CASE Families living in Minnesota in 1930.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 91}
Dorothy A  Minnetonka, Hennepin1906IowaPatient42b
{Family 92}
Dana  Moorhead, Clay1903MinnesotaLodger179
{Family 93}
Burton F New Market, Scott1874MinnesotaHead96b
Minnie T  1870MinnesotaWife
{Family 94}
Carl New Ulm, Brown1872MinnesotaHead125
Marie 1895MinnesotaWife
Helen 1922MinnesotaDaughter
Carlynn 1923MinnesotaDaughter
Betty Jane 1926 MinnesotaDaughter
Hannah 1846IllinoisMother
{Family 95}
Catherine New Ulm, Brown1856AustriaHead123b
{Family 96}
{Family 97}
Rebecca Northfield, Rice1845OhioInmate246b
{Family 98}
Frank L Ottawa, Le Sueur1876MinnesotaHead224b
Harriet L 1880MinnesotaWife
{Family 99}
Burton L  Owatonna, Steele1865ConnecticutHead196
{Family 100}
Rilley A Owatonna, Steele1869MinnesotaHead174
Anna O 1880MinnesotaWife
{Family 101}
Charles N Owatonna, Steele1878MinnesotaHead179b
Alice E 1884MinnesotaWife
Norina O  1911MinnesotaDaughter
Willard C 1915MinnesotaSon
{Family 102}
Paul M Pine Lake, Cass1900WisconsinHead8
Audrey N  1907MinnesotaWife
Pauline N 1925MinnesotaDaughter
Milford D  1926MinnesotaSon
Wesley W 1928MinnesotaSon
{Family 103}
George B Pine Lake, Cass1891WisconsinHead8
Gladys A 1904MinnesotaWife
Richard D 1923MinnesotaSon
Aneta L 1924MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 104}
Bradley Proctor, St Louis 1904 MinnesotaHead163
Lillian 1904MinnesotaWife
{Family 105}
William M Richfield, Hennepin1902IllinoisHead147
{Family 106}
Samuel Rochester, Olmsted1865MinnesotaHead152b
ew Record Viola 1880MinnesotaWife
{Family 107}
Samuel R  Rochester, Olmsted1865MinnesotaRoomer128b
{Family 108}
Frank B  Rochester, Olmsted1874MinnesotaHead28b
Jeanette K  1879MinnesotaWife
{Family 109}
Nellie I  Rochester, Olmsted1875MinnesotaHead28b
Neta A 1900MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 110}
John S Rochester, Olmsted1877MichiganHead209
Dorothy C 1890MinnesotaWife
Virginia E 1914MinnesotaDaughter
Spencer F 1916MinnesotaSon
John S Jr1917MinnesotaSon
Stewart T 1919MinnesotaSon
Dorothy M 1919MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 111}
Florence  Rochester, Olmsted1901MinnesotaDaughter28b
Leslie K 1903MinnesotaSon
{Family 112}
Bessie M Rochester, Olmsted1906IowaLodger228b
{Family 113}
David Rockford, Wright1880MinnesotaHead228b
{Family 114}
Fred A Rockford, Wright1885MinnesotaLodger230b
{Family 115}
Amos  Rollis, Marshall1885MinnesotaHead196b
Thilda  1884MinnesotaWife
Juel  1910MinnesotaSon
Melroy  1912MinnesotaSon
Ouster  1922MinnesotaSon
{Family 116}
Anna E Rosemount, Dakota1875AustriaHead6b
Ziph B 1899MinnesotaSon
Samuel E 1903IowaSon
Bernard 1910IowaSon
Benjamin E 1912IowaSon
Flyod 1915IowaSon7
Florence A 1917MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 117}
C H Shingobee, Cass1858WisconsinHead44b
Mabel 1868IllinoisWife
{Family 118}
Harvey H Shingobee, Cass1902WisconsinHead41b
Byrl D 1912MinnesotaWife
Harvey D 1930MinnesotaSon
{Family 119}
William H  St Cloud, Stearns1862IllinoisHead16
Martha  1870IllinoisWife
{Family 120}
Marie St Cloud, Stearns1891IowaRoomer11

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