Heights, Cuyahoga1890IndianaHead8b
Elsie 1897IllinoisWife
{Family 420}
Lute L Medina, Medina1851OhioLodger67b
{Family 421}
Mary A Medina, Medina1852OhioInmate66
{Family 422}
Flora E Medina, Medina1888OhioNiece58
Dorothy 1896OhioNiece
{Family 423}
Carrie Mentor, Lake1864OhioHead47b
{Family 424}
Anna Mentor, Lake1857GermanyHead47b
{Family 425}
Robert Mentor, Lake1883OhioHead54b
Elma  1881OhioWife
{Family 426}
Samuel E Miamisburg, Montgomery1890TennesseeHead161b
Lenora F 1895OhioWife
Eugene P 1914OhioSon
Clyde B 1916OhioSon
Juanita M 1920OhioDaughter
Paul H 1930OhioSon
{Family 427}
Leo K Miamisburg, Montgomery1899OhioHead150b
Lucy M 1904OhioWife
Gale K 1925OhioSon
{Family 428}
James M  Middletown, Butler1868OhioBoarder22b
{Family 429}
Walter Middletown, Butler1882New JerseyHead160
Esther 1901OhioWife
John 1922OhioSon
Ruth 1925OhioDaughter
Jean 1928OhioDaughter
Paul 1929 OhioSon
{Family 430}
Albert B Mifflin, Franklin1885KentuckyHead164b
Julia M 1886OhioWife
Richard N 1909OhioSon
Mary J 1912OhioDaughter
Albert E 1914OhioSon
John J 1918OhioSon
Hugh F 1925OhioSon

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