CASE Families living in Minnesota in 1930.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Lyda M  Duluth, St Louis1912North DakotaDaughter47
Merle C  1914North DakotaDaughter
{Family 32}
Humphrey Empire, Dakota1898IowaHead32b
Margaret 1902MinnesotaWife
Marlys 1923MinnesotaDaughter
Richard 1924MinnesotaSon
Joan 1926MinnesotaDaughter
Joyce 1928MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 33}
Dana L Excelsior, Hennepin1876IowaHead169
Grace 1875ConnecticutWife
Matilda 1850OhioMother
{Family 34}
Theodore A Fairfax, Renville1888IllinoisHead95
Maud A 1891MinnesotaWife
Daisy M 1910MinnesotaDaughter
Cecil C 1913WashingtonSon
Wayne C 1915MinnesotaSon
Alice P 1917MinnesotaDaughter
Betty M 1920MinnesotaDaughter
Robert T 1928 MinnesotaSon
{Family 35}
Mary L  Faribault, Rice1887IllinoisInmate158
Jesse  1896IllinoisInmate
{Family 36}
Harry Foley, Benton1880MinnesotaHead132
Maggie 1885MinnesotaSister
Frank 1888MinnesotaBrother
{Family 37}
Vernon Fountain Prairie, Pipestone1915South DakotaLodger36b
{Family 38}
Charles A  Frazee, Becker1882IowaHead101b
Lena D  1890IowaWife
Henry J  1914MinnesotaSon
Hazel L  1918MinnesotaDaughter
Dorothy E  1921MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 39}
William H  Golden Valley, Hennepin1867New JerseyHead192b
Estella 1882MinnesotaWife
Harry 1930 New JerseySon
{Family 40}
Adam Greenwood, Hennepin1864New YorkHead196b
{Family 41}
Jesse Greenwood, Hennepin1886MinnesotaHead199
Emma 1886MinnesotaWife
{Family 42}
John Hastings, Dakota1874United States Inmate118b
{Family 43}
Anna High Forest, Olmsted1858NorwayMother-in-law129
{Family 44}
James Home, Brown1879MinnesotaHead59
Mayme 1881IllinoisWife
Teresa 1882MinnesotaSister
{Family 45}
Oren Home, Brown1881MinnesotaHead57
Rose 1890MinnesotaWife
Mary 1917MinnesotaDaughter
Neil 1921MinnesotaSon
Doris 1924MinnesotaDaughter
Mabel 1927 MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 46}
Wilford International Falls, Koochiching1899WisconsinLodger114b
{Family 47}
William Iona, Todd1873KansasHead132b
Alice 1879WisconsinWife
Kenneth 1916MinnesotaSon
Keith 1918MinnesotaSon
{Family 48}
Lawley E  Jackson, Jackson1852WisconsinFather77b
{Family 49}
Harry E Kasota, Le Sueur1879New YorkHead128b
Jenny E 1881New YorkWife
Harold D 1906New YorkSon
Robert R 1911OhioSon
{Family 50}
F W (Surnames listed Cane) Lake Marshall, Lyon1874IowaHead181b
Joyce Cane 1881MinnesotaWife
Minnie 1904MinnesotaDaughter
Mertie 1909MinnesotaDaughter
Beatrice 1911MinnesotaDaughter
Valera 1915MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 51}
Fred Lake Marshall, Lyon1882MinnesotaRoomer185b
{Family 52}
Minnie  Lake Marshall, Lyon1887MinnesotaDaughter181
Winton  1916MinnesotaGrandson
{Family 53}
Viola B Lakeland, Washington1859MinnesotaMother-in-law97b
{Family 54}
B M Le Sauk, Stearns1879IllinoisHead99b
Ida D 1879KansasWife
Harley 1908MinnesotaSon
{Family 55}
Ivan London, Freeborn1900MinnesotaHead224b
Leona 1906MinnesotaWife
{Family 56}
Elmer Long Prairie, Todd1875KansasHead186
Anna 1892MinnesotaWife
Orvell  1913MinnesotaSon
Clifford 1914MinnesotaSon
Lucille 1919MinnesotaDaughter
Evylen 1925MinnesotaDaughter
Roland 1930MinnesotaSon
{Family 57}
Roy F Lyra, Blue Earth1902MinnesotaHead221b
Vernice L 1904IowaWife
Eldon L 1925MinnesotaSon
Evelyn D 1927 MinnesotaDaughter
Gene R 1929 MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 58}
Herbert L Mankato, Blue Earth1871IowaHead81b
Mary E 1869MinnesotaWife
{Family 59}
Toby L Maple Grove, Hennepin1890MinnesotaHead271b
Lena R 1893MinnesotaWife
Sylvia M 1914MinnesotaDaughter
Leslie J 1915MinnesotaSon272
Iona H 1916MinnesotaDaughter
Myrtle I 1918MinnesotaDaughter
Mabel M 1919MinnesotaDaughter
Shirley M 1920MinnesotaDaughter
Mayorie J  1922MinnesotaDaughter
Henry R 1924MinnesotaSon
Beatrice B 1926 MinnesotaDaughter
Violet M 1928 MinnesotaDaughter
William J 1930MinnesotaSon
{Family 60}
George Maple Lake, Wright1890MinnesotaBrother-in-law167
Joe 1892MinnesotaBrother-in-law

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